Starting your own business

As many of you might know, I have had quite a struggle with jobs in the past.
Bullying managers, mean colleagues, non productive days, not feeling challenged, stress.

I never really seemed to fit.
Mostly likely because I never was part of the team.
In my personal opinion, it’s hard to be part of a team when each role has their own priority.
The roles I did, were never in the perspective of the money or making the customer is satisfied.
Naturally, I was always “the least” important within the “team”. So I always struggled.

I recently made a very conscious decision about my job:
I do not want to work in a “team” again!

So, I joined a training center.
With the job as an instructor you see your colleagues in the morning, during breaks and when you say goodbye. But that’s about it.
Of course some classes are nicer than the others, but you see them for 5 days.
And that’s when it’s a long course. After that, you will forget them and they won’t remember you.

I can recommend this type of job to anyone who likes being among people on a daily basis, but doesn’t want any attachment.

I am completely satisfied with this lifestyle.
Until, of  course, someone appeared in my life that makes me doubt this 😉

I met this guy many years ago when he was also an instructor.
He told me now that he started up his own company.
“So, you’re a training consultant?” I asked.
“No”, he responded, “I now sell pet food”.

He laughed at my surprised look.
He told me that having your own company is hard work, but if you want to make real money, that’s the way to do it.
Being your own boss can give a lot of satisfaction too.

During all the unhappiness within my previous jobs, I have thought about this a lot.
I started Fiverr, BuyMeACoffee and Patreon, but due to no success, I have even forgot my passwords to these.
I was pretty convinced this blog would also give me opportunities to sponsored content or a writing career.
I also started my online Emotion Doodles shop, where I am selling all kinds of apparel.

As many of you have noticed, I haven’t really been blogging or promoting my store recently.
But I do not want to give up on it!
I still hope that one I can become successful as a writer or Doodler.
I still want to make publish a children’s book.
My dream is still to one day see a random someone on the street wearing my design of a T-shirt!

So, if you are struggling with birthday or Christmas presents: Have a look at the Emotion Doodles shop  😉



Has any of you ever started their own company or publishing books or anything?
Please share your experiences!


19 thoughts on “Starting your own business

  1. I don’t have enough gumption to start anything of my own. I had thought about a flower shop/ gift shop but then I started to blog, and dropped that idea.

  2. I have a whole blog post about how I started my costume shop with no money. I had the website for 11 years and the physical store for 7. I’ve always loved having my own business! I closed everything when I had my son because it is a 24-7 thing to keep it going and be successful. I just couldn’t tend to it like I could before. I also needed a break after a decade of costume making!
    So I started blogging and somehow turned that into a job now, lol.

  3. Best of luck! It’s always great to push what you want for and better yourself when you feel like your current situation isn’t making you happy. I’ve had my fair share of business ventures as well – photography, blogging and an online clothes store. It’s fun, rewarding and definitely forces you to learn all sorts of operational things in running a business.

  4. Good to see your words again.
    Be patient with yourself, it takes a while in this world to find your niche and to find contentment when you do. At 53, I still wonder what I will do when I grew up, and now, with a new position in addition to being a parish pastor (I am a vice president of our diocese – sort of like an assistant bishop) I have found some odd contentment. In a place as far as I could have thought I would, as a part of the SYSTEM!

    You will find that place of contentment, but enjoy the journey while you are guided there!

    God’s peace to you in the process!

  5. I’m glad you found a job that seems like a great fit. It sounds interesting.
    My plan is to figure out the publishing thing next year.
    Sure, I would like to be my own boss/ self – sufficient, but there’s something holding me back. I’m not sure what, though.

  6. I’m sure you already know this, I started my own business three years ago driving the elderly that can’t drive. There are slow times, like now, and there are crazy busy times where I was working nonstop. Having your own business has its ups and downs but I love not having a boss!
    I’m glad you are enjoying the new role!

  7. Yes! I am really inspired by the way you did that!
    And you sticked to the golden rule: start a business in that what people need on a nearly daily basis! 😀
    Thanks Julie!

  8. For this moment this is the only job I can handle, because I really cannot be too much with colleagues.
    But Denmark has never been a long term plan, so let’s see what’s next ;))

    Cool! So happy to hear that! (Finally 😉 )

    Fear for Finances? That’s what’s holding me back at least!

  9. Denmark is NOT your long – term plan? What is? Ohhhh, Canada. That’s right.

    I think you are right with the finances. As much as I like to think of myself as a free/ creative soul, I am a creature that likes safety.

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