In case you plan to correct people

YouTuber 1: It’s OK becuase it’s modern music

YouTuber 2: you mean: because*

YouTuber 1: I dont need you to correct me!!

Youtube 2: don’t*. I do when its wrong. I only want to teach you. 

Me: You mean, it’s*


How often do you feel the need to correct others when they are wrong?

In the case of the YouTubers, I honestly think it was just a “fat finger on a microscopic smart phone keyboard” problem.
I don’t think YouTuber 2 wanted to teach anything.
She just wanted to show off that she did her homework.

I personally feel a strong need to punch something when I see people writing in the “How r u” language.

Some people think they are mr. Pythagoras when writing “g8” instead of “great”.
Or “x²” instead of “kiss kiss”.
Unfortunately, they didn’t do wonderful during Mathematics class.

A little more understandable are people who have difficulties understanding “to vs. too”, “they’re vs. their” and “you’re vs. your”.

The only one thing I did find out is that most people don’t really appreciate any corrections.
Whether you really want to educate them or you simply have a “know it all” personality.

But in case you do want to correct others, do be sure that others won’t be able to correct you.
It could become embarrassing.

26 thoughts on “In case you plan to correct people

  1. Interesting post! I only do it with my husband because I know it annoys him😂 all in good fun. But, not all the time, I know how annoying it can get.

    Had an experience once in my previous job, when a coworker corrected a little grammatical mistake in my sentence. It had been a really long tiring day at work, he saw I had been working long hours and knew I was exhausted. He said it with arrogance, and a ”holier than thou” attitude. Already exhausted from the day..
    Me: “Alright, you can correct my english when he can also speak 5 other languages. Can you?”
    Him: “No”
    Me: “ok, then. Because I do, and when I am tired last thing I care about is grammar. Until then focus on yourself”

    Now, I am usually not like this, but his attitude told me he needed a good overall perspective on where people are coming from.

    So much for corrections😂😂 I am pretty sure, he thinks for a bit now before correcting people!

  2. We all make mistakes. Sometimes I like it when people correct me. Sometimes I don’t. Probably I make the distinction based on whether I like the person doing the correcting—If I have made any mistakes with the text above, Andrea (though I don’t really know you and I am a newcomer to your blog, I like you based on what you’ve written) feel free to correct me.

  3. I like when people correct me. As long as they don’t get arrogant about it.
    Personally I am not amazing with languages, so I will always be careful with correcting people. 😉

  4. Oh terrible!
    I also deal with 3 languages on almost a daily basis. So yes, it’s not perfect all the time.
    Some people just don’t the right time and place to say things.

    What languages do you speak?

    I also like to correct Jasper, but in good fun. He really can’t distinguish between “to vs. too” haha.

  5. Haha…seriously, loved… ‘A little more understandable are people who have difficulties understanding “to vs. too”, “they’re vs. their” and “you’re vs. your”.’ – my favorite from your post… grammar is not that great and mostly I’m in a rush to type fast leading to major typo errors.. but there are people who confidently flaunt their broken knowledge and won’t accept any negative criticism… you are awesome to come up with these posts… 😍

  6. I correct some cuz this is my job. It can become a habit, but I strongly resist it. Outside of work correction calls only for aggression. I mean, if no one asks you to correct them, you already put you in unlucky position trying to correct them. Why to climb into teacher position when you were not invited to?😆😆

  7. I agree so much. Nobody will like it and it will only conclude in rage.
    But yes, if it’s a professional thing, you have no choice 😀

  8. Auto-correct can be your worst enemy, which is why I always have it off. It does not always know better.

    For me, the “their vs. they’re, your vs. you’re, to vs. too” errors are the most annoying. However, I know that sometimes our fingers type faster than our brain can think and our eyes can read. I’ve made such a mistake once, or twice myself. However, if someone continuously missuses those, I get really agitated, and feel the need to correct.

    I don’t mind people correcting me. I take it as learning, which I think is the greatest. And I assume others would, too. But that is rarely the case.

  9. I see a lot of typos and mistakes, you know, but I don’t really care to correct them. I’m not their English teacher.

    It’s really annoying to me when I see someone correcting someone else. I think anyone who does that has a “know it all” personality… they’re never trying to “teach” lol.

  10. I used to correct people on their grammar but now I don’t care. It only bothers me when I can’t understand what they’re trying to say, when it’s so messed up I need them to re-type it lol

  11. Misspellings do bother me but I don’t want to judge too harshly depending on the circumstance. If it’s a formal email with a colleague or a potential employer, yes I kinda do expect the person to be immaculate in their written English as much as I am too. Everywhere else if it’s not job related, I think it’s forgivable to make grammar or spelling errors. I can’t count the number of times I’ve written words wrong on WordPress comments because I typed too fast and didn’t catch the mistake before sending the comment.

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