What prevents you from experimenting in life?

A teacher once advised to make changes every five years.
That’s what he did anyway.
Change your job. Change the area you life in. Change your diet. Change your hobby.

I checked out his LinkedIn and guess what?
He is still in the same position as when I first met him, 11 years ago.

It makes me wonder,

What prevents us from experimenting in life?

Let’s analyze.

You might be wasting your time

Let’s take blogging as an example.
Probably you have been wanting to open your own site for ages, but you had a million (bullshit) excuses not to do it.
Then on one fine day, you finally find the courage.
Most likely you had no clue what you were doing.
After a couple of weeks you are disappointed by the fact that gaining readers is not as easy as on other social media.

Lately I have been reading A LOT of blogs from people who decided to quit their site.
They expected more interaction. They expected to be earning money by blogging. They expected world domination.
But then they realize, it is not as promising as they hoped it would be.

Sorry to break to you all, but blogging does take time and work.
Yet, with a few simple steps, you can easily speed up your traffic.

Number 1 tip:
Keep your blog short-ish, include a picture and ask a question to your readers in the end.
Also, just be patient. Rome was not build in one day either.  

Financial impact

Jasper and I recently decided that by November we will be living abroad.
Meaning, we have to sell our current house, find a new house, we lose the cars, we lose our furniture and have to buy new one.
All of this, in two months.

It’s going to be an investment which I am not sure yet if it’s going to be worth it.

For me, the financial situation is probably the largest resistant to do anything different.
What I keep reminding myself is that we have another 40 years to earn money, so even we lose all our savings, we might be still alright. Right? 


When I first started  drawing my Doodles, I was scared of making a fool of myself.
What if nobody would like it? What if people thought it was childish?

Even though I am now happy with the end result and want to sell the product, I always feel kind of embarrassed when people tell me that is “oh so adorable”, but I only had 4 sales (which I am very thankful for btw!).
I have seen a couple more people trying to sell their merchandise.
I too am guilty of commenting “So cool”, but nothing more than that.
I guess that’s still OK. One day you might find someone who needs to buy a last minute birthday present 😉

So here’s the link again to the EmotionDoodle store 😉
Now also with Pillows.

img_5803         img_5796

As of lately, I am thinking to experiment more in life.
Some experiments are smaller, like blogging and designing.
Others are larger investments, like moving.
Maybe I will get to the gym or a chess club.
Maybe I will try to get on social media again.
Maybe I will follow Gallantly gal’s example and start a podcast
And there is a chance I will fail, but at least I tried.

What prevents you from experimenting in life? 

28 thoughts on “What prevents you from experimenting in life?

  1. I really liked this post.. . Since, long I was interested in blogging and it took me 3 years to get started on it! To me was the self doubt and fear of people judging me or in better words- lack of confidence, it took time and here I am, Blogging!

  2. Yes for experimental life! Life is too short to be boring! Poor teacher, he didn’t stand your test. But maybe his job was to just inspire you, who cares what he does if he is content, hehe?
    Yes to moving too! For me the idea of staying forever in one place is like a prospect of death. Don’t know why. Good luck on that project!!

  3. Okay, why do you have to get rid of your car and furniture? You can move the furniture, can’t you? Or is it not cost effective?
    As for change, you read my blog so you know I am not afraid of change! 😂

  4. I can totally imagine. Internet can be really cruel. It’s for me the same reason. But luckily, I think both you and I are happy on here 🙂

  5. Well, first it is a company car. So since I am leaving the company, I guess I have no other choice haha.
    But also important your private car is more expensive than buying a new one. So strange.
    As for furniture, I would simple like to make a new start 😀

    Yeah haha. You have been through quite some chance 😉 Not sure if living with your mum was an experiment or necessity though haha

  6. I agree. I must say I’m more of a free spirit than my boyfriend. So let’s say this a first step for me to show him that change is good sometimes.

    How long have you been in Norway now btw?
    I am moving (back) to Denmark 😉

  7. Lol…I forgot about the company giving you a car!
    I understand a new start. I wasn’t going anywhere without my expensive bed set no matter what!
    Since I was going to her house every day to help her with something, it was a necessity. It’s still a good move even though I complain about her. 🤣

  8. You are the free Slavic vagabond 🙂 he is Scandinavian according to name, no? They seem more conservative at times.
    Wiii, Denmark! From now it will be all about hygge 😆😆
    I’ve been here for 12 years now, gosh! Planning to move abroad too :))

  9. Hmm, good question. I guess it all depends on what the “cost benefit analysis” would forecast. Then again, I know that I am guilty of not taking my own advice.

