Have I changed my mind about blogging?

I went from an active blogger who spend her most her day on WordPress, to someone who only occasionally looks on WordPress.
And all of that in just 2 months.

Not only my blogging rhythm has changed.
My whole life has after the move.
I am no longer spending half my life in the car and traffic jams.
By 5 in the afternoon, Jasper is home from work and I have showered after a gym session.
Plenty of time to blog, one might think.

I have been struggling however.
First of all, I am not an evening person. Inspiration doesn’t come easy to me after lunch.

Second is that I am not enjoying blogging as much as I used to due to some criticism I got.

Some have dissed my doodles.
I got messages from a few who my doodle store is never going to work and it’s all very childish.
One of the more painful things since this is something I actually enjoy doing.

I have also been told that my blogs are sometimes difficult to understand.
Nothing really specific or help to improve, just those empty words.
The truth is that I don’t do much proof reading before posting.
But also, not everyone on here is a native English speaker.
If this is a problem for, an international blogging platform might not be the place for you.

After I wrote my post Do you use make up to make you feel more confident? I got a message if I am now going to do only sponsored post.
All because I put in one link to Korean Beauty products, which was only meant for informational purposes.

Some of my posts contained my “darker side”.
I am not the type of person who is going to pretend to be perfect and only spreading butterflies & rainbows.
I am OK with saying how I handled some occassion, even if it wasn’t in the most correct way.
I got many “Remember, God is watching you messages”.
If you’re going throw in religious lines, please limit yourself to only your own blog.

I have been trying to make new “friends”.
There is one person in particular whose posts I really like.
He doesn’t have too many subscribers. He gets a few likes every now and then.
And there is that one comment from me which he chooses to ignore.
I guess should realize that is trying to send me a message by doing that.

“Gaining haters means that you’re popular” I was told.
How sad that those two go hand in hand.

My love for blogging is decreasing.
Unfortunately, because some of the nicest people I know, I have met on here.

There’s a few of you who I wish we could meet up every Friday after work to drink a glass of red wine and complain about the week and cheer other up.
There is a few  of you I would love to go out partying with.
There is a few of you I would love as my gym buddy.
And there is at least one of you I wish was my colleague.
Something tells we could work effectively and actually get things done.

I do hope this is just a phase.

Have you experienced a phase like this? How did you cure it?

61 thoughts on “Have I changed my mind about blogging?

  1. I am sorry to hear that you have faced some criticism. There are lots of haters and sometimes their voices ring the loudest–but they shouldn’t.
    Do it if you love it and feel free to ban people who aren’t nice.
    As for criticism….if people can criticize but can’t give you genuinely good advice, then their criticism is worthless. If I tell a student their answer is incorrect, I have to be able to explain why.

  2. Haven’t written any new posts for a while but I scheduled in advance so 2,3 posts a week still appear. Depends on who you believe.. me for saying ‘ don’t listen to idiots’ or people who criticise. Hypocritically, not sure what I would do -not engage,block delete. I still think criticism will always sting. We can all sting ourselves enough without listening to extra 🙂

  3. Have courage and have faith in yourself.
    English is also not my primary language, and sometimes it is difficult to keep on checking what I wrote. I do use some tools like Grammarly to somehow not make a fool of myself.

    As for the haters, I try to keep an open mind about it. If they make sense or not just trying to stir something inside. But they are just being ridiculous, I don’t mind them.
    The thing is you have to ask yourself which is better, you that does her best despite how others see it or your commenters that have nothing to do but to put their noses to somebody else business.

    Cheers to you! I hope you find you spark 😄

  4. I’m sorry about how you’re feeling, Andrea.
    But you should know that people will always say bad things about you, whether you do the nicest things or the most annoying things. People usually criticise us when they feel insecure, or maybe jealous that they’re far from achieving what we’ve achieved.

    I don’t understand why someone would send you a “Remember, God is watching you” kind of message. It just doesn’t make sense.

    Um, about that language barrier issue, maybe you should just install that Google Translate widget on your blog so everyone who doesn’t speak English can translate your blog into their preferred language. (Was this helpful?)

    I’m a fan of your doodles. I think they’re all very expressive and amusing, too. Believe it or not, your blog posts are what motivate most of us bloggers to keep blogging. So please, don’t quit now. You’ve come a long way to give up on blogging now. 😊

    This phase will pass, definitely.

  5. I am definitely a fan of your posts and doodles! I block haters and those that find me on here and try to hit on me with their first message. I took some time off but I enjoy having my “diary” to post on. You have to do what you are comfortable with!

  6. focus on the positive. I know it’s hard but you have plenty of people who follow, read and support your blog, like me! there will always be negative and pessimistic people but they should never be listened to. you have a creative platform, use it for whatever you want because is yours and no one else.

