About the comment section

Whenever I speak about "likes and followers" being important to me, you guys respond with "Comments have so much more value to me". I have always had a Skeptical look towards that, but couldn't quite figure out why. Getting comments is nice, I agree. But answering them does take quite some time. I find myself easily … Continue reading About the comment section

What you seem on the outside vs. what you really are on the inside.

We "always" talk about people with a  "strong shell, but are a softie inside". You might have guessed, I'm the opposite. You'd see me crying. You'd see me breaking down, falling on my knees,. You'd hear me whine. But I'm so damn tough on the inside. I simply can't give up. I can't lay down … Continue reading What you seem on the outside vs. what you really are on the inside.

Can men and women be (platonic) friends?

*UNPOPULAR OPINION ALERT BLOG* For the longest time in life we want all the girls in class to be out best friends. Then suddenly the girl drama becomes too much and it becomes very popular to say “My best friend *insert male name* and I are going on a trip together”. Of course we all […]

What is freedom? (1)

A friend asked me what animal I would want to be if I could transform myself anytime. As we were standing on the beach, feeling the strong wind in our hair, the sound of the waves through our ear canal and free sand scrub on our feet, I wish could stop time a while. Stay … Continue reading What is freedom? (1)