October Doodles


Process of Doodling

Also I often get the question (OK OK, only Goldie just now 😉 ) what my process of doodling is.
First of all, I don’t use any fancy tools or pencils. So no brand recommendations.
I use 3 apps, which are either for free or less than 5 euro’s.
And I use them on an iPhone.

Here are the steps:
1. I draw the doodle on regular print paper.

2. I take a picture and usually edit in the regular Photo settings to Black & White.

3. To color the doodle, I use an app called Color Pop

4. To remove the background, I use the app MagicEresar 

5. The app Phonto is very useful if I want to merge some doodles together (like above), add text (the app has nice fonts) or make the doodle smaller.

Then if you are happy with your doodle, you can put your design on a Tshirt or Mug.
I use Teespring for that. So far I am very happy with the quality of the products.

Here is the link to my store: Emotion Doodle Store 

Are you willing to give it a try?
If you do, let me know it the comments 🙂

20 thoughts on “October Doodles

  1. It’s the Jelly who has those eyes.
    But yeah, I am running out of face expressions, haha.
    The donut is actually part of a pun “I do not care” 😉

    I have included the steps in my post now. Thanks for asking!
    I hope more people are willing to try it out like I do. I don’t use fancy tools.

  2. Thanks for the steps.
    I don’t have an iPhone, so the apps will probably not work for me. However, if I am bored enough at some point, I might search around for Android ones. It seems easy and fun enough.

  3. Yeah, I am sure Android has something like that as well.
    Cool! I’d be happy to see your creations 😀

    I also was wondering if people like just color.
    Maybe I could make a coloring book or even in digital form.

  4. My favorites are un-amused donut, hot tea, and angry pumpkin in that order.

    Thank you for sharing your process along with the names of the apps. That is very helpful, even if it isn’t for doodles, I could use it for other things.

    Do you draw by hand first?

  5. Andrea,
    I can’t hardly draw stick figures. Fortunately by best friend John’s daughter is a great artist and she illustrated my children’s book, A Little Bit Better. I guess you could call that the Perks of Teamwork.

  6. Aww glad you like the Donut! He is certainly un-amused haha.

    Yes I do draw them by hand. I use any kind of marker or pencil and regular paper.
    But before I take a picture, I draw a loooot of the same doodles because I am never 100% happy with them 😉

  7. These are great apps to know about, thank you for sharing! I am going to download them for my daughters. They draw all the time. I’m sure it would be great fun for them to see their drawings digitized.

  8. Thank you for sharing this!! I’ve been wanting to doodle things myself and didn’t know where to start to make it happen. 🤗 I look forward to reading more of your blog in the future!

  9. Thank you!
    You can start experimenting very easily and it’s not expensive! There is lots of inspiration to find of the internet. Just type in “doodles” on google 🙂

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