The taxi driver was on his last shift and he drove like that too. Thank you whoever created seat belts. But I did see the large letters when we drove by a church: Jesus died for our sins It took me back to my childhood. Growing up with religious parents, this statement has been half … Continue reading Guilt

“Just” pick up that phone

Don't you just hate it when someone is pushing into "just" pick up the phone, call the person you need and get that answer real quick? If you do, keep on reading. I experienced something much worse today. If you're not, don't ever advice someone to "just" do it. For a long, anxiety got the … Continue reading “Just” pick up that phone

About OCD

"I like to have my book shelf organized from the largest to the smallest book. I must have OCD - LOOOOOOOOOOL" "OCD has nothing to do with mental health. Besides everyone has a bit OCD because in the end, we all need a routine in life". Hearing statement likes, and unfortunately I do too often, … Continue reading About OCD

Bullying and Your Role as a Parent

Looking back at my youth, there are many things I wish I had the courage to do differently. There are many things I wished my parents handled in a different way as well. But how can I blame them. Parenting class 101 doesn't exist. They didn't have the resource of internet to seek advice on. … Continue reading Bullying and Your Role as a Parent


I am currently sitting at a temporary site office. It's 26 degrees Celsius outside and probably 36 degrees inside.. There is one fan which makes an awful lot of noise but barely provides any air. In about a minute I will most likely evaporate. I look around. Most colleagues have put on summer clothing. Some … Continue reading Summerbodies

Let your personality shine! …. through an online personality test

"Experts"  say it takes 7 seconds to make a first impression. In those 7 seconds the other person will judge you on your facial expression, clothes, handshake, hair, shoes and the way you talk and walk. While I think that is completely and utterly BULLSHIT, I rather believe this than what seems to be becoming … Continue reading Let your personality shine! …. through an online personality test

Listen before judging

So you bought your new piece of equipment. Anything from a coffee machine to a new gameboy. Exciting! You throw out the styrofoam. You flatten the box. And completely neglect the little book of instructions. Beause: Ain't nobody got time for that! Till the point that something is wrong with your new equipment. You spend … Continue reading Listen before judging