Do new bloggers take the comment section serious enough?

Lately I have started to follow a lot of new blogs.
I have a lot of time with very few things to do.
So I read.

But is reading and hitting “Like” enough?
I like when people give me some appreciation in the form of a comment on my post.
Surely others will acknowledge when I leave something in their comment section?
Especially when they are new bloggers or those that struggle with finding an audience.

There was one blogger in particular who wrote a post which almost made me tear up.
What he wrote was very relateable.
I wrote him my experience with this topic, I told him the blog was well written and thanked him for not making me feel alone.

I was a fool for thinking that he’d comment back or sending an email to discuss this topic more in depth.
I went back a few times to make sure my comment didn’t end up in Spam.
Or that he answered but I somehow missed it.
But, nothing.

This is not the only time it happened.
I think half of the comments I leave to new bloggers are left unanswered.
It’s discouraging.

Yesterday I came across another new blogger.
Although that particular topic didn’t speak to me, her post was composed nicely.
I looked at some of her other stuff and indeed, very good blogger.
I was about to leave a comment, but then I saw it.
A couple of other had done that, but it always remained unanswered.
I couldn’t cope with disappointment at that moment.

There is a lot advice about what to blog about, how to blog, how often to blog.
But hardly anyone ever talks about the other element of blogging, the one that is going to either grow your network or not at all: comments.

So I am just going to give some of the things that I find annoying when it comes to comments 😉

Not Responding

It’s really a bad idea when you leave the comment section unanswered.
It doesn’t matter how wonderful your blogging style is.

Not commenting at all

It’s hard to build a network if you don’t talk to people.

The easy way out

If you think that a simple “Great post” or “Congrats” completes your mission of networking, FORGET IT.
People spend a lot of time on composing their post and that’s all you can say?

Keep it respectful

And then there were time that I thought to myself “I wish they never commented”.
When I write my post, I try to focus on what I have experienced. These are feelings, but mainly facts.
Sometimes people mistake this for being my opinion and tell me “You got this all wrong”.
How? Please tell me? It’s MY experience.

Oh and just got this!

Don’t ever do this! Or I will publically shame you!

P.S. If I have ever missed your comment, I apologize! It’s never on purpose, sometimes comments just get lost ☹️

What have you experienced on commenting on new bloggers?
Did you take the comment section serious when you started blogging?

91 thoughts on “Do new bloggers take the comment section serious enough?

  1. I agree with this. I feel one has to have something relevant to say; something worth reading – or why write? Trying to craft a comment or a comment response when one is not readily coming to mind might end up sounding forced and fabricated. And really just being a waste of time.

  2. I’m still fairly new to blogging as well and I learn from what I see others are doing that are positive and I emulate them. The point of blogging is engagement and if that’s lacking… well, that’s a big determinant of the followership. Thanks for following my blog.

  3. Yeah, it’s really important to keep in touch with your audience.
    Also important to write post that will make them comment. Usually I do this by asking a question in the end! 😉

  4. I understand your struggle completely.
    Some people sometimes comment with exactly what I said, but just use different words.
    Should I then say “Thank you”, or “Agreed”.
    It feels a bit awkward.

    That is a very interesting question you are asking.
    I think 40+ blogs for 4 months blogging is a great amount! It means you are taking it very seriously.
    I also see bloggers who have been on here since a year, but each month they post “sorry, it has been a while”
    Honestly, I think they’re more new to blogging than you!

    I also think a lot of bloggers quit after a while.
    Other social media can get you easily 50 likes overnight, but for blogging you actually have to put work into.

  5. Ugh yeah. People simply leaving their link to their site is really the worst.
    I think these things do need to be said. I don’t see many people writing about, but I think many experience it.
    And I honestly felt the need to let go of some frustrations 😉

    You are doing an excellent job networking Christy! And by the looks of it, you are only growing! 🙂

  6. Thank you!

    I agree! I used to be so happy getting those standard lines in my comment section, but that’s all those type of people would ever send!
    It’s very fake!

