About emails

On my first workday ever, my colleague advised me to keep my email open at all times.
I gave her a peculiar look.
This made no sense. I checked my personal email maybe twice a week.
Who would be sending me all these emails?

Well well well.
How young and innocent I was. 😉

I have set myself a target to clean up email box with the start of new month.
I quickly found that if I don’t do it more regularly, it would mission impossible.

I believe that half my work stress is due to a constant of incoming emails.
It becomes worse when more people are involved.

Countless times I have seen emails with:
“Can you all please let me know if this is OK for you”.
If you’re lucky all 5 of you are indeed OK with it.
If one is not, a whole other discussion will start and hundreds of notifications will pop up in the next 2 days.
Until someone suggest to have a Skype meeting.

Here is another dilemma I have:
I need a small favor from a colleague.
I send them an email and ALWAYS end it with “Thanks in advance”.
By writing that, I try to avoid to send a Thank you email after they have helped me out.
I heard rumors about me that I am rude for that.


I only want to avoid “useless” emails.
We all know that after a Thank you email, a “You’re welcome 🙂 ” will follow.

Sometimes I call instead of sending an email.
But as I explained in my post “Just” pick up that phone this can lead to uncomfortable situations often.

Walking over to the colleague is not always possible when you work for an international firm.

How do you deal with emails?
Does is annoy the crap out of you too? 


19 thoughts on “About emails

  1. I hate the useless emails too! I feel like they’re just a waste of inbox space. My boss often emails me small tasks like “Can you send sixty copies of this flier to this guy?” and I’m always conflicted to reply with “sure” or not so she knows I’m doing it.
    On the flip side though, one time a coworker asked for a pretty big favour that I did and when I emailed him telling him it was done and explaining it a bit, he never responded. I didn’t think it was rude, it just seemed odd because when he asked me to do it, it seemed really important.
    The truth is all these issues would be solved if the company I worked for used a messaging system like Slack or something. So many issues would be solved if we could just message one another.

  2. Emails ! If we draft One Mail overnight, Next day Morning 5+ replies would be queued in line.
    But, emails are Powerful rather Weapons 🙂 It Works, At times It Wrecks too.

  3. I hate when people send a 1 liner instead of picking up the phone and asking you. But I am aware of the culture of detached emailing. It’s easier, because you don’t have to interact in real time. In my previous workplace, emails were used when you needed to enforce something (proof that could be then shown if you do not comply), while phone calls were for sensitive issues, which you didn’t want to leave in an email (lack of proof, so you can’t be held responsible). So it made me hate emails.

    What drives me crazy is when someone sends an email to a group of people, and then most of them “reply to all”, even if “all” do not care about their answer, only the sender does. So then, I get a spam of emails from people I don’t know and have nothing to do with.

    I used to do the “thank you in advance” to minimize the back and forth, but people were getting fussy about me not responding “thank you” when done. So now, I do… And some of them say “you’re welcome”. Ughhh

    Bottom line, I don’t like emails, but I have my work email open all day every day. That enables me to take care of them as they come in (provided that I have some free time). That way, I do not have a million unread emails like… some people (my last orientation, 1st day, the trainer showed us how to get to the email server and revealed A LOT of unread emails. It made me wonder if she’s really doing her job.)

  4. Not good with emails. I scan through the subject, if it is urgent, I respond, if just informational or not important I just let it sit.

    I like what Cadie said above, it’s a daily chore. I should try to do that everyday. 🙂

  5. Ugh, unread emails! I hate that.
    Grin, you could wonder if she does her work!

    I think a quick does work better, but than I really hate being called and calling myself.

    Seems like everyone has the same issues like me at work, except for my colleagues.
    I told to this once during dinner with co-workers and they didn’t seem to understand what I was talking about.

  6. I like emailing as a means of communication; however, I hate when I sign up for a service or website and they spam my inbox with multiple emails a day! I have my phone set up to notify me of each email individually (in case something important does get sent to me, I want to be notified of it as soon as it gets to my inbox). I don’t mind an email a day or an email a week, but I signed up for an online job hunting service (I won’t say which one because I did end up getting a job through them) and they literally send me 10+ emails a day at varying times of the day. It’s so annoying, but I can’t really complain since it did actually help me find work, lol.

  7. The problem that I have is that the management send out an email to all of the teachers, but then one person replies, but hits “reply to all” and I get a bunch of useless (often times one word) emails.

  8. You captured my thoughts exactly. I love (not really) the emails where the person in the cube next to me asks me to look at something they’re working. *insert eye roll*

  9. Ugh emails are the worst! I get to deal with ones from parents where you can’t tell tone so have no idea if they’re angry, happy or what.
    I only check my email four times a day at work though so I don’t have to listen to the pinging.

  10. Emails do annoy me, unless they are emails I get from friends. I’m so lazy with those subscription lists I have that make me get daily emails from certain websites…Most of the time I think I’ll look at it later but really I just end up deleting them without reading them.

  11. emails are the best way to communicate, and i nowadays i become really depend on it during my working time

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