As I walked to my morning bus stop, I was surprised to see someone standing there.
He had a suitcase and seemed to be stressed while talking on the phone in a languague I didn’t understand.

The bus arrived.
I got in and paid for my ticket.
Behind me I heard “Can I pay by card?”.
We all know the answer will be “NO”
I reached for my pocket and felt some coins.
As soon as I did that, I realized it might have been a stupid idea.
I didn’t know if I would have any money left to pay for my return ticket and I wasn’t aware of any cash machine near work.

Too late now.
“Oh thank you”, he smiled.

I didn’t do a random act of kindness because it’s my personality to take care of everyone who “forgot” that paying for a busticket cannot be done by card.
I actually needed some return of kindness today.
I was counting on God, karma or whatever we want to call it these days.

Despite me saying I don’t want to travel for work ever again, I accepted a trip to Germany next week.
I was expecting that whoever arranged my hotel, would take care of my transport too.
No such luck.

Too late I found out that the company car was reserved by someone else.
The other option was to drive a bus.
I panicked. I am nowhere near comfortable driving that large thing!
Espeically because I was asked to drive also two colleagues from Brazil that I didn’t know!

I went up to the colleague who resevered the car and tried to negociate by explaining my story.
He wasn’t happy about it.
Apparently the bus drives so much slower than the car and thus he would be an hour delayed and not be able to drive his wife to a meeting with the horse club
He shouted out things like “I am not going to rescedule or put my marriage to danger for you convenience!!”.

We ended up at the big boss.
He agreed that I could have the car.
The colleague stormed off.
“If she can’t drive a bus, then what on Earth can she do!”.
Too bad I understand that much Danish 😦

On a more positive note, I did have enough money return bus ticket.

Have you ever counted on Karma but it never really happened?

35 thoughts on “Karma

  1. Little bits of good karma have come my way occasionally. Like if I stop for someone on the road, someone else will do that for me sometimes too.

  2. I’ve sometimes hoped (usually in vain) that if I do something good on a certain day it will come back to me on the same day. I can’t recall a time when it has worked out like that but ONE HUNDRED percent whenever I have gone out of my way – without thinking of return – to help someone, I have had it paid back ten times over, sometimes so much I feel I don’t deserve it. Kindness breeds kindness I really believe that, and there are a lot of kind people out there 🙂

  3. good things do come to those who act as you did. Sometimes much later than we would wish. That last makes me chuckle for two reasons – understanding another language (discreetly) can help you out of a sticky situation, and second, driving a large vehicle is a skill – I see people who cannot drive a Fiat with any skill but they are first to get upset when I don’t let them cut me off!

  4. If you do an act of kindness expecting something in return then is it really an act of kindness? I think karma only applies when you aren’t expecting anything in return. Just my 2 cents!

  5. Nope. I never count on “karma”. I do like to hope that bad people will get what they deserve, but I don’t do anything in hopes of getting it returned to me. It doesn’t work that way.

    I wonder where he was from. I have not seen a single bus (on multiple continents) have credit/ debit card abilities.
    It’s good to hear that you had enough cash to return.
    To a degree, I understand that guy’s frustrations. Reservations are a thing for a reason. However, I also understand your reservations about driving a larger vehicle. In this example, I blame the company. Do they not have more cars? They should have figured that out. Like you said – when booking your hotel, etc.

  6. That guy should travel to Vancouver next time! Our busses have been upgraded to take credit cards now, haha.

    I’d like to believe in karma but I’m still on the fence with this. A person has done me wrong last year and it’s taking everything in me to not resort to petty middle school actions, haha. I try to help as much as I can to those in need.

  7. Oh wow, that’s a really good thing.
    It should be everywhere.
    But instead of him, I rather go to Vancouver 😉 Quite honestly it’s my plan to move there (or at least somewhere in Canada) in about 3-4 years 😀 If I find a job of course.

    I totally get that. Sometimes Karma takes too much time, so we have to take over!

    I think helping other is great.
    But sometimes helping others will get you into troubles.
    What if I didn’t have money to buy the return ticket?
    Interesting to think about!

  8. Karma is a non physical thing.
    It’s just something you either believe or not believe in. A bit like God.

    Another blogger just informed me that in Vancouver it is possible to pay by cart in a bus! But this person was not from Canada for sure.

    I do understand it too. That’s why I tried to explain my situation.
    My entire intention was to either for me or him to just rent a car. But due to cost savings, the boss didn’t allow it.
    Honestly, I think guy and me will not be friends and not work well together. So I think the company didn’t win anything with this action.
    Unfortunately for me, he is the one that has to teach me of the trainings and also rate me for it.
    Let’s see if he’s going to be a dick about it.

  9. Now, I didn’t pretend I was a saint, did I?
    I already said that I hoped that kindness would be returned back. But if you could share your ideas on how I could have stopped those thoughts in a split second, please enlighten me! 🙂

  10. You know what? Now that I think about it, there is sometimes a way to pay with card, but I believe it’s via your phone.

    The company messed up big time. I’d recommend giving that co-worker another go. Maybe he had a bad day then. Maybe his marriage is falling apart. Of course, you shouldn’t have to deal with it, but maybe your relationship can still be ok with him.

  11. It’s not me who would give him a hard time, I think it’s the other way around.
    Gossiping about in a language I don’t fully understand and stuff.

  12. I agree. You’ve hurt his ego. He’s been there longer, etc. However, from personal experience, such people think that you are against them once you win (the car), and so they will “defend” themselves before you do anything.

  13. Is your ego easily hurt?

    As for me, I don’t have much ego. I have my own personal goals, which most likely aren’t going to get in someone’s way because they are unusual.
    So my ego is not easily hurt.
    But i am hurt by people that are being mean.

  14. Good question. It depends on who and how they hurt it. But I think my ego IS something that can get hurt the easiest. And instead, I don’t mind mean as much.

  15. Karma will come back to you, just not always how and when you expect it to.

    Proud of you for getting that car though! That guy should’ve just offered it in the first place instead of taking the issue to the big boss.

  16. I agree… if you don’t know how to ride a bus what can they do?! that’s ridiculous! no one’s asking that guy to risk his marriage so he’s being quite dramatic here. I guess I should be more understanding due to unforeseen circumstances, like maybe he’s stressed and his marriage is strained right now, but he should NOT be expecting others to risk their lives for his own convenience. Being forced to drive a bus when uncomfortable sounds dangerous for all parties involved. How silly! companies should really handle all this so their employees, who are being sent out to travel for the companies, feel like they’re being taken care of… glad you stuck up for yourself and got that car 🙂

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