What do you like to eat on Friday night?

Finding something to eat on Friday night is not easy.

It must be quick, but also good and semi-healthy.

So I suggested to just roast some veggies.

Jasper looked at me with a face of “Are trying to ruin my weekend”.

I guess that’s a NO πŸ˜…

What do you like to eat on a Ftiday night?

38 thoughts on “What do you like to eat on Friday night?

  1. It’s already 8 p.m. here and I haven’t eaten dinner yet. The hubs ate left over Chinese, the oldest boy ate pasta and the baby had mashed up squash and sweet potatoes. Mama hasn’t gotten to eat.

  2. Actually it’s been ages since I didn’t make fresh pasta.
    It’s a bit more work, but it tastes so much better!
    I have also been experimenting with sauces. Cheese sauce, Alfredo.
    But I still prefer the same old tomato sauce πŸ˜€

  3. Wonderful combination!
    Even though I am a vegetarian, I do eat Salmon every now and then.
    It just makes the house smell so terrible!

    Do you bake it in a pan or in the oven?

  4. I luv, luv, luv veggies… We are just home from a little trip. We ate some really great meals, but, I missed my veggies… Guess what we had tonight.. Yep.. And, lots of them! πŸ™‚

  5. It does take more effort, but I got quite skilled πŸ‘Œ
    Pasta is a mixture of eggs, flour and just a tiny bit of oil.
    Once you created the dough, a pasta machine will do the work for you.

    I am making pasta tomorrow. Maybe I should take pictures of the process and post it on the blog πŸ€”

  6. My grandmothers used to do it. But it was always too… flour-y? for me? I like the texture to be slippery. The homemade are not like that.
    And yes, I’d like to see that.

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