Do you like change?

Many people claim to be extremely liberal.
The are open to new ideas.
They are open for change.

This always makes me a little skeptical.
Even if I neglect all the political views.

I remember the day a new girl stepped into the primary school I was in.
Her family moved from 20 km to the town I lived in due her father’s job.
This girl quickly stole everyone’s heart with her constant crying.
She was highly emotional by this change.
Teachers and classmates were supportive and she obviously got the preferential treatment.
I seemed to be the only not blindsided by her little trick.
By the age of 5 I had already lived in 4 countries and 7 cities.
I didn’t even know if which language to communicate in.
NOBODY ever mentioned that.


I must admit, I am a funny little human.

Large changes don’t seem to affect me that much.
Moving  or switching of the job will make me shrug my shoulders.

My panic attacks start when I suddenly have to change my regular route to work, when my preferable type of tomato is out of stock or when my favorite evening tea cup is still dirty.

My conservative behavior towards the small routine things is what people notice.
They tell me I need to loosen up a bit.

But then they’d tell me they still live in they area they were born in.
Each year they go to the same vacation spot.
So I will remain unimpressed.

How do you large handle change?
Do you often change your every day routines? 

25 thoughts on “Do you like change?

  1. NOOOOOOO! I hate change! I will specifically go out of my way to avoid change! I admit I need to be more accepting with it but …. nah!

  2. Haha. I do get that.
    And there is of course no problem with that, but I feel like so many people are show off with being liberal, but they are not at all!

  3. I moved from the uk to France on my own and didn’t bat an eyelid. My Pilates class moved from 10 to 8.30 this morning and I’m all over the place. Does that help 😉 xxx

  4. I have a similarity here too. LOL! Moving to Romania has been great but change something like a planned get together at the last minute and I get urked… why is that? 😆😂

  5. It’s fun to see that I am not alone.
    I feel like the Dutch (possibly also the Scandinavians) are the opposite. They don’t mind the small stuff, but big changes kills them.

  6. I like change, big changes are fine like moving to a new state or switching jobs etc. but small changes like people changing plans last minute after committing irritates me a lot. I don’t like those!😊

  7. Everyone has their own personal triggers and comfort zones and, age seems to temper both (the “been there, done that” thing).

    I have lived in four different states and moved 23 times. The only panic I felt in any of those moves was going thru the mountains with a huge moving van, pulling a car. “Please don’t hit us. Please don’t hit the guardrail…”

    I guess there is just so much I am indifferent to. I’ll probably panic if someone starts shooting at me…😱

  8. I’ve been living the same kind of unchanging life forever. Same country, same school, no change.
    It’d be hard to large handle changes, if you were me😂😂😂

  9. Hey! Found you on Goldie’s blog 🙂
    Talking about change- change in thoughts and ideas is a welcome thing for me. But when it comes to chaning environments, I am a big time introvert. It took me 8 months to get adjusted to the new environment of my master’s college (and it’s a two years course…hahaha). But I think it’s also about the people around you. When I joined an NGO, it didn’t take me much time to mingle with people and kids there. So yeah I guess it’s about the people in the changed environment because I don’t like the people here in my college. 🙂

  10. Hey!
    That’s an interesring point of view you’re sketching there: “change in thoughts and ideas”.
    I am very much the other way around. I adapt easily to new environments. But people, i have to agree with. I very rarely come across people who I connect with!

  11. Yeah… there are hardly any people I can really connect with.. atleast in the real world.. (because I’m finding some like minded people in the virtual world of blogging :D)

  12. I love changes that I can see will make things better or improve things. Sometimes life needs a shake up to see new things. I get the moving thing. When we bought our last house I realized I was already looking for our next one. 😉

  13. I agree! Scandinavians are very conservative in this sense :)) And they love coming back to their own country/village.
    I, like you, moved as a kid. We lived in Slovakia and went to Ukraine every summer. Between those two places the train has become my home :)) this is where I feel most at home :))

  14. Perhaps people say they’re liberal as there is a social cachet to it. Words can be used for emotional bonding and group hierarchy, hence people don’t perceive themselves as hypocrites as they never ‘meant’ the words. Media trends also inform this hierarchy sometimes leading with what is acceptable socially and what isn’t . So many join in with the narrative… Fitting in,gaining social group points..

  15. I think you are very right in this.
    Saying you’re conservative is almost a sin these days.
    To be honest, I say it with pride. I will make that one change, but I don’t need the small ones in my life 😉

  16. For some things I like change (for example: I can’t eat the same food two days in a row. If today I eat curry, the next day I must eat something else). But for some other things, I don’t like change (for example: my hair style).

  17. I dislike the whole “change is good” movement. No, it’s not always good. Sometimes it is, other times it is not. I don’t like unnecessary changes of little things. Why?

    Like you – I adjust rather quickly to a new place of residence/ school/ work. And like you, I never got the pity, either. But maybe it’s because I was never someone that needed lots of attention.

  18. I have to agree with you.
    People who know what they want from life don’t need small changes to “spice up their life”.


    People who constantly complain they’re unhappy but don’t even try to change anything, are the worst.

    I hoped for pity on the blog but no cute comments so far 😅😉

  19. I am like you! I totally freak out over little things like my fave cup not being clean but move me to a whole new city and maybe even country and I’d be just fine, figuring it all out.

  20. “Oh, I enjoy tackling constant changes in my life as they come”, says the liar in me during job interviews. LOL. This is the line employees always want to hear when actually I believe most people deal with change poorly, me included.

    Small and big changes freak me out. It used to be much harder for me years ago, like on a really ridiculous level. Someone suggesting a new thing for me once used to make me feel like I lost all my balance. What still gets to me sometimes is when I’m invited to go on a trip or vacation and while it should be something nice to think about, instead my immediate reaction is to panic because of the sudden nature of the inquiry and having to actually consider what is needed for traveling (packing, money, getting on an airplane, food, hotel, etc.)

  21. i like change, but sometimes i afraid of it like iam am worrying about if iam going on the right direction or not or i have not to change

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