How anonymous would you like to be?

Technically, if you suddenly decide to take a day off, your manager is not allowed to ask you for the reason.
They do have to approve it, so there will always some sort of awkwardness.
Sometimes it a simple “my best friend is going to get married” or “family thing”.

But if you take a random day off every two weeks, things get suspicious.
Job hunting? Mistress? Seeing a shrink?

For me this occasion has always been to go to a job interview.
Sometimes I’d make up excuses, but as I said before,Β I am out of excuses
Other times I’d say the semi honest truth.Β “I really just need a day off”.
Once I did sayΒ “I am sorry, but you are actually not allowed to ask for the reason and I have my vacation rights”.
That didn’t improve the relationship between us much.

Many people choose to lead their life as anonymous as possible.
Once a friend and I wanted to join the new gym in town.
The way to access the gym was by scanning your fingerprint.
He quit before even starting; he didn’t want to show his identity.
Him being extremely paranoid made me laugh.

I have never talked much, but when I do, I’m an open book.
I have nothing to hide nor anything to be embarrassed about.
Because of people being so close minded or “funny” (in their own eyes) it’s not easy to talk about my OCD or my childhood trauma’s.
But still, every now and then, I’d give it a go.

Maybe my new employer has googled me and found my blog.
Maybe the colleagues are now discussing it over lunch.
Making fun even.

I truly hope not.
But I haven’t exactly tried to keep myself anonymous on this blog, now have I? πŸ˜‰

Yet, if anyone finds the topics I discuss in my blog weird, they seriously need to get out of their “rainbows & unicorn” world and take a peek in real life.


How anonymous do you like to be?

28 thoughts on “How anonymous would you like to be?

  1. I don’t want my family or most of my friends to read my blog which is why my name is not associated with it. πŸ˜‚
    I want to be able to complain, talk freely, and not worry that I might make somebody mad

  2. I am happily married with a kid, but may be someday day I would love to go out and party wild and drink and drink may be have few men around πŸ™‚ I would love to have such anonymous existence for a day and re-live my university days. I hope my hubby doesn’t read it πŸ™‚

  3. I was actually going to write a post about this a few weeks back, but it never happened. It annoys me, when I go to get my hair cut, or to get a massage, or to the gym, etc., they want to know EVERYTHING about me. I walk out as quickly as I walk in.

  4. Hahaha.
    That I hate too. Especially during a massage. Please keep quiet. I didn’t pay a huge amount of money to feel more stressed.
    And the gym, I feel more people go there to social than to exercise. In the gym I was in for a short while, they served beer.

  5. Some random thoughts on this
    I kind of feel like “Judiecares”. Unfortunately, in a bid for readers, I did tell my family about my blog. So, now I can’t write about my bus crush or my work crush or my blogger crush–not that they’ll think I am weird, but rather that they will ask me questions and want to meet them.
    I thought about starting an entirely new blog called Annoying things my family does.
    Very few people at work read my blog–probably none, even though I did try to get people to read it.
    Originally, I had new email addresses created for all my blogs. Then someone explained that it doesn’t work if you want to cross promote. Oh, I said.

  6. I actually meant in order to get the service, you have to provide all your info. But during the service – I agree as well. But I get that part. They work in a service industry. They work for tips, and most people like being chatted to. My tips are based on their actual work, not on how much they talk. In fact, it might be decreased.
    Beer at a gym. Wow. Why not? Hahaha

  7. I prefer to keep rather anonymous, for several reasons. I had a blog for 2011-2014 and sharing my name resulted in stalkers, harassment and trolls, the blog being brought up in a job interview, and all kinds of awkwardness. It took four years for my pictures and search results to disappear from Google post-deletion. I try to be open and transparent on my current blog, but simply don’t feel comfortable associating my name or picture with it this time around. Perhaps I lean a bit toward the overly-paranoid side of things, but I’m okay with that haha.

  8. Oh man.
    I have been in the situation once during a job interview.
    I had a blog where I only posted 4 posts. I wrote about how I was scared of flying.
    That job required traveling a bit. They brought it up as a serious problem.
    Pfff. I didn’t get the job πŸ˜‰

    I think once you on the internet, it’s very hard to remove yourself.
    I can’t remember the last time I googled someone, unless famous.
    I wish people would stop doing that πŸ˜‰

  9. Hey! Great post! πŸ™‚

    I always try to share my honest thoughts with people, so if I’m being really honest, I really don’t care what information people know about me. Whether that is the local gym, Facebook, Google or any other large corporation.

    I also don’t mind if any powerful CEO can access my microphone or camera on my phone.

    I genuinely believe that the world will evolve the way it will evolve, regardless if we worry about if someone knows any anonymous information about us. That alone, dosen’t really make me worry about how much information somebody knows about me.

    That doesn’t mean that we should simply lean back and watch how the world takes control of us. No. I think what is much more important about worrying, is to know what opportunities we can get out of these changes and what new opportunites we are being offered through such a change that we can potentially profit from.

    Thanks for sharing Andrea! Enjoyed reading it! πŸ™‚

  10. Some of my earlier posts were pure dreams but of late I am more presentable and wouldn’t mind people seeing me.
    By the way, thank you for connecting Andrea. You got an ardent follower 😊

  11. Hmm…it depends, I guess on the situation. When I first started my blog (The Living Resiliently Blog) I was nervous. I mean, I’m mostly to myself in real life, why start NOW and do something as personal as this??? But I started it as a way to journal my life living with mental health and for people who live it that they weren’t alone, β€˜cuz I did and I wanted to know I WASN’T crazy. So I made a user name up just to be safe and try out this new blogging thing I was doing and 3 years later still blogging and no one I know knows unless, I tell them…but only because they are living with a mental illness. So it just depends on your intention.

  12. I’m scared of being an open book, but I do want my stories to be told, so it’s a bit of a 50/50 situation for me

    Just started following your blog by the way, and I’ve enjoyed reading a number of your posts. I’m a fan πŸ™‚

  13. I wouldn’t want to give the reason either if I took off from work frequently. My mental and physical health are my business and I feel it could get messy for an employer to know everything. It’s not about being ashamed of my personal struggles but worried if the employer knew the full extent, he/she would judge me unfairly or have assumptions about my capacity to work.

  14. Thank you for sharing!, I enjoyed reading your blog and it made me laugh reminding me of my very anonymous self . No picture of myself, name, nor location. I actually started my blog as a way to write the thoughts that have been taking me on a roller coaster ride to the dark side of depression. It’s only been a couple of days and it has helped majorly! It’s my public diary written anonymously ❀

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