Facts about me: Health edition

In this post,  I’d like to share some of the “Health” facts about me and what I believe in.
I wasn’t entirely sure how to name this post, but with Health I mean anything and everything. 

Vitamins & Oils

I use vitamin supplements as a remedy for all the things healthy food promises, but never really does.
Magnesium has been a miracle worker for the digestion system.
Biotin for hair and nail growth.
Iron for tiredness.
I am looking forward to explore a lot more benefits from different vitamin supplements!

Speaking of hair, hot oil treatments can improve your hair so much.
If you do it in combination with the Inversion Method it will also stimulate hair growth.
I make myself a coconut oil hair mask at least once a week because my hair is in desperate need of hydration.
In May my hair was in the absolute worst stage it could possibly be, completely burned due to box dying my hair.
Today’s day it’s very closely to healthy again!

Food & Drinks

I don’t believe in the health benefits of water because I haven’t noticed ANYTHING!
But I drink those 2 liters daily anyhow.
Usually in the form of ginger tea or water with just a very tiny bit apple juice in it.

“Experts” say that fresh made food is much healthier for you and it’s easier to loose weight because you can control the sugars and stuff.
So about 1.5 year back we started making every meal from scratch and kept it healthy.
But if anything, I just started eating more because it tastes sooo much better 😉


I have written exercise in between the bunny ears, because I haven’t used my gym membership AT ALL in the past few weeks.
I’m embarrassed, but I really hated how the people there cared more about paying attention to me instead of just letting me do my thing.
Danish people don’t like small talk, so I will get back to it 😉

But I did do some things at home!

About 2 weeks ago, I have pushed myself to do the Squat challenge.
If my time schedule and legs allow it, I try to do 100 spread over the day.
Usually in sets of 20.
It’s effective to do them while you wait for your water to boil or your coconut oil to heat up 😉

I always had very muscular legs.
When I tighten my muscles, it feels rock hard.
I don’t think it’s very charming for a woman, but I did make all the “chicken legs” boys in high school very jealous 😉


Another thing not many people would believe is that I am quite flexible.
The first time I raised my leg somewhere between 90 and 180 degrees while laying down Jasper was shocked.
I made him do it too but that wasn’t very successful, haha.
I am now practicing to do a “Leg Hold“. I am about 3/4 to get there.

What are some of the facts about you regarding health? Shock me 😉 

24 thoughts on “Facts about me: Health edition

  1. You really are flexible! More than me for sure. I agree about water and cooking. It does taste better homemade and therefore easier to eat more. I drink my water but would much rather get it from other beverages!

  2. No. I did dance actually. Another thing most people don’t believe, my rhytym is not terrible.
    No, water with juice.
    Syryp? Interesting. Guess it’s a bit like honey

  3. Just to add a slight taste to the water.
    It’s a popular drink in Germany actually. Apple Juice with sparkling water. It’s called Apfelschrole.

  4. I am honestly terrible to myself when it comes to health. I forget to eat a lot, I eat very unhealthy food when I do eat and I drink very little water. Lol Keeping up with two toddlers is a challenge and a lot of times I am last on the list of things to take care of. One of these days I’ll get back into the gym and watch what I eat, until then I’m going to get what I can, when I can. 🙂

  5. I think if you cut out water you’d probably notice the difference. It’s good you drink that much. So many people barely scrape a glass in. Nice read.

  6. Maybe that is true though.
    But there were times that I didn’t drink much water at all. Looking back at those pictures, I don’t see any improvement in my skin or so.
    And certainly physically I don’t feel better now.
    thank you for reading! 🙂

  7. Haha yeah I can imagine that, but I do think you move around a lot with those two 🙂
    I think when things slow down you can get back to all that 🙂

  8. I should totally start taking vitamins! I need to make my bones, nails, and hair stronger!

    Boyfriend and I just started making dinner at home, I’ve totally noticed the difference from how I look & feel– we had been going out to eat every single day for like 3 years so it was such a good change for us!!

    Just keep practicing that leg hold, Andrea! You’ll get it in no time! 😄

  9. I really think it’s beneficial for everyone!
    I felt the difference in one week already!

    Can you do the leghold by any chance? Any tips? 😉

  10. I’m terrible at taking vitamins, mostly because the standard of most brands come in swallowable pill form and I never learned how to swallow pills. :/ I don’t really keep track of how many glasses of water I drink daily either… I tend to drink more after having coffee (because my throat is dry) or after working out (for obvious reasons haha). Exercise is hard. I do have a workout routine at home. One part of it is doing standing stomach crunches. I know what people say on the internet that crunches are suppose to help flatten and shape your stomach but I don’t think that’s 100% true. The only difference I think that has happened (for me) is it’s made my abdomen feel stronger, somehow. I do them mostly because I like that it exerts my body and makes me sweat (though it’s also kinda icky).

  11. Do you have any favorite brands for the vitamins? & yes, I can do the leg hold! Just stretch & practice everyday. 🙂 You’ll get it!

  12. Mhh not really. I just take whatever is there.
    In Europe you wouldn’t find this in regular supermarket. You’d have to go to a pharmacy to get it.
    I do get the impression that more people like gummies instead of actual pills.

    Oh cool! I will definitely practice!

  13. Ah you’re one of those 😉
    I can easily swallow 2-3 at the time !

    I have one large glass which fits about 0.5 liters. So if I drink 4 of those, I should be good.

    No haha, I don’t think that will flatten the stomach either.
    Not if you don’t eat super healthy.
    But gaining muscles is important too. One thing I want to focus on is my back.
    I never sit or walk with my back straight just because it hurts. My back muscles are just weak!

  14. Do not take your health for granted. I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis (IC), also known as Painful Bladder Syndrome, in 1995. I long for the days before I had this disease. Take of your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. I started s blog to share my story,and hopefully, lend support to others dealing with a chronic disease. This blog is a huge part of my support system now. https://treatinginterstitialcystitis.wordpress.com Remember to enjoy your health and support others who are not as fortunate. Your post is great.

  15. I’m sure you’ve given people plenty of tips for them to do as well! Like for example I’m thinking about using vitamins if I have any health issues also. Many people should do your 100 sqauts throughout the day routine – great inspiration

  16. Thanks!
    Vitamins have helped me a lot. It might be good to just check which are the best of your own body.

    The squats feel good to do! Doesn’t have to be 100, but anything more than zero will be good for your body 🙂

  17. Have you ever taken a bath with the bath salts that have magnesium in them? My doctor was telling that it’s a good way to get magnesium because your body will absorb the amount you need.

  18. Ah! that might be a good idea.
    Unfortunately I only have a shower now, but next time I’m at a hotel I will take a room with a bathtube and try!

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