Yesterday in pictures

I was at store yesterday where there was a “Valentino bag collection”.
I couldn’t resist to not include our little Skeptical Valentino:


Then I went to the beach.
I looked down and thought to myself “So many stones”, but later I found out it where Jelly Fish!


As I walked a bit more, I saw this meditating man:


Then I watched the sunset.



Yup, I have too much time πŸ˜‰


Also,Β I was asked byΒΒ (who is wonderful blogger) to draw an Angry Beet.
Of course we already had Bitchy Beet, but I love angry Doodles πŸ˜‰
So this one’s for you!


13 thoughts on “Yesterday in pictures

  1. You can’t really see it in a picture, but there were so many of them! I have never been attacked by one, but I heard it is not pleasant.
    And the cure for isn’t either haha.

  2. I somehow missed this one. Was going through your old posts and saw it, and thought it was really cool.

    It’s been on my mind to do something similar (include pics with moods/ actions) on my blog. Not sure of the details yet.

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