Feminism (rescheduled post 08/2018)

For years women have been underestimated.
Luckily some strong females have improved a lot for us living in the 21st century.

Yet, still on today’s days, women get paid less, don’t get to management positions as easy and are expected to stay home when children “suddenly” pop-up.

But, is it really only men who are undermining women?
Or do we actually play a huge role in it as well?

Here’s my story. 

As a child, I loved wearing dresses. I loved playing with my dolls. I loved pink.
My parents were sure I was going to be one of those girly-girls.

However, as time passed, that shifted more towards “male dominated” interests.
I started playing chess and I was into mathematics.

When I was in the 3rd year of high school we had to choose in which education direction we wanted to move forward.
Most kids choose Art or Economics. Some choose Biology.
As the only girl, I choose Engineering.

The reaction of the boys and girls in class were very different.

The boys started laughing and told me I would never ever be able to succeed in this.
These kind of statements will make sad for a wile, but eventually also want to make me prove myself.
I will definitely work hard to “show them all”


The girls, however, were a special kind of mean.
I was announced “lesbian of the year”.


I think there is still a lot to learn about feminism, or better yet “gender equality”.
Certainly not only by men. But even more so, by women.




26 thoughts on “Feminism (rescheduled post 08/2018)

  1. Any word can become derogative, some say feminism is becoming one of ‘them’ words…… My understanding of the word is equality, I’m glad you chose what was right for you, I can remember those days

  2. I like to allow anyone to chose for themselves. If it’s feminism, good for them, but don’t expect help or assistance from me. I take care of my own and I expect others to do the same.

    All of these “movements” only bring people together to fight for whatever the financiers want. It may start out as great, but once money, power and influence get involved, then it becomes a monster.

    Equality this and equality that, it’s all bullshit. In their minds there always has to be a bad actor to attack. A bad actor to assume their blame. Personal Responsibility and accountability are desperately lacking from all of these movements and their supporters.

    People are always gonna talk shit, no matter if your a man or woman, if your black or white or if you are straight or gay. It’s part of real life. We all have done it and we all have had it done to us. The idea of feminism only looks to burden men with more crap to deal with, since the idea of feminism only proves that women are less than men. If women were equal to men, then why would there be a need or desire for feminism?

    Men and women are different, if women want to lower themselves to the standards of men, I hope their ready for the bullshit that follows. Strong women and strong men make it happen, the rest of the whiners are merely background noise.

    Feminism is cancer.

  3. I can empathise, still about being equal on what our capabilities allow, if you can do it go for it, there are many things I can, can not, and will not ever be able to do but those who can, should be able to and many do regardless of the obstacle, they rise above it, work with it, or learn from it….. I understand gender equality i live and breathe it for many a reason, everything needs a balance or middle ground

  4. Ha! I think not many people would be happy with your statement.
    But obviously I am not a fan of feminism myself because my previous experiences.

    I am not a fan of movements and pride societies either. It won’t make them respect anyone more I think.
    People get tired of all the talk.

    I agree with strong men and women who make it happen. I will try to belong to that group 🙂

  5. Good point! I feel there is a reason people chose to focus on others – it’s easy. If people focused on themselves- they would have to face their demons and actually do some work on improving themselves.

  6. I agree that the modern feminism movement is a mess. However, there is something to be said about equality in the sense of balance. It hasn’t been too far back in history that women couldn’t vote…or work. Women in Saudi Arabia just got the “right” to drive with many men setting fire to vehicles to stop them. Religious doctrines have relegated women to 2nd class status or outright property of their fathers and/or husbands…dowry.

    In ancient Celtic times, women held similar status to their male counterparts in society & in battle. That was destroyed when the Romans came.

    I also agree that women shouldn’t strive to be equal to men. It is a lost cause. Each sex brings something different “to the table”. Men still can’t have children & women still can’t stand up to pee without wet sox/shoes/feet. At the same time, women shouldn’t be held back from combat.

