Forgiveness (rescheduled post 09-2017)

“Forgiveness means no more feeling the need to take revenge”.
“Forgiveness means closure” .
They say.

So what does that entail?
That you will be able to tightly hug the “enemy”?


I have been bullied, made fun for as long as I can remember.
However, since things are going quite well, one could say I have found closure with there actions. I don’t feel the need to take revenge.

Yet, those bullies are my main inspiration for my blogs 😉
(Remember my post about how I would do a nice Number Two on my manager freshly washed car if I’d be a seagull?)

What about you?

Let’s take a scenario.
Let’s pretend you’re a manager of a large Firm.
People are desperate to find a job.
One day, you find a hopeless former bully applying for an open job.
There are 3 choices:

a. You don’t invited them, because you know you’d never hire them anyhow. No need to waste time.

b. You decide to invite them. Maybe there are some qualities which fit the job.

c. You invite them, knowing you would never ever in your life hire them.
You’d let them go through several difficult tests, knowing they would fail.
Followed by very intense interviews, knowing they would black out.
You’d criticize them, like they have criticized you.
Only to say “NOPE” in the end.

As for me, I guess, if I would get the chance, I’d still choose option C.
I don’t think I found complete closure just yet.

10 thoughts on “Forgiveness (rescheduled post 09-2017)

  1. I think I would go with option B. This is the hopeless (or hopeful?) person in me that wants to believe people can change and how they behaved years ago is perhaps not the person they are today. I don’t say that lightly either as I have had two serious experiences with bullies during my schooling years that left me very much afraid for my life. I still feel flashbacks of those emotions if I think about them now.

    One was where a bully often ripped up my textbooks or ruined my belongings and outright told me he would kill me. The second was a girl who, for weeks, often coerced me to give my pocket money to her and the one day I refused, she implied she could make her friends cause something awful to happen to me.

  2. Awww you’re too good for this world!
    Maybe it’s not a bad option and karma would do the work for you at a later stage 😉

  3. I think it would be extremely embarrassing for the formal bully to be sitting face to face with the one they bullied.
    But honestly, I think most bullies can’t remember they have bullied.
    They would probably say it was teasing.
    It didn’t have the same impact for you as to them.

    I had similar experiences like you.
    Most of they time they would steal the key to my bike which resulted in me having to walk to school.
    It was a 30 minute walk, which is not so bad, but the schoolbooks were just so damn heavy.

  4. In order to forgive our bullies, we must acknowledge that we have also bullied others. I would invite them for the interview and if they had the proper qualifications and they made a good case as to why and how they would be a good fit. I would take into consideration hiring them, as that is the second chance that I would want for myself.

  5. I definitely believe in karma but, I just also don’t really even wanna see the people I hate/who bullied me, even if I am torturing them, you know? 😛

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