Why are some bloggers more successful than others?

There are couple of bloggers on WordPress which I consider to be the big names.
They have numbers of which I could only dream of.
So, I have been trying to analyze them.
What makes them so much more “successful” in the blogging world than me?

The first measurement to take is of course on how long they have had their blog.
It would have been hopeful to find out that they have been doing this for 10 years.
But, most of them have only started a few weeks / months earlier than I have and are a couple of thousand followers ahead of me.

What about the topics they blog about?

From my own little analysis, I have found 4 blog topics that seems to attract the most readers:

  1. About blogging itself
  2. Mental Health / Anxiety / Depression
  3. Relationships
  4. Life style &  Self care

Time to reflect that on my own stats.
The following list is a top 10 of most views on my posts from the moment I started blogging:
(You don’t have to click on them, but I did include the link if you want to)

  1. How I got to 1000 followers – the honest story
  2. Share your blog
  3. Feminism (rescheduled post 08/2018)
  4. Do you feel embarrassed of your music taste?
  5. Self love
  6. Taking blogging to the next level
  7. About me, Blog name and Tag line.
  8. Online dating
  9. Are you a minimalist
  10. Bullying and Your Role as a Parent

4/10 are Blogging topics (number 1, 2, 6 and 7)
3/10 are about Lifestyle & Self care (number 3, 5 and 9)
1/10 is about Relationships (number 8)
1/ 10 is about Anxiety (number 10)

The one about music taste seems to be the odd one out.
But who knows, maybe that’s the Gap in the Market 😉

Amount of followers, likes and comments are the stats we all get to see of one individual blogger.
But there are “hidden” stats, such as your most popular blogs and views.
I am not sure if it’s a good idea, but I have decided to share mine 😉


The final thing that I have noticed is that whenever a “Big name in the blogging world” says they want to achieve this and that amount of followers, they get the supportive comments.
Me, on the other hand, will most likely get a lot of “It’s not about stats” kind of comments.

But some of the people who do that, are self contradictory.
Because trust me, I will do my investigation and find out that you tell people “to hit like or subscribe” at the end of each post.
You are the one promoting your social media in every way you can.
And you are posting your site name at the end of each comment.

And some are like me, write posts like these in a desperate cry for more attention 😉

(I’m joking – didn’t most of you like pictures like these? 😉)

Have you ever done an analysis on the blogging world?
What are the outcomes?

47 thoughts on “Why are some bloggers more successful than others?

  1. Love what you wrote! I am so so tiny compared to you! I am trying so hard to grow, but it is so hard! Thank you for at least acknowledging that us “littlies” exist, and will continue to fight!

  2. Thank you!
    I clicked on your blog and it says it no longer exists! Maybe you have changed it? You can change it your settings! If you need more help, let me know.
    Many people lose followers cause of this!

    With a few very simple adjustments I have seen my stats growing:
    Attend a blog party
    Keep your blog relatively short (up to 400 words)
    Use popular tag words (blogosphere, blogger, wordpress, and the topic youre writing about)

    I hope this will help!! 🙂

  3. Hey Andrea!

    Nice post! I’ve recently been noticing similar patterns that self-love, anxiety and depression are what many people tend to respond to…

    Here are some more things I’ve figured from some of my own content that tends to be amongst the most successful…

    1. Controversial blog posts/titles where I blunt statement that seem ridiculous in the beginning.
    2. Cover pictures with people on it, especially who smile instead of random objects
    3. Simply having a quick bio of yourself in the side widget of your home page. Once I started this, this made a huge different to my views and average time a unique visitor stays on my page.

    Hope this adds a little value 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I am active on my blog maybe two months or so.. But I don’t have lots of followers. Problem is language. Not many have this blog from my country or I can’t find. I don’t have social media to spread the word about blog soo.. But I am happy with things I have now. Little steps :)))

  5. It certainly does!
    It’s interesting what you say about the blunt statements. I have done that quite a bit as well.
    The comment section can get quite angry, but at least people are triggered to read your blog.

    I agree with the bio. It’s so important to introduce yourself to your followers!

