My opinion about #METOO

And this might an unpopular once again. So brace yourselves 😉 I feel like we are living in a world where we can't avoid the #METOO topic anymore. Of course I feel bad for the women. But even more so, I am concerned for regular, polite men. What are they even allowed to say these … Continue reading My opinion about #METOO

Can men and women be (platonic) friends?

*UNPOPULAR OPINION ALERT BLOG* For the longest time in life we want all the girls in class to be out best friends. Then suddenly the girl drama becomes too much and it becomes very popular to say “My best friend *insert male name* and I are going on a trip together”. Of course we all […]

Female empowerment

"I'm not your toy. You stupid boy". This is what one of the favorites of the EuroSong Contest sings about. She is praised for the song, which I agree because it's fun and uplifting. Her diversity, which is not completely my style but oh well. But also for the strong message is sending. Calling men … Continue reading Female empowerment


I am currently sitting at a temporary site office. It's 26 degrees Celsius outside and probably 36 degrees inside.. There is one fan which makes an awful lot of noise but barely provides any air. In about a minute I will most likely evaporate. I look around. Most colleagues have put on summer clothing. Some … Continue reading Summerbodies

If money was no issue, would you stick to your 9 to 5?

A.k.a. Was any of your jobs you had, your passion? Of all the office jobs I could imagine, I did have jobs which I consider as the most ideal office jobs. The topics, Training and Electrical Safety, are definitely my "work passions". But if money was no issue, would I give up these "passions"? Immediately. … Continue reading If money was no issue, would you stick to your 9 to 5?