Liebster Award

I was nominated by Julie for the Liebster Award. Check out her blog. She is recently doing amazing with her weight loss adventure, owning her business and writing entertaining blog. Also, if you're interested in the Keto diet, I think she will be able to help you out a lot! Off we go! 10 Facts about … Continue reading Liebster Award

Are you passionate about the field of business you work for?

Inspiration for today's blog is Goldie's last post: The blog talks about how much amount right of speech employees should have when they don't agree with the company they work for. On one hand we are all entitled to our opinion. On the other hand, in a time where finding a job isn't particularly … Continue reading Are you passionate about the field of business you work for?

About pride

My mum grew up on a farm in a small village, somewhere hidden in the woods of Bosnia. According to her own story, she had to walk every day 20 km to school. On her way there she would meet black bears and dangerous snakes. While I have a hard time believing exactly that, I … Continue reading About pride

The blog I initially intended to make

Is your current blog your first blog? Is your current blog also the first concept you had in mind for a blog? The first idea I had for my blog was very different from all the melodramatic stories I'm currently writing. I lived a very different back then. I was social and interacted a lot … Continue reading The blog I initially intended to make

My opinion about #METOO

And this might an unpopular once again. So brace yourselves 😉 I feel like we are living in a world where we can't avoid the #METOO topic anymore. Of course I feel bad for the women. But even more so, I am concerned for regular, polite men. What are they even allowed to say these … Continue reading My opinion about #METOO

About OCD

"I like to have my book shelf organized from the largest to the smallest book. I must have OCD - LOOOOOOOOOOL" "OCD has nothing to do with mental health. Besides everyone has a bit OCD because in the end, we all need a routine in life". Hearing statement likes, and unfortunately I do too often, … Continue reading About OCD

How do you deal with reality after a vacation?

So you're finally going on that vacation you've been waiting for so long. You try to finish your work as good as you can. You make sure you leave your home clean. You survive that last bit of stress at the airport. Until it's time to get that tan, read those books and spend time … Continue reading How do you deal with reality after a vacation?