Things I would write on Facebook if I still had it #1

Every morning there is a big decision to make.
Do I stay half an hour longer in bed or do I spend that time on drinking my coffee in peace.

But then again, 30 minutes of sleeping won’t wake me up as my good friend “caffeine”.

Do you rahter choose coffee or a bit more sleep in the morning?




Social Media used be an important part of my life, until I realized how much time I wased with this addiction.
The one thing I do miss is sharing these very small stories.
I know most people are looking for longer content here on WP, but I would also like to try to write Things I would post on Facebook if I still had it from time to time.
Hope you guys will enoy that too 🙂



22 thoughts on “Things I would write on Facebook if I still had it #1

  1. I can’t do without my coffee! “Social Media used be an important part of my life, until I realized how much time I wased with this addiction.” AMEN to that! We can spend hours talking about this!

  2. I like to sleep in lol but I stay up later than my kids so it’s kind of a race against the clock for me. The clock being my children. I also like this new series, sometimes it’s nice to just put a little something out there and not always have to post something super long. Keep them coming. ☺️

  3. It depends on my morning if I would prefer to stay in bed or get coffee. Some mornings sleeping in feels great but other mornings I just end up feeling more groggy if I keep sleeping. That’s when a strong cup of joe is much appreciated. ☺

    Facebook is so meh. I have an account which I hardly use. Even when I have something I want to share on there, I don’t because I do want to share with certain people but not literally everyone on my Facebook friends list.

  4. Aww yes! So happy you like this! I started to miss it!

    I really don’t understand how sleep could ever win over coffee however! I was really curious about the answers of others and see if anyone agrees with me 😀

  5. Ah cool! Happy you like them!
    I think a lot of people would choose like you! But I really like to take my time in the morning, even it means I am losing some sleep over it! 😀

  6. Haha, this is such a great idea – to post little snippet of blog posts akin to social media posts. I have vastly reduced my Facebook postings and I think I’m going to do this!

    I love having a nice little sit down breakfast even if it’s just buttered toast. It’s become an unintentional sort of a morning routine. Though, I work from home now and do not miss the days when I had to make this same decision (most days ended up being breakfast on my office desk, ha!).

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