    There should be balance.

    Just my three cents (adjusted for inflation)…

  7. Yeah. Women can be SO vicious. Instead of moving forward in their own lives, they would rather attack another woman for striving to be a great person. Our society actually breeds this behavior.

  8. Women shouldn’t be held back from combat if they can pass the same standards men are held to. There are standards for a reason. The Standards have already been lowered for females in the military compared to their male counterparts and the male standards.

  9. How come the NFL doesn’t have a single female player, how come the NBA doesn’t have a single female player? How come MMA has different categories for male and female? Why can’t men and women just fight it out in the ring, boxing, MMA whatever? Women in combat when women cannot even compete with men in sports. Let’s have gender neutral standards, height, weight, physical fitness. Keep men and women on the same scale for everything. Let’s try that experiment first, before we start to mess around with women in combat.

  10. I agree. But, then again…standards… There are some women that CAN train like a man. Ditto law enforcement. I knew a lady cop that was 6′ 2″ & weighed 250 lbs. That’s not the norm of course but, if a woman ‘chooses’ to compete in the same ‘arena’ as a man, fail or no, no reason to prevent that.

    There was a time when only males could be nurses. Women can compete in that area without the need for brute force. Why couldn’t they be nurses before?

    And, if standards have to be ‘lowered’, maybe standards should be re-visited? “Standards” were used to prevent women from voting.

  11. Perhaps you’re right. Maybe all those women who became combat pilots shouldn’t have been allowed to compete and handle those ‘tough to fly’ aircraft.

    I don’t know why there are women that wish to prove that they can do the same thing as a man. I’ve never gone there. Why the NFL & NBA don’t have women in their ranks? I don’t know. I do know there are WNBA teams and I have witnessed womens’ football. That’s weird to watch. They are mostly in bathing suit-type outfits and they are just as brutal on the field to each other as guys are.

    If the NFL opened up their ranks to women try-outs and they failed…at least they attempted, if that is what they wanted to do.

    I’m waiting for a Mr. America pageant. Show me some talents and tell me you want world peace in a tux. ❤🤣

  12. There ya go. Women fighter pilots are much different than actual ground combat troops. What’s the response whenever a woman is captured versus when men are captured? If women want equal ground with men, then they should do it themselves, like men. There doesn’t seem to be any outrage coming from the feminist with lack of representation in sanitation, or the sewers of NYC. Feminists cannot actually accomplish anything themselves without stepping all over men. All of these feminist movements and their leaders employ men for protection, why don’t they employ women for protection.

    The division of male and female sports is easy, men are built for combat, so the show is that much better. Male sports draw a bigger audience and the profit margin between the two is vastly different. Women are getting their asses handed to them by transgendered fighters in MMA, in wrestling. It’s the easiest way to cheat and get trophies handed to those transgenders. However, a female to male transgender is a completely different story, if you want to compete with the men, the most equal sport is the shooting sports. Outside of that men and women are different. It’s a fact that some attempt to alter via legislation, rather than merit.

  13. All excellent points. And, in all honesty, we really weren’t meant to compete. We were meant to compliment…that balance thing. The rise of feminism was inevitable considering the patriarchal structure to society, however ill conceived it was.

    I remember the ERA days. I was a teen and was a Page for my area’s House Rep. I remember all the women with the green signs. My own mother participated in the bra-burning stuff when I was a kid.

    It was bound to happen. And, a change to society is never neat & tidy. Most of the time it’s bloody.

    Men are indeed built differently & are better suited to do certain things. Same goes for women. Minus the transgender thing with its surgeries & hormones, natural born women are built to carry babies. Men aren’t. And, last time I checked, there aren’t any natural born men lining up and demanding to have uteruses installed.

    Some things can be done equally. Some things can’t. And, you are correct. Legislation won’t fix it. It is extremely difficult to legislate behavior in general.

  14. I completely agree with every word in this post. Men usually underestimate women, but women should be self confident and should believe in themselves.

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