Roaming the streets I used to walk before

Roaming the streets I used to walk before The streets that used to take me home The same streets that now make me want to explore again Remember or imagine yourself walking on the streets of a vacation destination. You're probably looking around. Interesting sculptures, different looking people, shops you're not used to, small authentic … Continue reading Roaming the streets I used to walk before

Children’s poem about Unimpressed Jelly

He isn't the approving type he just doesn't have that vibe He won't be cheering on the sideline he'd just say "you're doing fine" Don't expect any positivity from him even if you're showing off at the gym Don't even try bragging He'll just take this as begging Compliments is not what he gives That's … Continue reading Children’s poem about Unimpressed Jelly

(Children’s) poem about being Skeptical

Something completely different today. Here's a little poem of the Doodle I relate the most to: Skeptical Valentino He isn't positive or negative But he will ask you for an alternative. It's never a yes or a no But he will ask you "How so?" You can tell him the exact amount But he will … Continue reading (Children’s) poem about being Skeptical