Entertainer Blogger Award

Thank you Georgiemoon for tagging me in the Entertainer Blogger Award! I've been recently enjoying these and I'm happy to start answering your questions right away! 🙂 Her Questions:   Why did you start blogging in the first place? World domination 😉 I have said it before, I intended to get rich. I honestly thought it … Continue reading Entertainer Blogger Award

Mystery Award

I promised that I would these awards as soon as possible, so here I go! Floating Gold  has nominated me, who always comes up with the most diverse topics who are thought provoking too! So go follow the blog! 5 things about me: I drive an Opel Corsa. It's an automatic. My favorite type of jewelry … Continue reading Mystery Award

Award time

Am I really going to become the person who participates in these Awards? I guess so 😀 So, I was nominated by the wonderful Curiosity who has prepared a couple question to answer 🙂 What do you like most about you?Physically: my smile. Anyone's smile really. A genuine smile so much better than loudly, fake laugh.Character wise: … Continue reading Award time