  7. I actually don’t mind when people don’t respond to my comments, it’s enough for me if they like them so I tend to take that same attitude to comments left on my blog, maybe I should change that!

  8. Well I am a new blogger and write on things that matter in real life and yeah, I feel the same way.
    It hurts seriously. I transferred from blogspot to WordPress and I feel depression of follow but I will just have to wait for my turn.
    I got your feeling but I sure won’t do it.

  9. I agree with absolutely everything & have had all the same (annoying) experiences! I also hate when my comment is just liked instead of responded to. A “thanks for your comment” would be even better than that because it does take time to write out a response, you know?!

  10. I just checked out your blog and I think you’re doing a great job so far getting started! Be patient and keep networking in the blogger community like you are doing right now.

    I want to tell you that when I was 14 everyone told me to start a blog, but I didn’t. I don’t remember all my reasons but I do know that they were all lame excuses!

    Over the years people still kept telling me to blog. I still did not do it. I was afraid I would “fail” and think less of myself for it.

    I am 30 now and my blog is 3 months old. The whole summer I kept saying over and over again, “I should have started writing 17 years ago.” Should have. should have…

    BE SO HAPPY that you have started now. I feel like I could sit down and write and not stop writing for five years and still have more to write. It is maddening. I have 17 years of catching up to do. 😉

  11. Yes!
    I feel sometimes we all want comments, but once we get them we don’t really know what to do with them.
    Or get overwhelmed by it.
    To be honest, sometimes I find it awkward to comment first on someone’s post, but definitely also when a post has already a ton of comments.

  12. I know what you mean! I’ve commented on someone’s blog before after a ton of other people & they were like “so & so already said that” but, that makes me mad because I don’t always read all the previous comments left before me. Personally, I don’t mind at all if someone says the same thing as someone else on my posts! It’s interesting to know that the same things stand out to different people.

  13. I don’t really pay it much mind. I write for me and I leave comments yes for others, but not because I require a response. My blog goes sometimes quite a while between updates, I don’t do it for readership or followers. I do it to work through emotions and stuff I am going through. If it speaks to someone great – if not oh well. If I read something that resonates with me, I may leave something but I don’t expect a response. For (especially) larger blogs I feel it disingenuous. I think because I just view it differently that my expectation is different.

  14. First, thanks for the follow. Your post gives food for thought for bloggers. Engagement is not only important but it shows appreciation about your effort in writing your blog. To compose a great content takes a lot of work. I do try to make my post interesting otherwise why bother.

  15. It seems like it’s still not fixed. “” is no longer available. I’m thinking you changed your address? You have to browse through your settings and be sure to put the new address there instead, so once we click your name in the comments we can be taken to the correct page.

  16. You’re not the only one who is telling me this, but WP chat support is telling me that they are replicating by clicking on my name and it is NOT taking them to my old site on desktop or mobile.

    The issue is the n. I realized back in July that I had spelled millennial wrong, so I fixed it.

    WP chat support can’t figure out why it’s not taking you to the right site now. They want to know what OS you are using.

  17. I am working with WP support right now because I am not having this problem and neither are they, but several other bloggers are. what OS are you using?

  18. I agree! It’s happened more than once when the site owner is like “so & so said that too!” I’m like okay??? So I’m supposed to go back & see what you responded to so & so & I don’t get a response?

  19. I try to say something on every blog post I read but sometimes I just don’t have enough time. I have a full schedule and I will plan a time to sit and read other blogs and like and comment but there are times where all I have time is to like and then I forget to go back and comment on it later. As I’m typing this my one year is crying for attention lol it’s a freaking circus around here. I also try to respond to comments on my blog because I don’t want anyone to think I’m ignoring them but again all I can do sometimes is like it, it’s kind of my way of saying, “I see your comment, thank you.”
    I am guilty of not responding all the time or commenting as much as I should but I’m working on it. 🙂

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