Is the world easily offended by anything and everything?

I have been told me I am easily offended or I let what others say bother me too much.
How did this ever became an excuse for people throwing insulting comments at me?!

Plus, I don’t think this is true at all.
How could I be?

I am not a feminist.
I (fake) laugh at not funny racist jokes.
I am a vegetarian by my own choice, but I don’t promote it.

If you haven’t been sleeping under a rock, you might have noticed that the world in general is in fact easily offended by many silly things.

Back in my teenage years, I had a friend who once decided to cut her hair short.
It didn’t turn out great and she cried for days.
Until we found a hair dresser who suggested dreadlocks.

You might remember them, the multi colored ones.
They were totally cool in the 00’s.
The kids at school, even the mean ones, said it looked great.

Try doing this as a white female nowadays.
You’ll be accused of being culturally inappropriate.

Another example was when I wrote an email to someone about “me and my partner” had this and that as a future plan.

I liked the term boyfriend for the first year of our relationship.
But I always knew he would never stay my boyfriend.
Boyfriend sounds too much like a highschool crush, rather than the serious relationship Jasper and I have.

When I talked to the person, he asked me “I hope it’s not a rude question, but can you tell something about your “partner”? Are you in a lesbian relationship?”

I grinned, loudly.
For many, this might be a very insulting question.
But I assumed he was just interested.
Nothing about the whole conversation indicated that he was a rude person.

I saved the best example for last 😉

The other day when I was teaching, I mentioned “erection of the tower”.
The class, full of men, reacted with “Wow stop. You know you’re not allowed to say that anymore, do you?!”.

Another grin from my side.
Back when I started working for the Wind Power industry, installation of the Turbine in fact was called “erection”.
I guess it does partly sound odd, but after some time it becomes very normal to say that.

UNTIL, feminist started interfering.
An email was sent out to all mayor Wind companies to stop using the word “erection” and say “installation” instead.

All these examples make my eyes roll.
So me being easily offended?
I don’t think so.

What do you think about the examples I wrote down here? Would you be offended by any of them?

Are you easily offended? And what would you be offended by?

Do you think you insult anyone by your regular behavior?

30 thoughts on “Is the world easily offended by anything and everything?

  1. Q. What do you think about the examples I wrote down here?
    Would you be offended by any of them?

    A. Not in the least. Offenses are the spice of conversation. Without them, discussion is bland. If you aren’t willing to be offended or to be offensive, how would anyone learn anything ever?

    Q. Are you easily offended? And what would you be offended by?

    A. I do not believe so.

    Q. Do you think you insult anyone by your regular behavior?

    A. Insult anyone? Not purposely. I know what I write and talk about could be construed as offensive, but then I go back to what I asked before, if offensive stuff is what anyone hopes to avoid, how would they learn anything then or how would they then become smarter if they are more concerned with avoiding offensives?

  2. I think an eyeroll is appropriate for those examples. They definitely do not offend me one bit. However, I totally agree with you that people get offended too easily nowadays.
    I am not easily offended. What does make me mad is when someone throws shade on my character. Other than that, not much gets to me.
    I don’t try to offend others too much, but my “regular” behavior is said to do that… If I try, I offend. If I don’t try, I offend. I can try all I want, someone will always get offended. So I’m arriving at “why bother?”.

  3. I have to laugh at “Erection of the tower” I didn’t even consider that in the context of wind. No, I don’t get easily offended very often, I am more the one to accidentally offend. Whoops

  4. I wouldn’t find anything offensive you say here, but I would probably giggle on hearing, “errection of the tower.”

  5. I think people choose to be offended, and they’ll find a way to be offended by anything if they want!
    I once knew a gay man who would get upset if, while driving, you’d instruct him to “go straight” instead of “go forward,” which always made me roll my eyes.
    Having been with my boyfriend for 5+ years, I also prefer the word partner, but people automatically make assumptions when they hear that.
    I can be so frustrating–we’re expected to tread so carefully, but there will always be something new that people choose to be offended by. I try to generally avoid things I *know* to be offensive, but I don’t think it’s worth anyone’s time to refrain from words like “erection”…we’re all adults here, right?
    Great topic!

  6. Nooo way! hahah. That is absurd!
    See, things are becoming really uncontrolable!

    Erection, it’s odd right. But I still use. Just to piss everyone off 😉

  7. I am eyerolling too 😉

    I hate it too when someone critisize on who I am. Meanwhile those are the ones that are shouting “Always be yourself”.
    I think you’re right, someone will always get offended. So why bother indeed.

  8. Ahaha, really? Feminists fighting to rename “erection” into installation? Come on! I would call myself a feminist, not activist though, and I would wish those ladies use their energy somewhere else. So many things to make women’s life better, instead of fighting with wind mills… wind stations in this case 😆
    I guess, some people wish to be offended. I mean, if I see smth I don’t like, I just pass by and don’t go into the sh*t. But some like getting dirty and then scream “offence taken”

  9. That’s the thing though. I am not saying that one should set out to offend or to be offended. All I’m saying is that if anyone wants to grow stronger or smarter, then they should realize that they may be offended from time to time, but only if they they chose to take offense.

    Meaning, that if something offends anyone, then all it means is that they took it personally. And personal feelings have no place when it comes to learning and growing.

  10. I’ve heard about this a lot lately, but this is the first time I’ve seen proper examples that get the post across. They also made the post go from serious to funny 😊 enjoyed!

  11. Sending you virtual hugs. 😂🤗 oops, might offend other people. hahaha I agree that people nowadays take things to a different level. The once was right is now wrong, and the once was wrong is now right.

  12. I don’t understand why everything has to be PC these days. Seriously. Get over yourself people, it’s not just about you! I used to “accidentally” offend people daily so I just stopped posting anything except personal stuff. My BFF can tell you that I speak without thinking and she has had to learn that I am not trying to be offensive, I don’t understand why it offends. Like an Obama joke I had a few years ago (him on a pair of hanging earrings) offended every Black person I know and it was a joke about the president, not them.

  13. I feel that people secretly want to be offended to earn sympathy points from others. Might have worked for a little bit, but those days are over. People need to start realizing that!!
    I was actually avoiding using the term “black people” because probably someone would offended. But they need to tell me then how to call them !!

  14. I avoid “black” now even though that’s what I was raised with. If I know them, it’s their name. If I don’t, either African American or I will leave race out. It’s frustrating sometimes!

  15. I feel people enjoy playing the victim card, especially when it comes to race or culture, not too many people are open minded about todays society. like everyone else has already said, people will choose to be offended even if the issue has nothing to do with them , there are too many sensitive people out there. Personally I think Erection of tower sounds perfect ( you install a cable and you erect a building or tower in this case )

    love your blog btw

  16. They really do play the victim card.
    It might have worked in the early stages, but I don’t think you get many sympathy points for that anymore.

    Erection does sound perfect right! It describes exactly what it is 😀

  17. Lol! I can’t believe you’re not allowed to call it an “erection” anymore if that’s what it had intially been named. I think everyone is too easily offended these days, too. I don’t think you are at all! Don’t let these insults get you down. ❤

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