Why I want followers

Back in the days, I wanted to become “big” on Instagram.
Not because the followers and likes would boost my ego.
But I honestly think I am funny.
Not so much when you meet me in person however. I am usually very quiet.

My strength lays in the short written stories or a capturing  picture.


Well, it does have to be your style of humor 😉 

I always had the desire to entertain people.
Make them laugh, grin of smile.
Or else, comfort them.
Telling my experiences. Letting them know they are not alone.
But in real life, people never seemed very interested in me.

Social media offered an opportunity.
But gaining an audience didn’t seem as easy, until I learned the trick:.
Hash tags like #follow4follow, #like4like and #influencer will immediately show growth.

“But they are all fake!”.
I hear you, trust me.
But for whatever reason I believe(d) that once they would see regular posts, even “fake followers” would get entertained.
One day they would want me to upload 4 times a day.
For a while it  seemed to work, but I ended up deleting my account and focused on blogging.

Many people have an opinion when I say I want to grow an audience.
But the same reason as for Instagram, applies here.

Unlike most others, I don’t necessarily blog for myself.
If anything, Jasper is my blog. I tell him everything.

Even though it does have the benefit of self therapy,  I mainly blog to entertain or comfort others.
So I need the audience.

Whenever I follow someone, I do hope expect they will follow me back.
This morning that happened.
The person I followed wrote:  “Thanks for the follow!”.
So I waited.
One minute. Five minutes. An hour.
And up till now, still no follow back.


I have lost a couple of followers because I never liked or followed back.
Only because I genuinely didn’t like the topics they wrote about.
So it then does make me question “Did those really like my posts, or were they hoping for a favor in return?”

But maybe it’s also time to realize I am not the class clown.

Is there anyone out there who shares the same opinion?
Anyone doesn’t doesn’t blog for themselves primarily?

56 thoughts on “Why I want followers

  1. I just followed you! Your blog looks very professional. When I started, my design was very very simple!

    I do agree with that you have to enjoy it yourself.
    But if other people don’t enjoy my stuff, I find blogging a bit useless to be honest 😉
    But I know I might be one of the few ones !
    Thank you so much for commenting!

  2. Just neeeeed to answer: Thanks for nice words Andrea! I´m changing stuff all the time to be frankly.. haha. I´m never satisfied with the work! And I´m so with you about the followers! It´s important for me too!

  3. Did anyone participate in DooYoo review writing? (It’s closed down now I believe) I learnt about the importance of the “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” kind of attitude you’re describing in this post. I suppose it’s a little like a sea saw right? Or I might fondly liken it to the Chuckle Brothers “to you, to me,” I love the WordPress community and find so many interesting bloggers on here! It’s good to follow back but I don’t always get round to commenting and liking other blogs, so this now makes me feel guilty for that! Whoops!

    Always love your Andrea, you have such a way with words!

  4. Never heard of it!
    But in general that is very true.
    Anyhow with any contest where others get to vote it’s about the one with the most friends!

    Don’t feel guilty! Nobody can get comment on every single post!

    Thanks so much Laura 🙂

  5. I blog for myself and also to get a following, hopefully. I blog my thoughts and feelings only and all of my blogs are 100% honest.

  6. I have a mixture of both. I blog because I love writting. It’s my new stress relief. Funny thing is , everything I write is to help my readers. In a way you are correct. I do it because I love it in hopes they’d make use and love it too. 💕

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