Online Friends

Most of the WP awards contain the question "Why did you start blogging?". I guess my standard answer of "likes and followers" is no longer original nor funny 😉 Like this post  Raise your hand if you started your blog to meet awesome people, a.k.a. online friends. I have felt lonely for a long period in … Continue reading Online Friends

Things I did differently when I was single

Have you ever been told by a friend how boring you have become now that you are in a relationship? No more partying. No more late night phone calls. No more chasing good looking (wo)men. As much as we hate admit it, there might a be a sense of truth in it. On Saturday night, … Continue reading Things I did differently when I was single

Can men and women be (platonic) friends?

*UNPOPULAR OPINION ALERT BLOG* For the longest time in life we want all the girls in class to be out best friends. Then suddenly the girl drama becomes too much and it becomes very popular to say “My best friend *insert male name* and I are going on a trip together”. Of course we all […]


They say "If you're not satisfied with life, change something". Isn't that much easier said than done? Not only I have been afraid of change during my childhood, I never had much opportunity to change things either. I couldn't just change school or town without my parent's consent. And even when I was older and allowed … Continue reading Change

The Cherry close to me

Back when I was younger, it was popular to do these quizzes where your personality would reflect on a piece of fruit. Everyone always wanted to be the banana. But one friend answered differently: "I'd like to be a Cherry, so I can always have a friend close to me". Isn't that the cutest answer … Continue reading The Cherry close to me