Life in highlights

My official name is Andrea Benko.
Lots of people seem to like my surname, so I use it  for my social media accounts.

Her’s a brief story of my life:
I was born in a hot 8th of July 1990 in Sarajevo, which is the capital of Bosnia & Hercegovina.
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to enjoy my birth country for too long. War started and we moved around to a couple of countries. By the age of 5, we came to the Netherlands.
My parents had a culture shock, but the young me adapted quickly. Although my parents raised me up with the Balkan culture and I have kept those aspects throughout my life 🙂

I studied Electrical Engineering and by the age of 20 I moved to Denmark for my job. I enjoyed a wonderful time over there for 4 years before I came back to NL to settle down.

I live together with my boyfriend and our 50+ fish.

I enjoy nature, books, cooking, going for a long drive, singing, dancing, learning, watching films & series and just generally talking. Both verbally and written form.
Therefore this blog.

I hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂

Here’s a picture of me (to prove I’m not an old creepy dude):