  7. How awful you got hate for your doodles. That is horrible to me that some people are so critical over a person having fun drawing and being creative. 😕

    I feel a bit lost with WordPress too though for different reasons. Not so much that I feel I’ve gotten harsh criticism but I am trying to not feel weird about the concept of not posting for a while and being okay with that without also feeling obligation to “explain” my absence. I really overthink this part because WordPress does have a sort of social media aspect to it that I am influenced by whether I am aware of it or not. So there’s the social interaction and exchanging of ideas and thoughts through blogging and comments but the downside is I did put unnecessary pressure on myself to be present even during times when I didn’t feel I am in the state of being focused and interested, or I perceived I needed to be there anyway in order not to disappoint other people.

  8. Due to my absence, I have missed on many posts of great people, like you. Sorry if I haven’t commented to any!

    I would like to say to only blog when you feel comfortable, but that’s unfortunately how it works. People will loose interest in you if you don’t do it regulary.
    But then again, those who do stick, they are the ones that are a fan of your work!

    ps. I will try to find some time to write you an email about everything that’s been happening! It’s been too long now.

  9. Yes! I have felt these same feelings. I think it’s a phase. I’ll go through these cycles where I’m really into the blog and I have ideas shooting out of me and the other end of the cycle is me not opening the app for weeks. I think that’s ok. Sometimes things will happen on here that will discourage me, and in those times I try to remember why I started blogging. Yes it was to interact with others, but it was also for fun. I try to hold onto that in those difficult times. This is all for fun. A lot of my life is spent serving other people, but this is for me. So I can make whatever rules I want. Or no rules. I can be on a posting schedule or not. I can write about whatever I want because it’s really for me. Try to think of it this way. Hope this helps!

  10. 🙂 Remain true to your blogging vision (Which can be done by always remembering the reason why you wanted to blog in the first place).

    Also, it is impossible to please everyone in the blogosphere.

    You said that you do not do much proofreading after posting (Proofreading helps to catch typographical errors and grammatical errors).

    Do keep in mind that people are appreciative of bloggers who proofread their content before pressing the publish button.

    And, I would like to say to you, “Criticism is not a death sentence.”

    I am looking out for more blog posts from you in the year 2019.

  11. Thanks Anthony for your supporting words.
    I wish it was possible to block and delete people, but WordPress is not great with that.

    Completely agree with you! Without advice, criticism is useless!

  12. Andrea, I am so sorry you have had such ugliness. WordPress has seemed like such a loving and friendly community, and I have always been blessed to know you as a part of that community. Don’t let anyone discourage you on what you want to do with your blog, nor when or how often. If they do not like it, let them move on. I am especially saddened to see anyone would use God to hurt or even politely threaten someone. God is far more loving than that… and He loves you! Just the way you are! Hope to see you keep blogging. I remember those doodles and enjoyed them too.

  13. I’ve always admired you for blogging regularly 🙂 I don’t blame you for your blogging rhythm change. I experience it, too. For me, I come back to blogging when I have more time, when I feel like I wrote something that I’m proud to share on the blog, when I feel creative. Knowing that there are loyal readers who will always be there helps, too. It helps knowing that when I write a post, it might help or resonate with someone.

  14. Aw, don’t worry about missing my posts. I look forward to your email whenever that may be. There’s no rush. ☺ It’s true the frequency of one’s posts do matter. Maybe I can find a balance with that. I used to feel just as uncomfortable with blogging about topics I wanted to write about and was often scared about what readers would think. I guess I’m still sorta in that zone but at the same time I feel I’ve gotten somewhat better at not caring lol.

  15. Andrea – I understand some of your feelings. I seem to be going through this same type of thing right now myself. The saddest part – is that the people that have made the most impact on me with the comments – are from my own family. I have tried to just keep writing anyway. I’ll admit – it’s been tough. I still don’t post as much as I used to. But, that’s ok. Because ultimately – I was writing for me really anyways.

    I enjoy your posts. I would really miss you if you decided to stop. ❤

  16. I was a bit shocked by what I read. You were told your doodles suck??? I happen to be a satisfied customer. My last purchase was a gift, and the person who received it loved it!
    Your posts are never hard to understand for an English speaker. Yes, you do miss a word here and there, but I know it’s because you don’t re-read/ check. No problem for me.
    I’m glad you’re living your life, though! It took me a few months after the move to start blogging again.
    The ending was sweet. I hope I could fit into one of those groups, because I do consider you a WP “friend”.

  17. Ha! so very true, the last thing you said.
    My mood changes quickly in general. When someone says something nice, I can be extremely happy. But also when someone is nasty, I can be extremely sad.
    So, I’d be OK if people would be somewhere in the middle with there comments 😉

  18. I do agree with you! But real life is bad enough sometimes with all the haters and jerks. But that is something you HAVE to deal with.
    Internet is not mandatory. So sometimes I just wonder why I am doing it.

    Hopefully it’s just a phase and I will enjoying it soon enough.
    Thank you 🙂

  19. Aww thank you Obbina! So very kind of you to say.

    The google translate widget might be an excellent fix for my issue! I will look into it. Thanks.

