When the Home turns into a House

Last week we had a realtor coming over.
Before that, Jasper and I placed a bet.
I thought he was going to lose money over the house.
He thought it might have the same value.

Mr. Realtor was more optimistic.
“If you don’t place the house for EUR xx.xxx more than the buying price, you seriously are crazy”, he laughed, “if you just freshen it up with some painting, probably even more”.

Who would have thought.
Certainly not me.

I didn’t like or appreciated this house.
Nothing of it.
What’s there to like with a bedroom so small I have to jump over Jasper to get to the toilet?
About cracks in the wall?
And about windows that we opened 1 month ago and can now not be closed?

Jasper was less worried about these issues.
He bought the house 11 years ago.
Placed some personal things, like this wonderful painting (which I always found questionable, but learned to love it over time).


2.5 years ago, I moved in.
Other than clothes, I didn’t have any personal belongings.
I wanted to make a new start with new memories.

And so we did.
We decorated the house with pictures of vacations, souvenirs and candles.
Though I still didn’t like many elements, the memories made the house look more like a home.

We took the realtor’s advice.
We bought  tools and started painting over the ugly yellow walls.

First the kitchen, were we experimented with many recipes.
The bathroom, where I spend many relaxing moments reading blogs in the bathtub.
The bedroom, where I knew there was always someone to comfort me after a nightmare.
The living room, where we spend evenings sitting quietly sitting next to each other doing our own thing, but feeling utterly happy.

The memories are fading with every streak of white paint or belongings we put in boxes.
Slowly this home is turning into a house again. 

20 thoughts on “When the Home turns into a House

  1. This was such a beautifully poetic post. Especially the ending.
    To me, a house is something necessary, but not something I need to customize to make mine. In fact, I appreciate the minimalist approach to house decoration. But you are right – it’s about the memories you make in various places of the house that make it a home. And of course the person/ people that live there with you.
    Yellow walls? What were you thinking?

  2. Thank you! It’s a meaninful post to me 🙂
    I think once you buy one, it’s a bit different. And in 11 years you can collect a lot apparently.
    The yellow walls were all Jasper’s idea back in the days when he bought it.
    He finally admitted it was a bad decision. 😉 It looks like some has smoking in the house!

  3. Yes it does loose its value whenit is no longer yours. Prior to moving here we sold our house and lived in an aprtment for a year. Driving past the old house initially felt like a loss bit the feelings do fade and the places are of no importance as time goes on. I also agree with you on the entrance… it does take a little time to grow on you but when it does your house does become a home. The two differ greatly and it is from attachment. The painting is intriguing!

  4. Oh, that must be really sad! I know I will miss this current house!
    But I am looking forward to make a new house to a home!
    The painting is coming with us, haha !

  5. Yes keep the painting! I shipped the things that we couldnt leave behind and now they are up in our new place which we love! “House to home” many miles away! 🤗

  6. We are in the process of selling our home to and it didn’t really hit me until we moved out of it and I saw it empty. I started to tear up. The was the house my babies lived in and knew. To see their room empty hurt the most. We only lived there for a few years and it’s just a house but it was our home. I understand what you’re saying.

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