Views vs. Likes

Lately I have noticed quite some difference in the views versus likes.
I wonder if people randomly clicked on my post.
Or they do read it,  but they don’t enjoy my post at all.

Pumpkin grumpy

We always assume people like without reading. But this the opposite.

I also have to do some self reflection here.
Due to almost leaving my job, I have been having a little too much time lately.
With all the series watched, all the doodles drawn and the house cleaned, there is only the blog left 😉

But sometimes I would open  and post and it doesn’t interest me at all.
In some cases it’s too long and dragging.

So here’s the dilemma.
Do I leave?
Do I like with reading any more of it?
Do I struggle my way through it and post a similar comment to those already posted?

The only thing that could explain the gap between the views and likes is that.

Have you experienced the same?

53 thoughts on “Views vs. Likes

  1. Awww thank you ❤ so sweet 🙂
    I like that I rely on those a bit less nowadays, since taking my break or leaving my schedule. I feel like the less I focus on all of that, the more naturally those stats come for me, because then my focus is entirely on the content and my own well being! And I think that translates to readers and the universe I guess haha

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