Adulthood (rescheduled post 09-2017)

Why did we as a child felt a desperate need to become an adult?
Why do adults even wants us to become grown ups at a young age?

Probably the first gift a girl receives is a doll, so she can play “mommy mommy” with her friends.

I am drowning in embarrassment thinking back of the 7 year old me, pretending to be in labor with a friend and her parents walked in.

There seems to be something so very wrong about this.


For a girl, the initial “Adult Moment”, is often considered to be their first “Monthly party”.
My mum might have thought it was a magical moment, but all I remember was a huge amount of pain.

I was about 21 years old when I first took a cab.
I got back from a business meeting and was wearing heels which made my  feet ache.
I had the choice to walk 20 minutes home or take a cab.
50 euro’s later I was home.
This is will always be my first “Adult moment”.

Some years ago, during our Sunday evening tea and cookies moment, I discussed this topic with a friend.
Although she was near her 30’s and she had been working all over the world, her realization to adulthood started when she met her current boyfriend.

For the longest time during her teenage years and early 20’s, she was scared of becoming pregnant and she looked forward for every “time of the month”.
Then she broke into tears and said “Now I am worried that I can’t even have kids”.

Due to moving countries and other priorities, we lost touch.
But according to a reliable source (social media), she married that man and they have a healthy baby girl now.

When and what was your first “adult moment”?

14 thoughts on “Adulthood (rescheduled post 09-2017)

  1. Hey Andrea!

    When thinking about it, I’ve never really seen myself as an adult. I only see myself as fully aged (18+).

    I never want to become a full adult. It’s more important to me, to have some vital characteristics of an adult, but at the end of the day, I want to remain having a child-like attitude. Not childish! But child-like.

    Children are shown to be more creative, experience a greater level of happiness, smile more, worry less, have less stress, have a better psychological well-being. The list is endless.

    I believe we can all have those things a child has even if we’re offically an ‘adult’. Yes, the circumstances may make it difficult sometimes, but I think we should always consciously decide to stay child-like to a certain degree.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Acting out labor. That must have been AW-KWARD!

    I don’t really have a pronounced “adult” moment. Maybe when my mom passed and I had to take care of all the arrangement, and comfort the whole family?

  3. It was so so awkward.
    Thinking back of it makes me want to move to China.

    Ugh sorry to hear this! That is definitely an adult moment.

  4. Amazing that they were able to have their precious girl. I second them in the “parenting making the leap” outlook. Having my daughter is the moment I knew I was and adult… for sure!!

  5. I got my monthly lady friend when I was only 9, my mom was not thrilled & neither was I. Definitely not my adult moment.

    I’d say mine was when I leased my first apartment at 18!

  6. My first adult moment was when I was 16, I was filling out forms for a surgery and I had to decide on whether or not I should sign a DNR. Hard decision at that age.

  7. Ugh yeah that is definitely too young for such a decision.
    Most people probably feel adult when they can buy beer. But they apparently have no clue about actual life!

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