Take a break, it really works

I saw this line a soup package when I took a lunch break.

I love word jokes!

Sometimes all the body and brain need to succeed is a break.

Sleep, hug, eat, drink, write (a list), smile, breathe, become peaceful.

What’s your favorite way to have a break?

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16 thoughts on “Take a break, it really works

  1. I do meditation a lot as well. Usually with a video on YouTube who tells me I’m in a beautiful area and how to breathe.
    I wish there was a room for meditation at work!

  2. Cute doodles! A break is a must. I take one by going out of city or having a get together with my besties! It recharges my batteries.

  3. Do these videos really help? I never use them. I just tell myself where to go and how to breath myself. But I’m wondering if it would be a good idea to recommend such videos to someone who is quite new to this whole concept.

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