Sunday Evening vs. Monday Morning

Sunday evening

I know we’re not all living in the time zone, but here in Europe, the Sunday evening feelings started to creep in “earlier”.

I enjoyed a  rainy weekend with a new Netflix series, Doodling, blogging, listening to LPs and cooking.
Perfection itself.
Until realization has decided to kick in.


Prepare your lunchbox.
Make sure you have everything done for the early meeting.
Fill up the fuel in your car.
Set the alarm clock.

It makes me a bit sad that 2 days fly by so easily.
It makes me feel a bit anxious too.

Monday morning

Today is a travel day.
I will be working from home in the morning before I start the 4 hour road trip.
At 7:30 I sipped my coffee while preparing for Skype meeting half an hour later.
I find it hard to concentrate with all the noise outside.
School has started, so the children are screaming and shouting.
I hear the voice of the annoyed neighbor.
Cars and trucks are driving by.

If you have read my blog So you want to travel for work? you might know that I am so very tired of the hotel life I have been living for the past year.
And in no way I am looking forward for this trip either.

Yesterday’s sadness has become reality.

How do you feel on Sunday evenings and Monday mornings? 

11 thoughts on “Sunday Evening vs. Monday Morning

  1. That’s why I try not to live close to the road. And quiet neighbors are so important!

    As for the Sunday/ Monday feeling, I’m in the same boat. However, I might have found a “cure”. What I started doing is:
    1) keeping myself busy on a Sunday (in a good way though – doing fun, active stuff), which keeps me away from thinking about the week
    2)coming up with a fun/ special thing to do on a Monday evening, which I look forward to.
    That way, I don’t think much about Monday on a Sunday, but when Monday comes around, I know there is a reward at the end of the day, so things are alright.

  2. Hey Andrea! Cool post!

    There are several strategies that are quite useful to deal with Monday morning or Sunday afternoons:

    1. Remain productive over the weekend — The main reason why Monday feels soo bad is due to the great contrast and juxtaposed lifestyle on weekends vs. on week days.
    So a great to avoid this, is to remain productive on weekends. Read a book, do sports when you wake up on a Saturday and Sunday morning, don’t sleep in, work on your own project etc. Sure, it can be easy to fall into a complete relax mode (e.g. Netflix and chill), due to all the responsibly you may facing throughout the week, yet I’ve found this to be the hardest yet most effective method! 🙂

    2. Another one is to prepare, your Monday as good as you can. You briefly mentioned this in your post above. Also make sure, that when you leave work on Friday, that everything is already perfectly prepared for Monday. So that Monday feels like a fresh new start. 🙂

    3. Don’t be a night owl! — Once you manage to develop a solid routine of going to bed early, obviously you will wake up earlier and more natural as well. This avoids the pain of being woken up by your timer and having to torture yourself out of bed, which on a Monday morning can be painful. I usually go to bed at 10 am every night, and wake up at around 6, hence have enough to even read a book or do quick workout, and enjoy a nice breakfast before the day has even started! 🙂

    Hope this helps! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. That picture pretty much sums up my Sunday evening. I don’t know why I’m always surprised that Monday is coming around again. I think, “Really?! I have to deal with you AGAIN?!” Yes, Laketra…Monday comes every week. There are very little exceptions to this lol
    And then Monday I suck it up and begin adulting. It’s usually a slow start with a little kicking and screaming from myself, but I eventually get over it.

  4. Sunday night ruins my weekend:( I seriously think all weekends should be three days long- a day for chores, a day for friends and a day for yourself. It would also delay that Sunday night feeling:)

  5. I really only enjoy Friday nights and Saturdays… once Sunday kicks in I already feel the next week looming on the horizon 😦 I agree with AJ that weekends should be three full days long… Everyone’s so overworked these days. Or we should totally implement siestas or do something. I’m worried about the working environments of America and Korea.

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