Do you think people notice you?

Thursday evening 11 in the night.
We were supposed to be our flight, but our mood was ruined by a 1 hour delay.
People seemed annoyed, tired and desperate for a shower.
I sure was since I finished my book and wanted to save some battery on my phone.

Time for some old fashion entertainment.

There were about 100 people in the waiting room.
All different sizes, age, clothing style.

Everyone is unique, but some people stand out a bit more.
I was wondering if that would be the same for me as to others.

“Let’s name the 5 people that stand out the most to you”, I asked Jasper.
He answered with: “The guy who looks like he is going safari, The angry looking bold guy, The girl in non fitting Leopard printed pants, The couple with the screaming baby and constantly kissing couple”.

The latter was hard to ignore

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-18 at 15.01.12
4 of those that Jasper mentioned were in my top 5 too.
Is that because after 3.5 years we have created the same type of humor and thinking?

Then I wondered, would anyone notice us?
The couple that wears the plainest colors in the world.
That just sit there and speak quietly to each other.

Then again, the 5 person I noticed was a middle aged man dressed in grey sitting a corner.
The gestures he made reminded of my dad.

Do you like to observe people?
Have you ever compared the people that stand out to you and the person you’re with?

Do you think you often stand out to others? Why?

19 thoughts on “Do you think people notice you?

  1. I only people watch at the airports, or if I am really tired or bored at a big gathering.
    I usually notice when people are being too flirty or making out in public, not sure if they don’t care who is around or are too insecure lol!

  2. Yes! My boyfriend and I do this a lot in airports too! It is so fascinating to watch humanity as a whole. Sometimes we wonder if we look a bit odd as we get the odd stare, but we attribute it to being what people perceive as an “inter-racial” couple!

  3. Yesterday I sat by the window of a deli eating a sandwich. I think the plain ones fascinate me, too, because I wonder what’s going on in their minds and what they do in life because it could really be anything. Couples in public need to tone things down sometimes xD

  4. I always wonder what the purpose of someone’s trip is! Maybe because the way they are dressed a certain way or have too little luggage.

    (BTW yes, your comment went to spam. Stupid WP!)

  5. I have always loved people-watching. My boyfriend and I tend to notice the same people and we’ll do a little side-eye gesture, as if to say, “do you see them?” Just the other day, we noticed a mother and daughter pair, where the eight-year old was caked with makeup and the botoxed mama was taking duck-faced selfies with the little girl as they chirped the gossip in high-pitched voices. When they left, they were replaced by a guy who was having a full-blown conversation with himself, quite angrily.
    People are so fascinating, and even the most modest have a rich inner life–how I would love to peek inside and see what’s going on.. though, that knowledge might be frightening too haha.

  6. That is very interesting!
    I think you just develop that kind of thought process with your partner over time. 😀

    I like watching people too a lot! Oddly enough, it takes me away from reality!

  7. Definitely a people watcher. I could sit for hours on a bench @ a mall or in a park. I live near a nice dog park and watching the doggie interaction is as fun as the people.

  8. Ooh I love observing people but I’ve never asked my boyfriend who sticks out to him the most. That seems like such a fun game and I’m going to ask him all the time now lol.

    I wish I didn’t stand out but I always feel paranoid that everyone is looking at me and they usually are. 😭 I don’t know what it is about me but even when I wish to be invisible, people notice me!

  9. Yeah you should!
    It’s really fun to see if you and your boyfriend have the developed the same type of thought process!

    I think you look more exotic than the “standard American”.
    I notice that whenever I dye my hair darker, people notice me more because the Dutch are usually blonde.

  10. I will let you know how the game goes after we play it for the first time! I can’t wait to try it at the next restaurant we go to hahha.

    Aw well, that’s what I hope it is!! I always feel like I am a weirdo or somehow being strange lol.

  11. I like people watching but only if the people don’t notice me watching them, hehe. I often like looking at what people are wearing and try to guess what kind of lives they lead by gauging the way they walk and hold themselves.

    Having had just been in a foreign country (China) for 10 days straight, I guess you could say I was on the opposite side of the situation being looked at by locals as a foreigner. I do think I stood out because I didn’t dress like the girls there and my accent was different too.

    Being stared at can be uncomfortable but I try not to take it personally. The thing being on the receiving end of people watching is the person may notice me in that instance but most likely will forget how I looked like after a time.

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