About compliments

Some words have different meanings.
The first time I realized the other meaning of “pretty” was when someone told me I was “pretty smart”.
“Pretty AND smart?”, I joked
He winked.

I always hope to receive one every now and then.
But then when I do, they make me uncomfortable.
I start blushing.
Should I just say “Thank you”?
Return a compliment?
Joke about it with a “I know, right ;)”.

It’s often said that complementing others will make you feel happier.
Tell someone they have a nice smile.
A good sense of clothing style.
Tell them they did a good job.
Tell them they smell good.

But honestly, does that always really work?

A man comlementing a woman is often considered to be a player.
An average looking man complementing an above average looking woman is often considered a creep.
Men complementing each other is “too gay”.
A woman complementing a man is too much emancipation.
Finally, women complimenting is considered sweet.

What are your thoughts on the gender complementing?
Do you handle conpliments? Do you often conpliment others?

38 thoughts on “About compliments

  1. I feel very awkward when i receive compliments. I do a little better with sarcasm. I have no clue how to react if somebody compliments me.

  2. It’s not natural for me to give complements. I think it’s because I consider a lot of things to be average. Why would I complement someone for something that everyone else has? I really have to like something to say so. But then again, if I like something random on a stranger, I WILL tell them.

    When it comes to receiving complements, I enjoy them if they are in regards to something that I feel special about. I don’t want others complementing something on me for the sake of complementing. It seems fake to me. And receiving comments is not easy for me, either.

  3. Haha. I pretty much expect you to be thr only to say this.
    I know everyone likes to think they make others blush on daily basis.

    I agree with you. However in my current role, as a teamlead, I know that some are motivated by compliments. And if they make me look to my manager, it’s worth it 😉

    I dislike standard compliments too like “you have nice eyes”.
    Everyone has 😑

  4. I’ve always had a tough time accepting compliments. It worked well for me in Japan, where it is expected to be modest and to deflect compliments. Recently, a co-worker of mine told me just to say thank you–and this has been better.
    I do compliment women and the reactions are mixed. Recently I commented that a woman looked good and she told me that I had seen that outfit before. I am still confused by this–I mean obviously she thought the comment not genuine, or wanted to deflect it–but it was her whole look, not just her clothes.

  5. When someone gives me a compliment such as “you have a beautiful smile” I blush and say “aww, so do you” even if they don’t! It just makes the whole exchange easier and less awkward when you return the same compliment given to you.

  6. I love receiving and I love giving compliments! I spent 20+ years in Greece, where people are very forthcoming with genuine compliments! I found that they don’t give them for the sake of giving them, but when they honestly admire something or someone! I smile,csay thank you and move on! Great post, btw! 💛💙💚

  7. I try to compliment others as much as I can bc I enjoy being complimented. When a woman compliments me I say thank you and really appreciate it. When a man does it, it depends on how he does it. Sometimes I get uncomfortable sometimes I’m flattered.

  8. I’m at the stage now where I say what I want and don’t worry about it. I’ll often tell people they smell good as that’s something I botice

  9. I complement people by making sure I listen to what they’re saying in conversation. I have a bad habit of wanting to think about what I’m going to say next instead of really listening. I also try and pay attention to what people actually think, instead of what I think they might be thinking.
    Those things usually do the trick.
    Great topic, Andrea. Really got me thinking. 🙂 ❤

  10. I never know how to handle a compliment. I know most of the time people are trying to be nice, but it still makes me feel awkward for some reason. Why can’t I just say “Thank you” and let it go! 🙂 Great post!

  11. I compliment others frequently and it’s mostly genuine. I try and see something good or nice about the other person, and since I like hearing nice things being said about me, I give them out freely and enjoy the looks on their faces.

    I also just say a polite appreciative “thank you” when complimented. 😊👍🏼

  12. I like seeing someone’s face light up after a compliment.
    But honestly, I often don’t know what to say. I work with mainly men and then some women think I flirt.
    It got all too exhausting for me, so I quit that.

  13. Ah how cool.
    I definitely believe it’s also a cultural thing. In the South Eastern European countries, people are definitely more warm by character 🙂

    Thanks for reading!

  14. That’s funny! I work with mainly men too. I just find small things to say about their work if I like it enough to compliment them. I am still pushing for the fact that we as women need to be a lot more supportive of each other =)

  15. I like to give compliments to women when i see an outfit i love. I love getting a compliment from a man. Makes me feel good even if it’s a lewd whistle. But just don’t say anything dirty!

  16. Reading all these comments talking about how great compliments are, I was reminded by a temporary co-worker I had back in the day. She used to compliment EVERYTHING about EVERYONE. Many people see it as an easy strategy to be liked. It didn’t work on us. We thought she was a sociopath.

  17. I get creeped out by people who are overly nice.

    Btw, the most genuine compliment I ever got was a smiley on a post it from my manager after I did something remarkable.
    I always kept that post it on my computer. It was my motivation for 4 years.

  18. When people give me a compliment, I usually will right away observe if the compliment is real or not, and I don’t know why I do that. When I realize their compliment is not real, I usually just say thank you but I don’t smile (or I don’t say thank you and don’t smile). When I know the compliment is real, I will say thank you and get excited (happy). It is shown in my face. 🙂

  19. Recently my mom reunited with a female school friend who she hadn’t seen for 30 years. The woman complimented me more than once as pretty but in my mind I wondered if she said that just to be polite. I usually don’t handle compliments well at all, especially if they come from men. I feel paranoid that they have some ulterior motive and want something from me. Or they don’t really mean what they say.

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