Things I don’t care about, yet care so much about

Last bits of the job

I have about 2 weeks left of my current job.
When I started, this role and project were new.
I did everything from scratch.
I am a proud “mommy” and feel very responsible of my “baby”.
Slowly but steadily I have watched several people taking some of my tasks.
I try to smile and compliment, but I am crying internally.
They have a way different approach than I do!!

Also, lately I have been organizing handover meetings.
Some people showed up way later without noticing me.
Other didn’t bother showing up at all.
I kept thinking “OK, have it your way, honey! This is only for your benefit”.

I know I shouldn’t care.
But I do care.
So very much!

The friend with the camera

I used to be in a great group of friends.
We were active in taking weekend trips to beautiful areas.
And there was always the one that wanted to capture EVERY SINGLE SECOND.

There was always a tiny bit of hope when I didn’t see her carrying her large bag.
But then she’d say “Oh! Let me just get my camera, it’s still in the car”.

She “demanded” both posing pictures and spontaneous ones.
Frankly, I don’t like when people have pictures of me.
Because it was a good friend, I shouldn’t have been worried.
But I was.
Because we all know, (most) friendships don’t last forever.


I love the winter season. I love Christmas. I love spending time with family.
But I hate the pressure to be perfect it brings.

My parents used to worry so much about making it special.
We all wore our newest clothes, baked the largest pie and posed to make the perfect Christmas picture.

Now that I throw a Christmas party myself, I have become exactly that what I didn’t like as a child.
Who cares that not everything is “perfect” as long as you are together?
Why did I become an adult ? 😉

What are things that you don’t care about, yet care about so much?

13 thoughts on “Things I don’t care about, yet care so much about

  1. The one I forgot to include!
    So very true!
    There are so many people who’d tell they don’t give a “f*ck” about what others say, but they are lying – I am sure.

  2. What? I don’t even see it in spam or trash!
    I was actually a bit surprised that only person commented on this post. I kept checking SPAM.
    Why is WP so annoying!

  3. Ok, I remember now. For me things I don’t care about, yet care so much about:
    1. I am usually pretty direct, which people I work (and others) with know, but sometimes worry about if I hurt their feelings.
    2. Work events that I miss, I feel like I missed out, but not really. Does that make any sense? 😛

  4. I totally get the events! That’s a big one for me too!

    I like people to be direct with me to be honest. Of course it has to be in a friendly way, but if people are not honest about my performance, it’s difficult to improve!

  5. When someone doesn’t like me and I have no idea why. It bothers the crap out of me but I tell myself over & over, “not everyone is going to like me” I get that but ugh I wanna know WHY, you know? Lol.

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