Things I did differently when I was single

Have you ever been told by a friend how boring you have become now that you are in a relationship? No more partying. No more late night phone calls. No more chasing good looking (wo)men. As much as we hate admit it, there might a be a sense of truth in it. On Saturday night, … Continue reading Things I did differently when I was single


Today I got to know something which is giving me a tiny bit of hope. Hope that the future will be better. That there actually could be a future. A nice one, potentially. Hope that for once and for all I can cut of the demons from the past. Or at least, forget about them … Continue reading Hope

Inspiration provided by you (doodles)

Some time back I asked if you guys could help me with finding inspiration for my doodles. (In case you needed motivation and want to give me inspiration) I absolutely loved the suggestion, but they weren't all that easy. Somehow I managed to make 3 of them! Love Lemon Suggestion by: Creation: Perky Coffee … Continue reading Inspiration provided by you (doodles)

Online dating

So you're getting older. You have decided you want to settle down outside of the city center. Where everything is quieter. You have decided you want to build up a career. Weekends have become precious. Late nights at the club or pub are no longer part of your agenda. Sleeping before it gets dark, is. … Continue reading Online dating

Can men and women be (platonic) friends?

*UNPOPULAR OPINION ALERT BLOG* For the longest time in life we want all the girls in class to be out best friends. Then suddenly the girl drama becomes too much and it becomes very popular to say “My best friend *insert male name* and I are going on a trip together”. Of course we all […]

Parent’s day

Confession: I totally forgot about mother's day. I only realised it when I got a disappointed text from my mum. And then saw all the sweet posts of you guys, talking about your own mum. I used to be that kind of child who asked for a lot of love from my parents, but also … Continue reading Parent’s day

Self love

When I was bullied in school, the teachers didn't know how to handle the situation. So, they did what anyone else does. They called in the expertise of an "expert": The school psychologist. Suddenly I was the one who needed the professional help in social skills and situation handling. Not the assholes who actually did … Continue reading Self love