  6. Yes, they do! But thats exactly what sparks a discussion and will in fact bring readers back to your blog because they are interested in what ‘bullshit’ that guy s gotta say…

  7. There is actually a blogger who is very popular. She sometimes writes French and then with each paragraph, she translates it into English.
    So I don’t know if that could be an idea for you.
    But anyhow, I am happy that you keep your posts in “Bosnian” (or what ever the exact language is 😉 )

  8. I saw those things also but I decided to leave it like this and in the end of page there is translate so others can translate if they want. It would take me lots of time to do those things and I can’t 😦 but good idea 👌

  9. I think it depends on what you want to achieve.
    I am really seeking for something which could get me potentially out of the career stress.
    Plus all the lonely nights in hotels have given me a lot of time to spend on the blog.

    But you are reaching the big 1K aren’t you? I think that is really unique for someone who has a busy life! 🙂

  10. Good analysis, informative and concise. I guess I just figured that if my blog was good enough, it would take off on its own. Thanks for the breakdown Andrea. Hopefully your research will help you to grow as well. Good luck.

  11. Yes! I’m around 930 followers now. I’m planning a giveaway when I hit 1000. I understand getting out. I did and I’m glad I did although I’m broke! Lol

  12. Ha yeah, so did I in the beginning. But blogging actually does take time and work.
    So how do others notice you?
    Probably by using the common tag words and commenting on other people’s post.

  13. I actually have to disagree.
    I started my blog with the idea of discussing controversial issues. My blog has since evolved (various other segments added).
    Those controversial topics seem the least popular. Of course, there is a group of people, who follows me, because we have similar view points. They pop in and comment in agreement, illustrate their case, etc. But those who disagree leave a comment rather infrequently. If they do, they don’t engage into much back and forth. I lost Followers because someone disagreed, but didn’t want to disagree with me openly. Some people choose to close the post without commenting, or Liking, because they disagree. They don’t want to be “negative”.
    That’s my experience. But maybe that’s because I don’t have a wide enough audience.

  14. Great post. Cherry on top of my week.

    I can’t believe nobody commented on your pic. Maybe some people are offended, because you’re “Making fun of” the homeless. I burst out laughing when I saw it. It was hilarious.

    Great category breakdown. I’ve noticed that, too, which is why I believe to be doomed, because I don’t really blog about any of those.

    “The final thing that I have noticed is that whenever a “Big name in the blogging world” says they want to achieve this and that amount of followers, they get the supportive comments.
    Me, on the other hand, will most likely get a lot of “It’s not about stats” kind of comments.” RIIIIIGHT? Same with me. They say they need visitors from various countries and they do. I don’t. They say they have doubts, people come and rally around them and sing their praises. I say I’m feeling down, and I get told that I need to chill.

  15. Oh Dear, if that picture is offemsive in any way, I might as well stop blogging.
    I thought it was funny too and it turns out a beard would look good on me, haha.

    It seems like those topics are the most populair indeed. I do try to make them original and not like any other blog out there.

    As for the last part, you were my inspiration for it with your:
    “A certain blogger gets all the cute comments and I get this”.
    So you have contributed a lot to this post!! 😉

  16. Haha well apparantly your opinion is not appreciated because this comment ended in my Trash.
    What on Earth is wrong with WP?!?!?

    Anyhow I do see what you mean.
    I personally consider about 10 -20 people on here actual genuine readers who would always comment.
    The others come and go. The would only say the standard “good post” or strongly disagree with me every now and then.
    I guess I accepted that. But at least it increases my stats.
    It’s those up to 20 I am actually looking forward for to see their comment.
    Is that harsh? 😉

  17. I must be nearing a psychotic breakdown, because I’ve been down a bit, but today, everything just makes me burst out laughing. You cracked me up.

    Not harsh at all. I think we’re all like that.

  18. You still need to have the right kind of audience. You can have a controversial attitude, but if so do your Followers, then that’s not “big”. My comment still stands.
    What you said does not seem to work with me.

