When you forget your earphones

Music is a powerful source.
It can bring me to a Caribbean party on a snowy day.
Or make me look forward for Christmas in the mid of July.

It can calm me down after a long day.
Or give me the energy to survive the last hour at work.

Keeping my earphones in is also a good way to isolate myself from the world.
People would notice you don’t feel like socializing and won’t bother you.

But then that day comes.
You forgot your earphones or your battery is gone.

It’s only a 20 minute commute from work to home, but I was pretty annoyed when this happend to me today.

Now, I do have to admit, whenever this is the case, something interesting happens.

I walked up to the busstation and was shivering of the cold.
I saw a man and a woman standing there.
They seemed to be of the same ethnicity, which made me think they belong together.
The man decided to talk to me.

“Cold right?”, he initiated the conversation.
Soon we talked about the weather, living in Denmark and making new friends.
Pretty soon I was informed about the cute story how he met his girlfriend.
He even asked me for some job advice and I shared my experience.

When we got to our end destination, he gave me a tight hug and told me it was nice talking to someone like me.

I was extremely surprised and a bit flabbergasted.
But his action left a smile on my face which I still cannot seem to wipe away.

Faith in humanity: restored.

13 thoughts on “When you forget your earphones

  1. This is so on time.

    Just today I had my ear phones in, not wanting to be bothered. In comes my co-worker. I keep my buds in, looking at the screen (I was watching a video). Facial expression unchanged. And yet it took them about 30 good seconds to get the hint. Yes, my earplugs were clearly visible. And no, they were not trying to talk about work. WHO DOES THIS?!

    Also, I have way too much experience with people listening to their music on speaker. On the bus. Terrible choice in music. At least they’re happy, I guess.

    A nice silver lining for you today.

  2. I love the photo you included, and I can totally relate to it. Sometimes I use earphones when I grocery shop. The other day when I realized I forgot them, I realized I was going to have to be more present in the store by listening to the storeโ€™s noises. This leads to moments like the one you had in which you met a new person. I didnโ€™t meet anyone at the grocery store though ๐Ÿ˜Š buy it did help me notice more of what was going on around me

  3. UGH, are you kidding me. Come on.
    Some people really can’t read any signs.

    I was often critisized by manager for wearing headphones at work. But someone playing the radio loudly was ok.
    HOW COME?!

    I am guilty of listening to loud music. It’s because of my crappy earphones. I need to better ones.
    I don’t many people like my music taste.
    Jasper and I have a few in common (beegees, beatles, Queen, REM, CCR), but other than that, not really.
    He is more into the mellow stuff, while I like the “happier” type of music.
    What is your taste in music?

    NO WAIT, don’t answer. I am going to write a blog about it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Hahah, it’s a funny one indeed.
    I often have earphones in while shopping. But I get really caught up in the song and pretend I am in a music video. So it can look a little funny for others! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Of course not every time something would happen, but I really do notice the difference!

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