What to wear today?

A woman's biggest dilemma: What to wear today? #firstworldproblems Some of us decide the evening before what to wear the next day and place it neatly on a hanger. Others will wait until the next morning to try on 5 pair of pants only end up in the first one chosen. The closet will remain … Continue reading What to wear today?

Where are you from?

When was the last time you looked at a world map? For educational purposes? To pick your holiday destination? To check out where your visitors on WordPress come from? 😉 Looking at one (right now), what’s the first thing you notice? Even though Europe seem like very tiny part of the world, it’s the first … Continue reading Where are you from?

Things I did differently when I was single

Have you ever been told by a friend how boring you have become now that you are in a relationship? No more partying. No more late night phone calls. No more chasing good looking (wo)men. As much as we hate admit it, there might a be a sense of truth in it. On Saturday night, … Continue reading Things I did differently when I was single

Inspiration provided by you (doodles)

Some time back I asked if you guys could help me with finding inspiration for my doodles. (In case you needed motivation and want to give me inspiration) I absolutely loved the suggestion, but they weren't all that easy. Somehow I managed to make 3 of them! Love Lemon Suggestion by: https://hunidasblog.com/ Creation: Perky Coffee … Continue reading Inspiration provided by you (doodles)

How to grow your hair faster

Have you ever sat down at a hair dresser's chair a half way through the session the only thing you think of "What is the magic spell to grow my hair back?". If you haven't or think you never have will, this blog might not be for you. Throughout life I have many hair decisions I … Continue reading How to grow your hair faster

In case you needed motivation and want to give me inspiration

Welcome to my new doodle: Optimistic Cloud. As some of you know, I am drawing these kind of Doodles for some time now. The post where they are all presented: What’s your mood today? This was the newest addition this morning, but lately I have been really lacking in inspiration. Some time back I was suggested … Continue reading In case you needed motivation and want to give me inspiration