The little things in life

After a long  and stressful day, I didn’t think anything could cheer me up.
Not even Jasper who tried with some comforting words.

We were driving towards home.
I stared out the window and that’s when I saw him.
The cutest thing: a puggy dribbling down the street.


If you know me the slightest bit, you’d know that this dog makes my heart overflow with joy.
I went up to the owner and asked if I could cuddle him.
Best minute of my life!

I was thinking to myself “it’s all about the little things in life”.
If I would have a dog like this, I could cuddle him every day and never be sad again.

But would a dog even fit into my current life schedule?
The answer is “No, it wouldn’t be fair to him”.

We  talk about a lot  the little things in life that make us happy.
Cuddle an animal is one of the most common ones.
But would the owner really appreciate it if every 28 year old would like to pet their dog?

I looked up a couple more common little things that supposed to make us happy.

WARNING: I am bringing out the Skeptic in me 😉

Watch the sunrise and sunset.
I invite you to wake up at 5:30 with me, every single day.
Let’s see if you make it to sunset.

Smile at random strangers.
This sometimes can come off as creepy.
Or worse, flirty.

Someone asking you how you’re doing.
I personally don’t like this rhetorical question.
Have you ever noticed how people at work answer it with “busy”.
Do we do that do that on purpose? Showing off how “important” (not efficient) we are?
In all other occasions you have to answer with “GREAT”. Nobody likes a sad person.

Eating breakfast in bed
Who is going to clean up the crumbs?
Is it even comfortable?

Having a good hair day
But do people really notice it?
Oh right, you’re doing it for yourself!
So people can tell how shallow you for looking in the mirror and taking selfies all day.


What are the little things in life that make you happy?

33 thoughts on “The little things in life

  1. The things you Googled are absolute BS.
    I’d agree with the sunset/ sunrise, but the sunrise only probably once a year. Ha!
    What a cool story with the puggy making your day.
    I’m glad to hear that you are conscious enough to know that having a dog isn’t always a good/ fair idea.
    As to what little things make me happy? Well, that depends. Yesterday, I drove around aimlessly. Kudos to me for contributing to the air pollution, but I just had to feel the speed, hear the music, and see the endless road.

  2. Haha. I agree.

    I love what you did yesterday. It’s a feeling of freedom.
    Yes, you did contribute to air polution. And I am patiently awaiting the first comment about pugs being a tortured and modified dog breed. 🙄

  3. The best thing for me is being greeted by my dog, especially after a long day. When I come, his tail looks like it’s going to wag right off of him and even though he has trouble walking and getting up (he’s 15 years old), he still does it like it’s nothing because his human is home. The unconditional love from a dog is so pure and seeing my dog first thing when I get home really makes my day!

  4. I do, too. I’m actually moving soon and I can’t take him with me (he’s my family’s dog), and I know I’m going to miss him so much!

  5. There is a moment, maybe once a month, when the band cuts out playing at church, and our primary sings stop singing, and we hear the people in the congregation sing. Not all on key, some children singing incredibly loud (we have this one 5-year-old, the daughter of one of our preschool teachers – wow.. a little tiny girl can sing quite loud)
    Such moments send shivers down my spine…

  6. Hahaha!! I love you questionable little joys…yeah, crumbs in bed does not sound at all pleasant.
    My favorite things are petting dogs (especially exciting, as I don’t have one myself), sitting down with a good book and hot cup of tea, and being around people I love.

  7. Crumbs in beds are ok until you reach a certain age, then they become annoying a little like night clubs. What makes me happy? When someone’s puts a nice comment on one of my posts. Great post by the way 😂😂

  8. Ha ha! You did actually unleash the skeptic in you. I do think those things but hadn’t seen it articulated that well! Kudos!

    I see sunset most days, but sunrise? No way, i love my sleep!:)

    I had the idea and desire to get a dog, but once my friend brought over two of hers and I saw how much work it was/spent 3 hrs vacuuming dander! Plus, traveling so much for work make me put the idea on hold😁

    One little thing i love, is on my drive to work, i have upbeat music playing for 20 minutes which energizes me for the work day! Also, buying flowers for myself occasionally and getting a foot massage (got flat feet) which feels
    Wonderful! 👍🏼😉

  9. Is that age 28 by any chance?
    Because that’s exactly what is annoying to me 😉

    I agree with what you said about nice comments. Yours certainly made me smile 🙂

  10. Sunsets come a bit earlier these days.
    I find them prettier than sunrises 🙂

    I love listening to music loudly while driving too. And singing along! Nobody should be able to hear me haha.
    Any massage is heaven to me too! 😀

  11. Dogs are really the best. They are just so friendly.
    I like books and tea a lot too. I recently bought a 400+ page book. Read in 5 hours 😉

  12. That Pug is cuddly looking! I have a book about Pugs that I read to my daughter… reading to her brings me joy for sure! We do, however, have a German Sheppard who is full of life! I enjoy jogging with him. Coffee is great too… lots of it. Great post as always… thank you!

  13. I LOVE PUGS. I’m glad you got to cuddle one to make yourself feel better 🙂
    I would honestly hate waking up to see the sunrise. I quite enjoy sunsets, though.
    I hate people asking me how I’m doing because it’s more of a greeting than anything else, so I just automatically respond, “Good, how are you?” Also, it’s really just asked out of politeness. I want to say so many things and feel this urge to spill out everything about how I’m truly feeling. And even though it’s such a common question, it often catches me off guard and for like a brief second I have this existential crisis xD Like, I don’t know… how AM I? Haha.
    As for breakfast in bed, on paper, it seems nice, but I always think about how gross I feel when I wake up. My face is super oily, I have to go poop, etc., so I would still get up, go to the bathroom, do everything, then come back and eat the breakfast lol. Still nice, I guess? It would be kind of odd to be sleeping in a bed of crumbs. I could have a mini vacuum on hand for those cases 😮 I’ll buy one JUST to have breakfast in bed haha
    Good hair day does make me feel fabulous. Other people really don’t matter in my equation, I just like feeling fabulous xD

  14. Hahaha! Exact same for me in the morning. Some women wake up looking perfect, but not me! And indeed, usually I wake up because I have to go to the toilet 😉

    I want to feel fabulous every day. My hair is a big part of it 😀

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