About age

Last Christmas, my brother in law told a story about a girl he knew who wanted to do liposuction.
I guess the 2nd glass of wine suddenly made me sharper than usual.
“Wait! How old is this “girl” of yours?”.
I was a bit suspicious because he is somewhere in this late forties.
“50”, he answered.
I burst into laughter. “She is a women, not a girl!”.

It’s funny how young girls can’t wait to grow up and be called “woman”.
But at one point, “woman” sounds old. They demand to be called “girl” again.
I have no problem telling my age, but I rather let people play the guessing game.
Usually by face, they think I’m younger.
By career, they think I’m a lot older.
Hurray me!


Let’s review a couple of instances where my age didn’t fit other people’s expectations.


I guess my parents will always consider me their baby.
They always tell me: “Seeing your child growing up is wonderful, but at one point it has to stop. But it doesn’t. That’s when it gets terrifying”.
They have a valuable reason, so I will accept it from them 😉

But what I ABSOLUTELY hate is one others tell to stop worrying and that I have plenty of time to achieve anything I want.
“You’re still a baby – relax”.

Yeah, 28 year old baby!
Also whenever people me to “relax”, it has the opposite effect on me.  Anyone else as well?
These are the years that some things need to happen – I can’t just wait for good things to come my way.
I rather put in a little more effort now and relax later.


For whatever reason, a lot of people seem to think that I am insecure about my looks.
Because I complain about a bad hair day or that one pimple?

I used to be bullied a lot for being ugly.
Because of that, I hated the way I looked for a long time.
But then, almost over night, other things became much more serious.
Job, finance, household, blogging.
It distracted me from worrying about my looks.

Worse than people talking about my appearance, are those that say “You have plenty of time to figure out what you want”.
Followed by “Some of the most interesting people still don’t know what they want from life at the age of 50”.

I guess I’m not interesting then.
I already know what I like, what I want and where I want it.


I think I was born old 😉
Comparing myself to most 28 year olds, I think I have way past that stage they are in.
The phase where I want to explore things. Try different jobs. Travel different countries.

Soon I will be starting my 5th job. And guess what?
It’s the same type of job I did as my first job 😉

I have pretty much seen what I want to seen of the world.
Now I just want to re-visit the countries that suit me.

How do people estimate your age?
Do you feel older, younger or just right?

39 thoughts on “About age

  1. When I was younger, everyone thought I was older than I actually was–an “old soul,” they called me; wiser and more mature than most people my age. Now, I get a mix of people thinking I’m older and others younger than I actually am haha.
    Your lead-in story reminded me of a recent funny occurrence in my own life: My 8-year-old nephew is growing out his hair. His parents suggested he put his hair in a ponytail for his school pictures (like his dad), and he immediately put on his pouty face and said, “but he’s a MAN!!” It sure made me chuckle.

  2. I got a lot “you don’t behave your age” too! But is there even a standard 🤔?

    Haha. The story about your nephew made me laugh too! 😅

  3. I completely relate with when people tell me to relax, it has the opposite effect on me as well. Like you, I always (almost always) know exactly what I want, when and where I want it as well 🙂

    Have been told,
    – I look really young for my age…which I don’t mind:)
    – Wise beyond my years
    – When I took my husband to visit my college-town, I was mistaken for a freshman in college, which made me literally LOL but i went with it because it was fun

    Career-wise – I somehow feel I am always behind. That is just my personality. I know I am exactly where I need to be, but I am always in the rush to be at the next level. Feeling behind makes me work towards it more! =)

  4. I know right!

    Looking younger than you are, is always nice for a woman 😉

    I feel the same about career.
    Although with my current as a team lead I have discovered that this the highest I’d like to go. I don’t want to be s “manager -manager”.

  5. I agree, I don’t mind being told I look younger!;)

    Manager’s manager cracked me up! 😂 Makes sense though, means more stress and responsibilities.

    PS: I just noticed we have similar times on posting blogs along with Goldie!😊

  6. The 3 Musketeers 😉
    I have noticed that posting in the evening gets me more likes. But it’s European evening!
    I guess that’s when Americans are the most active 😉

  7. Ha ha, ya, makes sense! Love the 3 Musketeers! Could we be the three Blog-e-teers?😁😉😊

    I usually find yours’ or Goldies’ post couple of posts ahead or behind. Inevitably, same thing today!😊👍🏼😋

  8. At school I am old. At home, my mom says I’m still a “youngun” and my son says I’m ancient. At work, I was the young one. I don’t care, I’m just me!

