Awesome Impact Award: An Incident that impacted my life in a positive way

I was nominated by Goldie, for the Awesome Impact Award.
I hadn’t heard of this one before, but it’s probably one of the most interesting ones!

Goldie talks about her first time being independent due to go to university.
Obviously, the my road to independence was a difficult one too, but the entire experience was one of the most positive ones in my life.
But, I don’t want to replicate Goldie’s story, so  I have to find another incident.

There is actually only one that comes to mind, but I almost feel to embarrassed to write it!
Thinking back of it, I feel like such a teenager!

Now that I probably triggered your curiosity, there is no way back, is there? 😉 


I started university when I was barely 17.
It’s a very difficult life decision to make for someone who is that young, but that’s just how the Dutch education system worked.

I have talked before that I finished my degree in Electrical Engineering, but that’s not what I started with.
For whatever reason I thought I could and wanted become an Industrial Designer.
I was informed that it’s a very creative education, but also technical.
I expected heavy mathematics and science, but that didn’t happen.
90% of the time it was drawing.
With pen and paper, and worse, 3D CAD drawing.

I was terrible at it and I hated it.
In my 2nd week at school, I walked out of the classroom.
I feel angry, frustrated and sad.

After a while I wiped away my tears and decided to go to the school counselor.
Maybe it was not too late to switch education.

I walked in the room.
There was this blonde, blue eyed, gorgeous looking guy.
Since when did any teacher look this good?!
I got so nervous, especially because I knew my eyes were red and my mascara was all over my face cause of the crying.

“I’d like to talk about switching education”, I stuttered, “Could we make an appointment?”
“Yes! I’d really like that! Over dinner?”, 
he responded.

I was out of breath.

Then someone else stepped into the office.
An older guy, who announced himself as the school counselor.

Turned out that mr. Gorgeous was a student in the Electrical Engineering class and was just messing with me!
My face turned so red when looked at me with blue eyes and eventually winked.
That’s when I melted.

Two days later I talked with counselor about my education switch.
I always knew I wanted to study Electrical Engineering, but after meeting him, I knew FOR SURE.

For those who wonder, we didn’t go on a date until 5 years later when we both finished our education.
Eventually I didn’t turn into anything and I didn’t think about until Award came along.
Thanks Goldie 😉 

17 thoughts on “Awesome Impact Award: An Incident that impacted my life in a positive way

  1. Haha don’t remind me.
    He was only 2 years older, but just very mature for his age.
    And was SOOO young and clumsy.
    We spend 5 hours in a coffee place, just talking. But hey, in the end I did kiss him on the cheek.
    And that’s all. Two days after the date, I moved abroad.

  2. I didn’t know you changed your major. It’s great that you realized it so quickly and that you were able to switch. Couldn’t have been easy.

    You seem to have so many of these love stories that start like a romance movie, but then never get out of the parking lot (my weak metaphor regarding it not going anywhere).
    It was pretty funny, though.

  3. Hahaha he was a smooth one! So funny that you ended up going on a date 5 years later! He was definitely someone who you were meant to meet!

  4. You know what my parents said?
    “Don’t become a quitter”.
    And I answered with “I am just discovering my qualities”.
    Sometimes quiting something isn’t the worst.

    I guess this the 2nd one? Haha.
    There is one more worth mentioning.
    But I am sure there will be an opportunity for that.
    The romances never lasted long, but they did create funny and nice memories.
    I actually met some one on the parking lot just now.
    With cutest eyes. And the softest fur.
    My biggest love, a puggy.

  5. That’s funny what you said, someone I meant to meet.
    What if I had gone a day later. I might have never met the motivation to make through engineering school!
    I lived in Denmark when we went on a date. He had to pick up a small plane there and decide to come by. So random haha!

  6. I do think he was someone you were meant to meet! Especially since he inspired you to get into your career you’re still in now! 🙂 Even if the date didn’t work out!

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