Liebster Award

I was nominated by JulieΒ for the Liebster Award. Check out her blog. She is recently doing amazing with her weight loss adventure, owning her business and writing entertaining blog. Also, if you're interested in the Keto diet, I think she will be able to help you out a lot! Off we go! 10 Facts about … Continue reading Liebster Award

The blog I initially intended to make

Is your current blog your first blog? Is your current blog also the first concept you had in mind for a blog? The first idea I had for my blog was very different from all the melodramatic stories I'm currently writing. I lived a very different back then. I was social and interacted a lot … Continue reading The blog I initially intended to make

My favorite instagram posts, of myself πŸ˜

Sometimes when I'm not having the best day, I look back at my Instagram posts and remember how funny I am 😏 Nah. But those happy little framed moments do cheer me up. So today, due to lack of energy & inspiration, I will be sharing my top 10, in no particular order, of myself. … Continue reading My favorite instagram posts, of myself πŸ˜


Let's talk a bit about humor on April's Fools Day. Is this a day you fear because some might put salt in your coffee instead of sugar? Or is this your time to shine as the joker and pull all the pranks? There are different types of humor. Some use humor as a defense mechanism … Continue reading Humor