  9. Similar to you… By face I get guessed lower and with my previous job I was also being guessed high for that.

    When I was younger, mid 20s to early 30s, I remember being I.D.d for drinking and/or buying drinks at any place. This always made me feel good too.

    Nice post! 🤗

  10. People used to think I was older than I was because I was so mature for my age when I was 20. Now that I’m almost 28 people think I’m younger. They say I look like I’m 21 so I guess I stopped aging at 21 ;). I feel like a grown up, only because so many people rely on me to get stuff done. I feel like a lot of things would just fall apart if I wasn’t around to do it.

  11. your section on “relax” made me think of a recent joke (in Russian).
    What relaxes me: food, wine. What doesn’t relax me: people saying “just relax” :))

    I like when people think I am younger my age, and I always was thinking of myself “I am so young, I still have a lot of time ahead”. But when some days ago the 38th birthday ticked in, I felt for a while: “still a lot of time? for what? Sure?” :))

  12. I know right!
    I always that those people are either extremely stressed or have no real problems in their life.

    Ah yea, time is ticking by. But it’s more bearable with a winkle free face 😉

  13. I hear that I look younger, but act older. I’m quite alright with that.
    Good for you that you have people telling you you’ve got time. My people are quite the opposite – they tell me how LITTLE time I have.

  14. That is definitely a good thing!

    I don’t want people to tell me anything. Pretending they know me and what I want from life.
    But of course there are some estimations to make.
    Obviously I don’t know your age so I can’t tell them if they’re way off.

  15. 😃 no, it’s not like that. These are in post saved option in my WordPress app. Like button is not working at yesterday night . that’s why I like them today.

  16. Ha, this is awesome. I do agree that our society is twisted when it comes to the idea of womanhood. Young woman want to be older and women want to be eternally young. I’m 31 and most people think I’m way younger. I usually get mid-twenties. I don’t complain at all, not to mention I do have a very youthful personality (I’m basically a big kid) so that adds to me being “young at heart”. I’m vegan so I honestly believe that will add to me aging well because I try to eat as healthy as possible and the universe has provided us with natural youth serum in the form of fruits, veggies and healthy grains, etc. But I’ll admit I am slightly afraid of aging and I hate that— we all have our demons and that’s one of mine. I’m not afraid of my age getting older but of looking older physically. Yet I’m still prepared for it. Thanks for this post! It gave me a few laughs and was indeed insightful! One last thing— I am not set in my career yet and that also adds to people seeing me as younger. It’s funny how something such as our job or career can add to our supposed maturity level! 😀

  17. 2. As per a WHO research
    Age 0 to 17 – underage
    18 to 65 – youth or young people
    66 to 79 – middle aged
    80 to 99 – elderly or senior
    So you are youth with young people 😊

  18. To be fair I think people don’t actually like being called girl xD I remember reading complaints that women are still called girls whereas men aren’t really called boys. It’s an interesting topic. Like, why is that? I don’t particularly care either way except I do feel like I have an issue of still feeling young, so it may help to be referred to more often as a woman? I definitely don’t look young… sometimes I get mistaken as a mom! Haha. It’s fun when girls call each other gurl or gal or girl though. They also do go “boyyyy” but in generally speaking, they really don’t call men boys. Maybe guys?
    I know women hate being called “ma’am” or “madam,” because then they feel old, but I reeeaaally don’t get the big deal haha

  19. Hahaha. I agree with you on “boy”.

    It might be a culture thing, but here in Holland people want to be considered and feel young until they die.
    They’ll shoot you if you say you’re old 😉

    I like when girls call me “girl”, but men: NOOO.
    To them I should be a woman 😉

  20. I believe that one should be able to “ act one’s age”! I neither support people trying to pretend to be younger then they are, nor people assuming a manner of being older then they actually are.

  21. This post is really interesting. By looks people think I am younger than what I am. I’m 25 but I have a 2 nearly three year old and i get judged a lot for that.

  22. Looking young after 2 kids is definitely a blessing.
    But I hate it that people judge you for it! Being a mom is the most important job one can have!

  23. Being now a “middle-aged” person which is some kind of purgatory btw. 😀 Young people see you as a fossil or relic from another era. Children think you’re so old like a 100 years old (I teach), how you even still alive? As for people older than me, well I’m still a spring chicken or youngin’ like I’m not old enough yet to be in their special club. Sigh. It’s the between where you’re neither here nor there.

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