No, I don’t think your children are cute

Some things in life we are not “allowed” to say or do.
It’s not a law or rule.
But let’s call it “common sense”.

But then this one particular colleague tells me “Have you see this picture/video of my kids”, I want to punch him.

Not only he is showing me 10 pictures on daily basis, I also DON’T think they are cute.

There. I said it.
They look too much like you.
I think they have a weird hipster haircut.
And their yelling is NOT pleasant in my ear canal.

It’s not that I don’t like children at all.
In fact, I have recently got a desire to raise a young human to a wonderful person.
But I am not there yet.
Not mentally, nor physically, nor financially.

Of course, as a parent you will always think your child is the most precious.
I encourage that.
But don’t expect me to think the same if you show me 500 pictures of your kids.

The thing thatbothers me the most is when parents are showing pictures of their kids being half-naked or in a bath tub.
I find it uncomfortable and inappropriate to look at.
I know some parents even do a proffesional photo shoot with their children in nudesuits.

Any opinions?

22 thoughts on “No, I don’t think your children are cute

  1. Lol! I used to unfollow people on Facebook when they posted too many kid pics, until I had a kid and became that person. BUT I would never subject someone to daily in-person photo sharing. Geez. That’s still something only grandmas are really interested in no matter how cute your kid. And it’s usually only that kid’s grandma too, lol.

  2. Yeah, I didn’t want to write this post because I am pretty sure I could this person as well!
    But maybe a good reminder to myself!
    I do like to see some pictures though, but just not every single day, 5 times. 😉

  3. Your kid is born and you insist on showing me your pride – fine. Otherwise, don’t do it more often than on occasion. And 2 pics is more than enough.

    Maybe try not to say anything? They’ll lose interest if you just nod your head and don’t expressed much. I’d hope.

  4. Yeah, maybe I should give them an indifferent and unimpressed look.
    This particiular colleague is weird though.
    I think he knows that I am not interested in these pictures. Or his gym schedule. Or the fact that he wants to give his wife lingerie for V-day. He also keeps saying he is a private person.
    Yet he shares all these things with me on a daily basis.

    I need to practice the indifferent face!

  5. Oh yes, I’ve been hit with the, “Look how cute my kids are” stuck before, and once, all I literally could say was, “Yep, that’s a kid, alright.” His daughter, through no fault of her own, was not just unphotogenic, but unattractive in a way that is almost satire. I had to see a few other photos to tell she was just that… strange looking. I feel bad thinking about it to this day, but I try to be an honest person, and I just couldn’t say, “What a cute kid!” You’re not alone. It happens to us all. Some of us are better at hiding it (you) than others (me).

  6. Yes, I know exactly how you feel!
    As an adult you can take measure to make yourself look “better”, but at the child, you have to depend on the looks of your parents.
    And some kids are just not that blessed.

    Sometimes I am scared that my child will turn out like that!
    And I also feel bad about thinking like that!

  7. I can completely relate! I’ve never been too found of babies or children… I mean, what do you even do with them?!? Some are admittedly cute, but I honestly have no desire to see them anymore than just in passing. And goodness, the naked pictures feel invasive…and to think some parents post them online. Yikes!
    I’m perfectly fine with someone displaying pictures on their desk though, which offers others the opportunity to say “cute kid!” or to walk away. I think it’s a bit rude that some many people expect you to no only sit through, but enjoy a slideshow of their kid.

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