    Anyhoo, enjoy Europe girl and all the wonderful food and alcohol. Not to mention the fests and scenery. It must be nice to be closer to home at least.

  10. That’s pretty funny about finding the teacher still doing the same thing! I suppose maybe he made some big changes in other areas? Maybe? I’ve made big life changes every 10 years it seems. And smaller ones all the time.
    You know what I love most about blogging now that I’ve really gotten into it? The experimenting! So many fun opportunities to do things and try things and write all about them. The more you experience life, the more interesting things you have to write about 🙂

  11. Maybe your teacher stopped using LinkedIn?

    Finances can be a major issue in figuring one’s life. I hope it all works out in your favor.

    The cloud pillow is great (although I would experiment with different backgrounds). Or you could do what you did on the mug – one cloud on one side, one or the other. I don’t mean to overstep, just sharing some ideas that popped into my head as I saw it.

    I think I was always (still am) a fan of experimentation. I definitely did a few of the big ones recently. So far so good. But there is still so much more out there. Sky’s the limit. Right?

  12. Exactly the phase Im going through.. All that matters in life is when you look back you know you tried… And do what you love and invest yourself in whatever you do!!!

  13. I don’t think so. He posted “proud to be a teacher for the past 15 years” 😉

    My dad said the same about pillow. He didn’t like the color nor 4 doodles on one side. Even though I sm not a color person, I ordered these because they appealed the most to me. Anyhow there are 15 or colors to choose from 😉
    And anything can always be custom made of course !

    I wanted to a post on how preferences and tastes can differ!

    Sky is definitely the limit, but the universe must help.
    Glad the changes for you are worth it. Maybe you can now start writing that book!

  14. I always will come up with excuses for not starting something. Lately I’ve been using my kids as an excuse but they do take up a lot of my time lol. I want to start making jewelry and home decor and selling it online. I would really like to turn it into a business with an all woman team and donate some of the money we make to helping other women. Whether that be single moms, women trying to get out of the sex industry or a scholarship program for women. I just need a little bit of money to get started. One of these days it’ll happen.

  15. This is amazing question and I like your blogs ‘couz you have always questions. I think doing one thing that you love is ok. Like mine (journalism) but also have lots of hobbys :))) I like this blog I have, took me 5 months to write one blog after installing, big mistake 😦

  16. Aww maybe that teacher changed other things in his life besides his job! 😉 I’m bad at trying new things because I’m just lazy, I think? 😭

  17. I think it’ll be perfectionism. I mean, I’m so obsessed with perfectionism. There are tons of things I want to try out now, but the fear of failing, the fear of not being perfect at these things is what’s holding me back from doing them.

    It took a lot of courage to get out of my way and start my blog, and I’m really glad I did. I’m working on myself, and I hope to rid myself of this unhealthy obsession very soon.

  18. Yeah I don’t think it’s easy to live as a perfectionist. Or maybe, just live towards that. And if it’s takes a couple of year to get to the perfect moment, that’s OK too! 🙂

  19. Thanks!
    People always like answering question, so it’s a very nice, easy trick to attract people to comment 😉
    5 months! That’s long! Luckily you did find the motivation though!

  20. True haahahahaha 🙂 I had motivation, but I waited, not sure what. I guess I didn’t have courage at the moment. Wasn’t sure if I wanted to be a blogger but ended up being amazing idea 👌🎀

  21. Hey Obinna, great comment! 🙂

    I hear you on your perfectionist attitude.

    According to the HEXACO test (most accurate personality test currently), the ‘C’ stands for conscientiousness. One of the four sub-traits of conscientiousness is perfectionism. By the way, conscientiousness has been linked as the single biggest predictor to business success out of all other personality traits ever tested. In this respect, stay a perfectionist! 🙂

    Don’t be afraid to fail. Whatever it is you’re going to put your mind to, and decide to truly become great at, before you become really successful, you’ll fail anyway (if not, many times!). Even a perfectionist attitude will not keep you from failure. It may reduce your chances of failing (which is good). But don’t even try to avoid failure because at one point you will fail anyway, no matter how big of a perfectionist you are! But that isn’t so bad, because failure is your greatest teacher.

    To me, failure is just part of the process! 🙂

    Thanks for your comment! Keep it up!:-)

  22. Hey Andrea! Great article! 🙂

    The piece of advice he gave you is the reason why the teacher was still in the same position after 15 years… (assuming his LinkedIn truly reflects his reality).

    The longer you endure and persevere through your craft, the better you become. The better you become, the more value you can bring to people. The more value you bring to people, the higher they will pay you and the more people will want to work with you.

    Thanks for sharing! Keep it up! 🙂

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