    I will continue blogging, because I get so much inspiration from everything happening around me. Several times a day I think to myself “this could be a good topic to blog about!”

  20. I wish the blocking thing was easier though. WP is not very user friendly with that!

    Thanks Julie! You know you belong to my WP friends list 🙂

  21. Thanks Selma!
    It’s true, I should ignore the negative comments. And I had periods when I didn’t get many, but lately it seemed like a bit too much. Therefore I took a blogging break. But I miss blogging, so I might as well continue 🙂

  22. I gotcha, whatever your decision might don’t let it get to you. That’s the only time they will win.
    Be strong and have faith my friend.
    Good luck! 😉

  23. Sorry you’ve been in this situation as well, but that’s is a very good way of thinking!
    It is true though. Since it’s your blog, you’re the one making the rules. I have seen some people who really clearly describe their rules in the About Me page. Actually nto a bad idea at all.

    Thanks for your support!

  24. I do know I should proof read a bit more. It can be annoying for others to read something with many mistakes in it. But then again, I am happy when someone corrects me. But not just say that it’s not understandable and leave.

    I will keep on blogging though! Thanks Renard 🙂

  25. Thanks Gail! 🙂
    I don’t like to describe myself as perfect, so sometimes I write posts where I show I made the “wrong” decision. Of course I know God is watching me and I would always ask for his forgiveness 🙂

  26. Keeping up with blogging is quite difficult, isn’t it.
    I wish I could say you can blog whenever you feel like it. And of course you can, but as I have experienced, you will loose readers.
    I used to be upset about that, but I guess I changed. I can’t care so much about followers anymore 😉

  27. Aww Christine, I am so sorry. Criticism from family is the worst 😦
    I have never showed my blog to family and I really don’t wish to. Exactly because I am scared of what you described.

    I won’t stop, not yet 😉

  28. A couple of times. Not in those exact words, but I got “childish” and “not professional”.
    I’m OK with complaining customer. Then I can change something. But these haven’t ever ordered anything.
    Glad you like them though 🙂

    I am a fast typer and I do know I forget words. Even when I re-read it, it’s hard for me to catch mistakes.
    You know, I have never been good with words I was only interested in numbers.

    You know you belong in the last paragraph 😉

  29. It’s your blog post what you want to say. Your doodles is probably what attracted me to your blog. There are many people out there trying to make money off their blog, but the majority of us just have things to share. Some of the purposes of my blog is to practice writing, practice proofreading, and share my creativity. I enjoy getting my “news” and information from blog sites over news sites, because I can control the content. But, blogging is like other social media sites, you can get too wrapped up in it. People can be mean, cruel, and hateful. Ignore the comments and remove them as a follower. The person that you think ignore you, may have just overlooked that blog posting.

  30. I’m sorry that you’re going through this. I genuinely enjoy reading your blog. I had noticed you weren’t posting as much, I always look forward to your posts so I was disappointed to not see them. Don’t let those mean and stupid people get you down. Who are they to tell you how to run your blog? You do you. I think you’re amazing. ❤️

  31. Aww thank you Sarah, it means a lot to me.

    I wish it could be easier to remove people as a follower. WordPress makes it pretty difficult do that!

  32. Thanks Cadie!
    WordPress has been feeling as a dark place for me for quite some weeks. All these nice comments remind me to keep going. Thank you for that!

  33. I can definitely relate to this. Since starting my blog, I’ve come across lots of bitter people who criticize my writing unfairly. Some are upset because I chose to talk about my own spiritual beliefs, some just straight up disagree with my (typically unpopular opinion) which is okay because I am simply stating what I think… not calling it a fact or putting anyone down for having a different view… sometimes it makes me want to just stay off of the internet all together, which is why I honestly don’t interact much with people online. Not even on my personal social media. I used to be into YouTube some years ago and I quit after getting too many hateful comments about my ethnicity. It’s easy for people to say you shouldn’t let those comments get to you but.. it’s really hard sometimes. I try not to let it affect my blogging too much because I love writing.

  34. Andrea,
    Reading this really truly saddens me because you are one of the people that I have been most encouraged by in this WordPress community. Your posts have been educational to me and you graciously answered me when I asked you questions while getting set up.

    You are a valuable part of this community and I do hope that you will not let the voices of the naysayers convince you otherwise.

    I enjoy your openness, honesty, and vulnerability in the posts you share and if people judge you for being honest about things they would rather keep hidden, that’s their problem and shouldn’t be yours.

    I totally agree with @GailLovesGod comment above that is far more loving than the people who use Him to do and say mean things. Please ignore them 🙂

    I hope your passion for blogging will return because I will continue to look forward to reading more from you 🙂

  35. Thank you so much! With the comments on this post I did find how supporting and loving the blogging community is! 🙂

    I will continue to keep my posts honest, because pretending everything is perfect is just not me.

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