Do new bloggers take the comment section serious enough?

Lately I have started to follow a lot of new blogs.
I have a lot of time with very few things to do.
So I read.

But is reading and hitting “Like” enough?
I like when people give me some appreciation in the form of a comment on my post.
Surely others will acknowledge when I leave something in their comment section?
Especially when they are new bloggers or those that struggle with finding an audience.

There was one blogger in particular who wrote a post which almost made me tear up.
What he wrote was very relateable.
I wrote him my experience with this topic, I told him the blog was well written and thanked him for not making me feel alone.

I was a fool for thinking that he’d comment back or sending an email to discuss this topic more in depth.
I went back a few times to make sure my comment didn’t end up in Spam.
Or that he answered but I somehow missed it.
But, nothing.

This is not the only time it happened.
I think half of the comments I leave to new bloggers are left unanswered.
It’s discouraging.

Yesterday I came across another new blogger.
Although that particular topic didn’t speak to me, her post was composed nicely.
I looked at some of her other stuff and indeed, very good blogger.
I was about to leave a comment, but then I saw it.
A couple of other had done that, but it always remained unanswered.
I couldn’t cope with disappointment at that moment.

There is a lot advice about what to blog about, how to blog, how often to blog.
But hardly anyone ever talks about the other element of blogging, the one that is going to either grow your network or not at all: comments.

So I am just going to give some of the things that I find annoying when it comes to comments 😉

Not Responding

It’s really a bad idea when you leave the comment section unanswered.
It doesn’t matter how wonderful your blogging style is.

Not commenting at all

It’s hard to build a network if you don’t talk to people.

The easy way out

If you think that a simple “Great post” or “Congrats” completes your mission of networking, FORGET IT.
People spend a lot of time on composing their post and that’s all you can say?

Keep it respectful

And then there were time that I thought to myself “I wish they never commented”.
When I write my post, I try to focus on what I have experienced. These are feelings, but mainly facts.
Sometimes people mistake this for being my opinion and tell me “You got this all wrong”.
How? Please tell me? It’s MY experience.

Oh and just got this!

Don’t ever do this! Or I will publically shame you!

P.S. If I have ever missed your comment, I apologize! It’s never on purpose, sometimes comments just get lost ☹️

What have you experienced on commenting on new bloggers?
Did you take the comment section serious when you started blogging?

106 thoughts on “Do new bloggers take the comment section serious enough?

  1. What a helpful post. I’ve just gotten back into blogging and sometimes it feels very defeating – is anyone out there? And then suddenly someone comments and it feels so good to know your content has connected with someone. I try to comment on blogs I read but it took me a little time to feel confident enough to dive in and be part of things but I’m so glad I did – connecting with others makes the whole experience so much more rewarding and meaningful.

  2. I’m usually not the type leave a comment after reading a post (i know I’m one of those lol). But I never took the time to consider how the blogger would feel about it or how it affects them. After starting my own blog and now reading this, I understand better. And hopefully other new bloggers/readers in will read this and take the comment section more serious! Thank you ❤

  3. I don’t blame you, it can be too much sometimes.
    Most people will appreciate it. But honestly, some choose to ignore your comment over and over again. That can be really disacouraging.
    I guess it’s about finding the right balance.
    Thank you for the comment 🙂

  4. I love this post. I am new to blogging and always enjoy getting feedback and advice as well as critiques. This post will stick with me. I always figured you need to communicate to make connections. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I’m a very new blogger and completely understand where you’re coming from. I always leave a comment, it’s feedback. I personally am the type of person that often needs encouragement to know I’m doing okay so comments mean a lot, knowing I’m doing well helps! This post is great, and so relatable. Thankyou x

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