  19. People are easily insulting. Even with humor. Unfortunately.
    But since both of you seem both of you have been nothing but kind and intelligent to me, I consider you both in my 20 favorite people on here 🙂

  20. When I started blogging 10 years ago, a Weblog was a-kin to the old MySpace. It was your page/site on the ‘net to do with as you pleased. I blogged before I was ever on FakeBook. It started out as something personal. In fact, the ‘private’ setting on WordPress still exists. In today’s terms, who on earth would start a blog and then make it so no one could see it?

    There is a lady who blogs at Blogger. She has been at it since 2005 when she started out posting just recipes. It evolved. She wound up writing books because of the experience. She also met her ‘now’ husband via her blog…pulled up stakes and moved to be with him.

    She is a gun enthusiast, a chef/baker and I think she was or still is a US Marshal.

    I’m quite sure that when she started blogging, she wasn’t thinking about followers. Neither was I. I needed an outlet, a space for creativity & thoughts. Weblogs started out as the ‘wordy’ version of YouTube…”this is MY page, MY blog”, kinda like the old MySpace.

    I love it if people get something from my blog. But, this isn’t FakeBook and I, personally, don’t believe anyone should blog just for the dopamine feedback loop of likes & comments. Another reason I will never be on Instagram.

    Just my four cents…

  21. Haha.
    I don’t have social media either. I used to have and my goal was to entertain people with my short stories and pictures.

    As for blogging, I want the same.
    I want people to know that they are not alone in whatever they struggle with.
    So yes, I want viewers.
    Or else I’d be keeping a diary.
    So I agree with the private settings 🙂

  22. I personally would rather pretend my blog stats don’t exist lol. I mean, yes, once in a while it can be fun to look at it like once a year to see the changes. I think it’s inevitable that bloggers who are looking to grow their audience do need to care about their stats to a degree. But I’m okay with how my blog is.

  23. Being completely honest: I started blogging because I love to write, but also because I was exploring options to fund my son’s ABA therapy which isn’t covered by insurance. It’s 12-15k a month and we just don’t make that kind of money. Somehow that has been overshadowed by the need to maintain the integrity of what I’m writing.
    One of the reasons I enjoy your posts is you’re unapologetically true to yourself. Keep up the good work. 👍🏼

  24. This is an interesting post. I’ve been blogging for a while and tend to blog about many subjects. However, recently got a bit fed up with the lack of interest/comments so had a summer break. Think I’ll aim to move away from travel and more towards day to day chat/food/minimalism/wellbeing which seems more popular. If anyone has opinions on this, let me know. Do love blogging though so will continue. Cheers 😊

  25. some ‘big names’ which I read recently come across as blatant begging letters. I’m at the start of all this – I’m not hitting the top topics so far, I guess your life has to be much worse to get success.

  26. I still wonder how everyone gets their followers…
    I know I’m clueless at using social media (still get confused uploading posts and it’s been a year and at least 300 posts later). And I also feel like – if it’s good, people should want to come. So if people aren’t reading my blog it must be that it isn’t good enough.
    Happy blogging!

  27. Hey I’d like some help if you don’t mind. Recently I changed my site address. Usually when people would type in your average peahead, itd direct them to my my actual site but now ever since I’ve changed the site address to your average peahead as well, it keeps directing them to my old site address and says it doesn’t exist.
    Desperately in need of help pleeease

  28. Hey, I am not really sure what is different between the old and new site.
    When I click on your picture, I get to “https://youraveragepeahead.wordpress.com/”.
    Is that the correct one?

    Otherwise to change anything, do the following:
    1. Click on your picture in the right top corner
    2. Go to “Account settings” in the left side bar
    3. Change the site at “web address”

    Hope that works!

  29. Lovely to meet you! And thanks for the follow, more than happy to reciprocate. I’ve noticed the popularity of the topics you’ve outlined and the fact that you have detailed the popuar themed blogs is reassuring. My blog focuses on all aspects of creativity and some self care, which is more niche, explaining why I have nowhere near 1000 followers! However I do get quality engagements which I relish. Cheers for now!

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