After I said I am leaving

It’s been about 2 -3 weeks ago since I told my employer that I will be leaving.
It’s not the first time I have done something like that.
But no matter how much hated or liked my job, I have always been very nervous to break the news.
The only good thing was that after that conversation I’d feeling enormous relieve and weight falling off my shoulders.

And then, the “fun” part comes: the reaction of others.
Some have been very supportive and told I am brave for taking such a step.

Here is a short background story of why I am leaving:
I started this job about a year ago and I really do like it.
The manager is a nice person and most my colleagues are really not that bad.
What bothers me the most is the traveling.
Not only my contract demands a 50% travel abroad, but the distance from home to work requires me a 1.5 hour drive.
There are many other personal and anxiety reasons why I don’t think I will ever be happy in my current country, but my colleagues don’t need to know about that.

Both Jasper and I have found a job in Denmark we like, in the same city.
Lucky? Maybe.
Or maybe, just maybe, we knew exactly what we wanted and worked to towards that

In this blog I would like to discuss the most remarkable reactions.
Some were to my face, others were behind my back. 

“I always knew you would be leaving soon”

You did? Wow.
I didn’t even know.
I mean, of course there was a wish.
But what people don’t is that it took me 250 applications and 4 months to be finally accepted for one job.
Not to mention the endless personality and aptitude tests where I had to defend myself.
It’s funny how people seem to know more about you than yourself.

“She is leaving because of that one colleague she didn’t get along with”

Yes. I am leaving my entire life behind because I don’t get along with one person.
Are you kidding me?


“She never liked her job”

No, on the contrary, people never liked my job.
I have discussed this before in my blog How showing “weakness” brought me closer to my goal.
I am dealing with documentation and most people, especially not my target group, likes to read.
But me, I couldn’t be possible more motivated for this job.  I just happen to like this kind of stuff.


“You knew there was going to be a lot of traveling, you knew what you signed for!”

What they really want to say is “STOP COMPLAINING”.
But I never have.  I stopped just in time before I could complain and become completely overworked.
And of course I knew what I signed for, but that all about the “experimenting in life” process. Now at least I know.

What are your experiences after you have told you’re leaving your job? 

25 thoughts on “After I said I am leaving

  1. For the most part I’ve found people to be pretty supportive except at one place when I called the big boss out for calling me a stupid c**t and threatened to take him to court; the general consensus seemed to be that I should have just sucked it up.

  2. Ugh! Some managers are just not worth it!

    Happy to hear that most people were supportive to you. In general I felt that positive spirit now as well, but people like to spread rumors nevertheless.

  3. People always speculate! I’ve had very different experiences. Some managers have been cold and standoffish others have been really supportive. Colleagues have varied in their reactions too.

    It’s only a few weeks and then you’ll be outta there.

    Congratulations on the new job.

    Does the new job involve moving home too or is it closer to where you live now?

    Rachael |

  4. I am trying to focus on that, thanks for reminding me!

    We are actually going to move to Denmark. So yes, we are moving everything haha.
    But since this time we will both work in the same city, travel time shouldn’t be that much of an issue 🙂

  5. When I left it was a week long cry festival. I was at the Olive Garden for 17.5 years and 6 of those years at the location that I had to bid my FINAL goodbye. It was sad. I wrote a letter to the team that maybe I will post someday. Still missing them. 😦

    Of course I heard some snickering like you did, because haters live in all parts of the world, but for the most part I was like the wise owl of the group given my time there so it was sad.

    I have to say… “Good for you!” We should never stay at a job ” just because” and fail to do the things we truly want to do in life. We do have only 1 life to live so unfortunately we must all fly the nest in order to do so sometimes. Who cares what they think / say especially after your gone. Best of luck for both of you!

  6. That is a very long time! I will also definitely write a goodbye email, I never leave without one.

    Thank you! I think things will be better for me 🙂

  7. I was nervous to put my two weeks in because that manager that was in at my old job always took things personally, had a bad temper, and was overly emotional (she cried every shift, especially when things didn’t go her way). I didn’t know how she’d react, which is why I was nervous, but it all worked out. I basically told her and then was like “oh man, look at the time… Gotta run!” 😂

  8. Not to sound too full of myself, but at my last place of employment, they knew they were losing a great employee, whom they couldn’t replace. So some were mourning, some were angry. But all in all, I made the change for ME. And I feel great.

  9. Last job I quit, I needed to move because it was a small company and there was no scope for growth.

    Some people were excited for me for the next big thing, they told me i was going places, some were sad, and there were a few people I am better off not interacting with because of their gossipy nature. All in all, it was a really good move for me and I was grateful for whatever I learned there! 😊

  10. Nah. I honestly think I am good at what I do too. And 75% of that is because I found I really like and motivates me.
    So I don’t working a bit more to achieve a goal.
    I think you might be the same.
    There is only one thing I did notice, anyone is replaceable. Sadly.

  11. Oh Lord. Managers should at least be emotionally stable!
    Haha luckily you only had 2 weeks. For me it’s 2 months.
    Not that I mind the manager, but there is not much motivation left anymore 😉

  12. Ya, thanks!
    Also, just realized, since you are not just moving to a different company, how you are keeping up with packing.
    Wrote a new post “How messy are you?” complete with a poll! Lol! Where do you rate yourself in that scale, just curious! 😁

  13. Right? Like, I just don’t understand why she takes things so personally, but whatever… I’m out now so it doesn’t even matter!

  14. I left a job I liked after being refused a raise. I was doing the job of two people and my boss said they could hire a temp to help me, but refused to give me a raise! I said my good-by over the company intercom. People were shocked but said I made the right decision.

  15. Haha! I just left! 😄 Then again I couldn’t stand the place and I didn’t trust the people and they were just so shallow…it didn’t help that those that were there way before me were shallow too; so they set a bad example for those who came after them. There was so much drama just in a restaurant.🙄😒😑

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