Clothes make the (wo)man and being yourself

Whenever I'm traveling for work, the term "business trip" seems so overrated. Mainly because what I am really going to do is talk about to equally nerdy colleagues about electricity and stuff, on a site location far away from any kind of civilization. But the people at the airport don't know that. So there's my … Continue reading Clothes make the (wo)man and being yourself

Being the bigger person

In my post Mystery Award I mentioned that I recently felt insulted by a waitress. It was during another warm day on our vacation in Greece. We decided to not go to the beach since we were both nearing a sunburn. We walked around for a bit. Looked around in the gift shop. When boredom started to … Continue reading Being the bigger person

Listen before judging

So you bought your new piece of equipment. Anything from a coffee machine to a new gameboy. Exciting! You throw out the styrofoam. You flatten the box. And completely neglect the little book of instructions. Beause: Ain't nobody got time for that! Till the point that something is wrong with your new equipment. You spend … Continue reading Listen before judging