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Whenever I see disclaimer “This post / video is sponsored”, I’m crying internally.
Why would one even NEED to write this?

Like you, with your regular 9 to 5, are not completely sponsored!

Each “all employee meeting” starts with the CEO saying that we have to proud of our product and to be able to work for the company.

How often have you one the company’s yearly assessment where one of the standard questions is “Would you recommend working for the company to family and friends?”.

I’ve seen experienced colleagues being fired for being negative about the company.
“Let this be a warning for everyone”, we were told.

So I fake a smile.
I treat the customer as king.
I do my work, pretending that I completely love the ideology behind it.
This does not mean I don’t believe in the work I do, but I don’t fully agree in the way the company has dictated me to execute it. But little me, cannot change it.

So anyone who feels the need to “apologize” for doing a sponsored post, DON’T.
In fact, I’m happy for you.
Even slightly jealous 😉

So the final question remains: should people accept sponsors from a brand they don’t believe in?

In my opinion, yes! Go for it.
You don’t know if you do or don’t like the product before you have tried it anyhow.

Besides, if you think I believe in the complete design of the company’s product I work for, you’re wrong.
But I’m not going give up my paycheck for that.

How do you feel about sponsored content? 


21 thoughts on “Sponsored content

  1. I am in no way against sponsored content. I think as viewers/patrons/followers, people should trust the content-maker enough to understand that they wouldn’t promote a brand without loving it themselves. If we’re not going to trust this person, then who are they making content for? It isn’t even fair that a person gives you good quality content but when someone pays them for it, we immediately turn against them. Don’t you think?

  2. Sponsors are necessary for your own cause most of the time it’s a given and taken,business and may be a way to experience something new as well.as for being sponsored by something we don’t use or believe in well it is all depend on the products.💁🏻‍♀️

  3. Thanks for writing this! I have gone sooo back and forth about sponsored content on my blog. I never started a blog with the idea of monetizing it- it’s always been a hobby/outlet for me, and I feel a true authenticity to my readers that I worry about hurting by creating sponsored content. But this makes me rethink my approach, so thanks for opening the conversation!

  4. I don’t mind sponsored content but personally if I did it myself, I would want a product I know or have used before that I want to associate with. That is my ideal but I know nothing about making money from blogging so I don’t know if this is how I would do things if I were actually in the position of having sponsored content.

  5. Anyone who complains about it, might just be jealous. I don’t get it. We all work for our money.
    I would really encourage you to try it out!

    I recently started designing tshirts, mugs and greeting cards. I feel awkward promoting it, but it’s the only way to make a dream come true.

    Please don’t let others encourage you to take one step closer to fulfilling yours 🙂

  6. I actually don’t mind sponsored content as long as the person posting it has used it and has some honest feedback good or bad.

    I have wondered about the ‘how’ aspect of it, but haven’t dug into it yet. 😊

  7. Such a creative, out-of-the box post.
    I’d even go a step further and say that all of our life is sponsored content. We want to make people think we’re smart/funny/ whathaveyou. We wear clothes, which can act as billboards for the companies.

    However, I’m not sure if I agree with the “no need for disclaimers” part. Some of them are obvious, but not all. While I understand the obvious ones (descriptive title, a million photos, etc.), I’m not a big fan of the sneakier one (irrelevant title), in which only at the end I find out that I just read an infomercial. I once watched a video with over the top promotion of an item. It distracted me from the rest of the video. It turns out the author just really liked the product, and it was not sponsored by the company. Still – it distracted me from the rest of the content. So maybe that’s the key – do not OVER do it.

    I want to remain genuine. What does that mean? I would love to do some reviews. HOWEVER, the content would HAVE TO be up to me. 1. There would have to be SOMETHING good about it for me to feature it (not difficult to do). 2. I would be “allowed” by the sponsor to write about the bad parts, too (if there were any). If those two rules were satisfied, I don’t see why it couldn’t be done.

    With that being said – if you’re looking for someone to review your products, head over to my page (contact tab).

  8. I definitely think it’s all in the execution of the content!
    Without an honest, open line of communication between you and your readers, sponsorship will appear inauthentic and likely not to be a fruitful quest.
    Really enjoyed reading your take on this! ❤️❤️

  9. I was just approached to do a sponsored post for a company for the first time! I still haven’t decided if I will do it though even though they actually offering a generous amount that I didn’t expect at all! They said I didn’t even need to try it, to just write about it but then I told them I’d like to try it & they offered it for free.

    If I do end up doing it, I will remember not to write “this is a sponsored post” unless the company tells me I have to haha.

  10. Congrats! That’s so very cool.
    Also, with this news, you are confirming the point I have been trying to make: IT IS possible to earn money by blogging!
    And you achieved this only after one year. Imagine what might happen after 5 years!
    The sky is the limit! 💪😊

  11. Thank you so much!
    I also think it’s better if tou’re open and honest. I personally always would. But sometimes, if it’s dificult to get a regular job, you might have no choice. And sometimes you have to take a few “bullshit” projects to get to your end goald.
    Thank you for your coment!! 🙂

  12. Thank you! Glad you liked it.
    This had to be said. Indeed, our whole live is basically sponsored.

    Some people do go over the limit with promotion. But honestly, I then question the quality of content creator. Something like sounds very “high school” to me.

    I was only once approached by an organisation. We agreed that I would refer to them and they would promote me on twitter. I linked their site in blog, but didn’t say anything about agreement.
    Honestly, I thought people would “kill me” in the comment section, but I don’t anyone clicked the link nor noticed 😉 I don’t have twitter, but did find the organisation. Nobody even liked their message with the link to blog 😅
    But I did like my post and it’s important topic for me.

    I have written something about “collaboration” on my contact page. But O wonder who ever looks on there, just like the “ about me” section.

  13. I have to admit that I look all the different pages when I first start following someone. But once that is done, I tend to ignore Contact unless I want to email them bout something. I don’t see much reason to go and see the About. But you made me wonder, because I myself edited the About page at some point, so my old followers probably never noticed. And I do the same to others. Hmm…

  14. I know a lot of people might not visit any “About” pages and to be honest, very rarely do I.
    Actually, my About page is kind of important to me because it explains why I named my site as I named it.
    It’s because of quote.

    But fair enough, I don’t read many About pages, people don’t read mine. 😉

  15. I am totally for the mark “sponsored content”. Because blogging looks so personal and so intimate, and many youngsters especially tend to think the bloggers share their private discoveries. When they got this thing mailed and got paid to promote it. Like hair pills and beta-karoten that used to be so popular among Norwegian bloggers. I am not even sure they used those products themselves, and the products turned out to be not so 100% healthy. So yes, in this business, where the lines are blurred, to mark the sponsored stuff is ok, I guess.

  16. No- please do! Those are the types of things that benefit everyone too!! Everyone is looking for a good gift for the holidays and birthdays- so it really is beneficial to promote!!!

    Thanks so much for the encouragement, Andrea. I really appreciate it!

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