About letting go

Ever since I first found out about Netflix I have watched countless amout of series.
Some had several seasons. Others were shorter.
But nevertheless the length, I would always find a way to get attached to the characters.
I want to know about their background story, their personal preferences.
I want to be their friend. (except for the murders 😉 )

And then, that moment comes.
The last episode.
No matter if it is a peaceful, open or sad ending, I am always disappointed.
It shouldn’t have ended in the first place!

“And now what?”, Jasper asked me when we just finished the last episode of an awesome series, “Find a next one?”.
The “worst” question.
Now I have to invest time in getting to know and liking the new characters again.
And I know already now, it won’t last forever.

About 2 weeks ago I was assigned to train new colleagues from abroad.
We spend significant time together going through the material, driving to another location, having dinner in the evenings.
And not to forget the Gin & Tonics ending in a lot of laughter or more person talk.

I knew from the beginning they would be here “only” for a month.
The half of that has passed already.

Although they are very nice people, a part of me wished that I just kept it very formal.
Goodbye would have been easier.

I am the type of person who easily gets attached to people.
Yet, as contradictory as it might sound, I can also easily let go of things and people.
But this only if I am the one leaving.

If I am the one stepping on that plane, I feel either too tired or too excited for my next adventure.
If I am the one left on the airport, I will be the one crying.

Long time back, I spend a year doing a more spiritual type of yoga.
We were assigned to draw something.
I spend a lot of time on my drawing and it looked really nice.
“Now”, the yoga instructor said, “it’s time to tear the paper”.
This is the first time I learned about “letting go”.

Do you easily get attached to things or people?
Or can you let go easily?

29 thoughts on “About letting go

  1. I don’t, but I can understand where you are coming from. I like the concept of drawing something on paper with effort and then tearing it up. A good lesson to learn.

  2. I’m a very sentimental person. I get attached to things (not people); things like drawings, movie characters, book characters, paintings and anything I mould or craft with my hands. It’s always hard for me to let go.

  3. I definitely do understand. I used to be like that, but suddenly that mentality changed. Now I hardly keep anything or at least try not to look at things in a sentimental way.
    I really can’t seem to find something that works for me in the middle of those two extremes!

  4. I feel the same when finishing Netflix series. The last one I remember watching was Friends last summer. I got so invested on their lives. I liked seeing who Joey life changes when he became a famous actor. I ended up watching interviews of the cast members. 🙂

  5. Friends was the worst! It had do many season, so the characters really grew on me. I watched many interviews as well! Was not ready to say goodbye!

  6. I probably would have walked out, or caused a fight with that yoga instructor. My drawing skills suck, but if I was to put time and effort into it, and it looked semi decent, I would not just tear it up. What’s the point of hard work?

    I don’t really get attached to things, but it feels a bit weird to throw things out that you got from someone who really gave it to you from their heart. Having moved a couple of times (even with a single suitcase at times) taught me to let things go.

    It’s interesting to see you differentiate the feelings between you leaving, and someone leaving you. I think it’s only natural. I’ve met a few people here and there throughout my life, who left, or whom I left behind, and we’d always say: “We’ll keep in touch”, or “Come visit soon”, etc. but more often than not people just have their own lives and we never meet again. The thing is that while it might be nice to meet, I couldn’t care less.

  7. I don’t get easily attached to people. It takes me quite a while to let someone get past all my barriers. I tend to keep things formal but friendly especially in a work setting. I find it quite easy to let things and people go because I mentally prepare myself by knowing that there is a reason it needs to be done.

  8. I used to get attached to things but as I’ve gotten older and made life plans for my future, I find myself ready to let go of “things”. I tend to get screwed over so I don’t get attached to people anymore either.

  9. Well, what is the point of any hard work?
    We all know it’s not going to last.
    You might put extra hours in your current job, but once you leave, nobody will be thankful for it.
    Maybe you have learned a lot of new things, but by drawing this piece, I did too.
    I figured out that some colors and shapes work together and I have been able to use that knowledge in my future drawings.
    Why should I have done with it anyway? Frame it?
    Would I still have it by now?
    Probably not.

    There is a lot of difference between people who have moved a lot and those who haven’t.
    I personally don’t like stuff, so our house is quite empty now.
    This is also why I don’t want people to give me presents for my birthday. I know they mean well with their gift, but I know that I will throw it out sooner or later.

    Very true.
    “Out of sight, out of mind”, but I’d like to add “Not out of heart”.
    Because one day I will remember random people by hearing a song or smelling a smell that reminds me of them.

  10. “Out of sight, out of mind”, but I’d like to add “Not out of heart”.

    Yes, this is the way that I will remember about this Danish Adventure myself! I never realised that I would have such a great friend as you are to me! I thought, at først, that I could keep myself as polite and away as possible. But it is quite impossible to a Brazilian, like me!
    We shared great times together and I’m sure that it will happens till my last day, here! And beyond, for sure!
    Thank you very much to allow me make part of this world of thoughts, that is your blog! I always will have you in my mind…and ❤️

  11. I have also learned not to get attached to things. I have a select amount of items, most of which are small in size, that I keep “near and dear “ but now a days… if an item/thing isn’t special I try to give it to someone who might like it more.

    People… I miss people but also let go so it is weird. I agree with you though that if I am the one leaving it does make it easier.

    Great post Andrea.

  12. Oh I am the exact same with shows! Why do they have to end?! I still get sad & miss certain characters from past series I’ve watched. 😂

  13. I know right!
    I also don’t like seeing the same actor in a new show, because they will play a different kind of person. AARRGHHH! hahah

  14. Thanks Christy!

    I think giving it away to someone is a very good solution, but only to those that actually want them! It’s what we did when we moved out. Many friends and family were interesting in our stuff, so that we worked out nicely 🙂

  15. LOL! Me too! I’m like “oh no, they’re being weird!” but sometimes I start to really like it if they are good at both roles. 🙂

  16. I get attached depending on the circumstance. Like you, when I’m the one in control, I do not get attached. I have actually done many activities with my clients about letting go, very similar to your yoga instructor about ripping up that paper. It feels liberating In the moment but it takes practice to become better at it over time. Good post 😉

  17. An awesome post! Letting go is a major theme in my life, since I was a child (separated from my family when I was a toddler), reunited a few years later but the lesson was painful, to attach/trust and let go. Thank you❤️

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