43 thoughts on “Bath or shower

  1. Baths are a treat for me – I have one every Sunday, with a hair mask and face mask. It’s my bit of me time and I love it 😊

  2. yeah, you can’t really wash your hair in a bathtub.
    But I shouldn’t do that as often as I do now anyhow!! I wash it every day. I don’t even know why haha

  3. Cold bath!!!??? Oh no, I’m not that brave, however hot it is.
    It did get down to 5 degrees last year and it snowed for one day (chaos as it hadn’t happened for 15 years) but, because it’s hot for much of the time you do feel cold when the temperature dips below about 18 degrees. When I lived in England that would be shorts and t-shirt weather, here it’s jeans and a jacket ;O) xx

  4. I’ll sit in an actual hot tub, but not a bathtub. It might be because I have a 90s one where the water just barely covers my thighs

  5. Haha when it’s hot it’s hard not to but I did hear it’s bad to do so everyday so now that the season is cooler I’ll probably try to alternate too… Iono… my hair gets so greasy though

  6. I love baths but I never seem to find the time to enjoy them more. Shower are great especially when I get to use my lavender shower steamers from bath and body works. It makes the shower more relaxing.

  7. I have to say my bath is my place of solace to unwind for the day. Love the darker months because can put candles on, music on and pretend for a small amount of time the chaos with the kids isn’t happening on the other end of the door πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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