One year of blogging!

A little more over a year ago, I deleted all my Social Media accounts. There were too many people I didn't want to be reminded of. Although it seemed like the best decision ever, I did miss platform where I could let go of my frustration, show my creative side or share some funny occasions. … Continue reading One year of blogging!

So you want to travel for work?

Doesn't it sound like a dream? You get paid to travel. Sure, you have to spend 8 hours in the office. But you get to stay in fabulous hotels, visit the places Tripadvisor suggests and get to eat in different restaurants. But really, is it all that wonderful? I just got back from a 4 … Continue reading So you want to travel for work?

How do you deal with stress?

One of the (annoying) interview questions I'm always being asked. In my early days I'd lie with a "I'm not a 9 to 5 person" or "Pressure gives me energy to perform better". After some self reflection I decided to give them my advice to avoid employees being stressed with a "I believe good communication and planning can reduce … Continue reading How do you deal with stress?

Whose fault is it actually?

I'm back to binge watching "Project Runway". A show where 10 clothing designers are in the race of winning a fashion fund. For each challenge they get a bunch of money to buy fabrics at a high quality store. Yet, some critics from the judges would contain "And what's with that fabric, it just looks terrible!". … Continue reading Whose fault is it actually?

Online Friends

Most of the WP awards contain the question "Why did you start blogging?". I guess my standard answer of "likes and followers" is no longer original nor funny 😉 Like this post  Raise your hand if you started your blog to meet awesome people, a.k.a. online friends. I have felt lonely for a long period in … Continue reading Online Friends

Profile pictures

Although I have limited my social media use, there are still of them I use daily: LinkedIn, WhatsApp and WordPress. The trickiest part for me has always been choosing a profile picture. Let's analyze. LinkedIn This is supposed to be a professional network building platform. Although, I actually know someone who used it as a … Continue reading Profile pictures

Liebster Award

I was nominated by for the Liebster Award! I guess this was something I really needed because my last blog doesn't seem to interest many people, so thank you Cadie for making my day 🙂 11  facts about me: I was born in July 1990. Which makes me 28 years old currently and I'm a cancer. … Continue reading Liebster Award