Have you ever judged someone incorrectly because of their profession?

This morning I checked my freshly baked bank account.
Yesterday I transferred a very small amount to it. We’re speaking about 5 Euro’s.
But to my big surprise, I suddenly saw a much higher amount of money!

First I danced around the house of happiness.
But then read the actual description.
My Danish is not perfect yet, but this I understood: “TAX”.

Something smells fishy.
Tax offices aren’t supposed to give you any money.

After hearing the same Celine Dion song for the 10th time, I finally got to speak to an employee.
He looked into my case.
Turned out that this money was from 4 years ago when I lived there the first time.
It was simply waiting for my call.

“So it was a very good plan to return back to Denmark”, the man on the other side of the line side told me.
I was relieved, but still felt the need for a confirmation.
I asked if he could send me this story in black and white along with a signature.
He laughed. “I understand, the Tax office and giving back money don’t go hand in hand”.

I felt a slight feeling of shame thinking like this.
The tax office is often refered as “the assholes only taking money from us” and “not being fair”.
But how far of us is it to think like that?
In more social countries, like Denmark, the tax we pay will get back to us in one or the other way.
If tomorrow I become very ill, I won’t have to use my entire life savings.
And most likely I will thanking tax.

This occasion triggered my mind into thinking who else I have been judging because of the job they’re doing.

Managers, as a first.
Due to my extremely bad experiences with managers, I simply assume they are all soul suckers.
But back in my previous job as a manager, I hated the thought of people thinking about me like that.
And I must admit, for the 2nd time in row, my manager seems pretty nice.

I didn’t have a great experience with them either.
I remember the one time I sought help for my mental Health problems.
She was using google translate because her English wasn’t good enough.
This might have been an unfortunate situation, but at the moment I lost all trust in doctors.
But I am starting to admit that I actually do need professional help, so maybe soon I will try to go to the doctor again.

HR personal.
I actually once got a 2nd chance in a job interview because the HR woman liked me.
I still failed in the 3rd round, but she gave me an opportunity to waste my time.
I was thankful.

Have you ever judged someone incorrectly because of their profession?

23 thoughts on “Have you ever judged someone incorrectly because of their profession?

  1. I guess you don’t really want to talk about it. I have seen these kind of answers more from you. Which is OK of course, nobody has to share their experience.
    It’s just that I usually don’t know what to say when people answer just like that.

  2. Oh, sorry to be so short. I was just saying that I have judged people based on their profession and more.

    Sometimes I feel guilty about it and sometimes I don’t.

    Andrea, this is the problem with written word. It’s really hard to express sarcasm or humor, the inflection in our voices is absent.

    I don’t think I have ever responded or commented on one of your posts in an angry or annoyed tone. But to you, maybe that is how it translated.

    Don’t ever be afraid to call me on my bullshit. I’m just looking for conversation.

  3. It’s not really angry 🙂
    Just short, which translates to me that you like to answer the question but not share experiences. And like I said, there is never a problem with that.

    But you said you would like a conversation with someone.
    Then I think it’s better to answer with a background rather than just one sentence.

    But I do agree, the written word is not half as effective as the spoken word.
    But from this short answer, even if I try to say it out loud, I don’t see much humor or sarcasm in it – sorry.

  4. I would say things like “look at this baby faced mother fucker”.

    Maybe it’s an assessment maybe it’s me judging them. Either way, I would size them up immediately and observe how they handle themselves.

    Fresh lieutenants are brand new officers in the military. Usually early 20s, and full of “great” ideas.

  5. Well, we were all there once at the start of career thinking that we could change the world (for the better).
    It’s easy to forget that after some time.

  6. Very good point. I guess I just don’t see the issue with this.

    It has been done to me and I have done it to others.

    For some reason we fool ourselves into believing that we can drastically change this millions of years old survival technique.

  7. I hate the music the phone lines use when I am on hold for customer service. It’s always a wildly random song and even worse if I’m waiting for more than 2 minutes.

    I admit I do judge people in positions of power unfairly. Particularly if they have job titles or professions I feel intimidated by. Being interviewed by managers scare the hell out of me, but so does being interviewed by anyone, period, lol. Talking to a manager if I am unhappy with a product or how an employee helped me is also daunting. I feel like because the person has more job status than me that I am automatically in the box of “fussy customer”, although that’s more of an assumption on my part based on my own fears.

  8. You made me laugh with that “same Celine Dion song for the 10th time”. I don’t remember where I was calling, but I used to be on hold A LOT (work purposes), and there was this tune I really liked, which was refreshing. And that I heard it every time I called. For almost an hour. Needless to say, I don’t like it anymore.

    I’m impressed that the money was just waiting for you. I don’t believe it would have happened anywhere else. I bet the Tax place was shocked to see that amount deducted all these years later.

    That’s a difficult question, because I feel like I make snap judgement all the time, ex.: “Of course it’s a woman” – I say when I finally get to overtake a car moving well below the speed limit. However, when I personally meet people, I give them the chance to speak/ act before that judgment roots in me. Not to boast, but my judgment is pretty spot on, hence, I think it’s excusable in my situation.

  9. Ugh yeah, it’s the worst. I was waiting for half hour. Couldn’t even go to the toilet!

    What if I never returned back to DK. That would be a waste of 2500 euros!
    Denmark is an annoying country, but they do stick to the rules.

    Haha when you say something like, it really makes me wonder about your gender.
    I am a woman who judges women like that. Maybe you are too 😅
    Also wondering what your judgement would be about me if we’d meet in real life. You know me through my blogs, a few pics and even a voice message. Bit does that resemble whit the every day me 🧐

  10. I have to admit, getting older has a few perks like elevator and hold music seem to now be from the 80’s so I am usually singing along.
    I try not to judge but I’m sure I do, I just can’t remember a specific incident.

  11. It is really a waste of time. I was lucky to work from home yesterday. I wouldn’t have been able to do this at work!

    I understand that, same for me.
    I will have to say that these days everyone just makes up a fancy title, meanwhile it only means you’re doing some research work. But hey, you’re “managing” that task, so let’s call you a manager.
    It’s a bit silly really.

    Where would they be without customers. Try asking yourself that!
    So yes you can complain! 😉

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